Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Sorry to interrupt this broadcast...

Yes, I know, it's been a while! What can I say, life has been busy busy busy!

What's new in the land of the Browns? Not much really. Well, maybe...who knows! You see my problem in updating!

Since I last posted I have quit the program of study that I was in and have switched to a different university (online so it will work with my schedule but the classes will be much tougher) and an entirely new course of study. Instead of Bilingual Education, I am now going to pursue my Masters in Business Administration with an emphasis in Accounting. There were many things that went into this very difficult decision, not the least of which were the attitudes at the university I was previously attending. Aside from losing the ability to utilize Evening Care (it's really nice to have a date night out), I won't miss anything from them. Don't get me wrong, they ROCK as a university especially for my undergrad degree - but as a graduate school? Yeah, not so much. Especially the education program. My new program starts in May and it's going to be tough but I think I'm really going to like it and hopefully it should help ensure that I'm able to get a job should that ever become a concern of mine.

Moving on...

In work news, all is well for me I suppose. Work is work. I love doing the office work, love creating new materials and helping to keep our information updated and easily accessible. I don't so much like the inspections. It's more that it's just hard to find the motivation to leave my climate controlled office and go out into the freezing sleet and rain. Oh yes, it is STILL snowing. Geez!

Mike's work seems to be going well for him as well. He's bumped up in the reserves so that he is now able to go out on his own. This works much better for our schedules as he can make his nights as short or long as he needs and doesn't have to rely on anyone else as far as to when he can go out. He absolutely loves it. One part of me hopes that he keeps his job with his IT guys and the other hopes that he gets a police job. He'd be quite happy with either although anyone that knows him knows what an adrenaline junky he is. Hard to get so worked up over computers...except when he's breaking them!

Lily is doing well. She continues to grow everyday. I'm worried that she's going to be taller than me in another week or two. Perhaps I should start feeding her coffee and junk food. ;) Her hair is getting quite long and now touches her shoulder in the long spots. We still pull it up on top of her head. We use her rather tall sprout to test the weather for us now.

She is currently wearing 2T clothes. She probably fits best in 3T for her tops and 24months to 2T for her bottoms (pants especially with her long legs). Someone tell my baby to stop growing!

She now says mamma, dadda, icky, keeee (kitty), dah (down), hup (up), mmmmooooe (moo), moe (more), ahh doe (all done), no, nnnooo, nooooo, nnnnnno, yeah, yah, nanna (banana), e e e e e (1 2 3 4 5), et (x), eyoeyoeee (l m n o p), E I E I O, yum, mommy and anything else that we can convince her is worth saying. She also signs please, more and all done although the last two are signed less and less now that she says them.

New things we've done recently: Gone to visit Grandma in Alabama and had a BLAST playing on the beach while eating shells and sand and visited our aunty Kelly, uncle Josh and their kiddos. We had cake and ice cream at a birthday party (or two) while Mom sat back and cringed. We heat most of our foods although we aren't fond of most meats unless it is expensive steak. We LOVE our fruits, veggies, bread and mashed taters though so momma and dadda don't complain too much.

I think that's about it. I've been down in the slumps at times but I will try to knock myself out of it and update more often. I've been reading a lot lately and that really helps. I discovered an awesome site - http://www.goodreads.com/ that helps me keep track of the books I'm reading, I've read and ones that I want to read. I've found some pretty amazing books through there as well. :) You should be able to look me up if you feel like friending me. *Since when did "friend" turn verb?*

Okay that's it for now. A certain someone is updating our server (read: he bought a new one and is trying to figure out how to turn a toaster into a mercedes in terms of what he wants it to do) so it might take a while until the gallery is uploaded. I'll let everyone know when it is though.

As always, sorry if I missed an important event, person, place or thing. :D