Sunday, August 30, 2009

Bye Bye Baby Hair

So it's a little uneven, but I think I did a decent job aside from that.

I saved her baby locks (or lock) in a baggie.

And so it begins...

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Back From the Dead

*Pictures are taking forever to upload so I'm going to post this now and get the pictures up soon*

Sooo...I'm noticing that my last few titles have had something to do with zombies or otherwise returning from an absent state. Well, what can I say. This is one busy little household!

I understand that I haven't updated in a while. It really does bother me. Occasionally I lose sleep at night but since I suffer from a degree of insomnia anyways, it doesn't effect me all that much. Well, it's come to my attention that some people have not heard anything about Lily since she was practically a baby and she is anything but! In my quest to pursue a Masters (what was I thinking?!) get my book review blog off the ground and rolling and chase the actual toddler around the house, this blog has fallen slightly by the wayside.

Hopefully I'll update this more, but I can't promise anything. I would love to say that you'll get at least weekly updates now but with school, that's going to be a hard promise to uphold. I will try though; that's a semi-mostly-kinda-hoping promise.

Okay, so Lily updates. I am attempting to see where we left off, but wouldn't you know, for whatever reason I can't access my own blog. We have the address routed through the server upstairs and apparently since my internet also goes through that server it's having issues with showing me webpages based off of So, I'm going to wing it and just tell you everything Lily is doing now and you can figure out what's an update from May. It's like a fun game. Or something.

So my Lily bug is quite the handful now. She has a whole bunch of words now with her favorites being "No, no," and "Goggy" (doggy). She can tell Tweak to "Speak" although he doesn't listen and she calls for "Mama," "Mommy," "Dadda," and "Daddy" when we aren't within her line of sight. She also knows how to go dead silent when she's doing something that she's not supposed to. Lately one her favorite sayings is "Ih awww" which sounds a lot like "it's on" without the consonant sounds. Basically it means turns this off, turns this on, or turn this down. Rarely does she tell us to turn anything up. Usually this is in reference to the radio.

Speaking of the radio, Lily loves music. She will often sing along with me in the car. Pink's Ave Mary A is a big hit and Lily likes to sing along to the "Hellllp meeee" parts. Sometimes she gets the consonants, sometimes she doesn't. She always gets the tune and whichever vowels she feels like singing. She'll sing along with pretty much any song that has a repetitive sound that she can mimic but her latest favorite is Do You Wanna Date My Avatar featuring Felicia Day of The Guild. Lily will kind of mumble through most of the sounds while holding the tune, but in the chorus she belts out all of the "-ar" parts. It's really cute.

Songs that she likes to sing on her own include her ABCs, Twinkle Twinkle and Frarajaca. She'll sing along to London Bridges if we start it as well as Baa Baa Black Sheep.

Lately Lily has been doing quite a bit of dancing and she loves to jump. She can't jump very high (after all, she is our daughter) but her little hops are adorable. She loves to climb on everything. The chairs, the couch, the table. It doesn't matter if she's fallen off before, it does not detour her. Pretty much the only thing that detours her is...wait, nope, there's nothing that detours her. We pretty much spend all of her waking hours when she's with us chasing her around and watching to make sure that she doesn't get into anything she isn't supposed to. We have been using timeout for a few months, but really, it's pretty difficult to get a toddler to understand the concept and stay where you put them. Usually her one minute in timeout is preceded by a few minutes just trying to get her to stay there.

Another new developments include using the potty occasionally. She does have a potty seat that goes on the potty but in my opinion it isn't shaped very well and hurts Lily's rear end if she sits there for any length of time. Let's face it, kids sometimes end up sitting there for a while before going. Plus, she isn't able to get on and off the potty on her own. So we went out and bought her a potty seat. This has been working much better although I'm not a fan of emptying it. So far she has only gone pee in it and that is just fine with me. Most mornings I try to get her out of her crib and immediately strip her down for the potty. Usually if she has a dry diaper she will sit there for a while and then go. Often she just wants to walk around and play. She's only peed on the floor three times so far and ended up crying hysterically each time. We tell her it's okay and rush her to the potty, but I don't think she likes to make a mess of herself.

At the moment (and it's a 10:55 pm moment after I worked most of the day) that's about all that I can think of. Lily will be two next Saturday the fifth (a week from today) and I still have no clue what to do for her birthday or when to do it. I don't know what we're getting her because I don't know what she would want to play with. I know a little trike like thing with a big parent handle might be nice or more pretend toys (dolls with diapers and bottles, etc.). Perhaps I'll get her some more trucks or a Leap Frog something or other. Sigh. How did this rush up on me?

Questions? Comments? Leave them below!

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