Thursday, December 25, 2008

It's Christmas

It's Christmas morning and as my gift to you, I am going to actually post! I know, right?! What could be better!

This won't be that long of a post but I figured there are at least a few things I could update you on, the first being that we made it to my in-laws'! Some of you might be thinking - ahhhh, the in-laws, it's always difficult to make it there, sometimes even impossible (nudge nudge wink wink). Naah, I like mine! When I say we made it here, I mean we survived the snow and managed to race ahead of the snow storm. Phew! It got a little dicey there though. I had to leave work early to go get my Lily bug and the dog. As many of you know, we now have a Trailblazer, which is a big step up from our 98 Saturn and 91 Escort. It has four wheel drive. Well, apparently that doesn't mean much when you haven't shoveled your driveway and there is 2.5 feet of snow built up with more coming. The Blazer only wanted to drive sideways into the driveway so I parked it (sideways) and me and my happy self plodded through the knee deep snow to the front door. See, our carport provides awesome shelter from the snow so we never have to worry about getting through the snow to get to the car. Plus - all the roads had been and were being plowed so we didn't have to worry about that either. It just didn't occur to me apparently, that we were going to have to be doing our own snow removal and that we would actually need to have a semi plowed driveway to come and go. Needless to say, when we get home we will be buying a shovel and shoveling our driveway. We will also be shoveling out our two other cars (which are currently non functional anyway) because they have been plowed in. So back to the story of getting over here! I did manage to get what I needed from home and kicked on the four wheel drive (high) to get out of the driveway. Picked up M and away we went! It was snowing when we left and at one point the roads were covered but eventually, once we crossed over the river (and through the woods) the snow stopped and it was bare roads, even through the pass, until we got here. Christmas Joy!

So that's our journey over. It's really not that fascinating. Lily did a great job of sleeping for the majority of the time. Normally we stop for fastfood on the way over but I always feel blech after eating it so this time I packed bread, peanut butter and strawberry jelly. I made a sandwhich on the road for all of us and Lily added some Cheese Nips and milk to the mix. Let me just say that I will DEFINITELY be doing that again! It was so nice to not have a bunch of fried food and the sandwhiches were so convenient! We didn't end up eating more than one a piece, but if anyone had gotten hungry throughout the rest of the trip I could have easily sat there and made another sandwhich for someone! Plus, we didn't really need to refrigerate anything like we normally would if we had brought stuff for meat sandwhiches. Great idea. I'm so proud of myself! Lily was too I think. She munched her sammy and then proceeded to pass out while I watched Ocean's 12 on the portable DVD player. Mike did a great manly job of chauferring me around...I mean, driving his family. Yeah whatever, I mean chauferring.

That gets us to Tuesday night (we pulled in around 11pm ish). Wednesday day was spent playing with Lily, playing Guitar Hero when she slept and doing some last minute Christmas shopping. We had to pick up a few things for the in-laws (thanks for not telling us what you want!) ;D and we had to pick up a few things for the Christmas Eve party that night. I thought we would only be gone an hour or so, but true to form (at least to my form), four plus hours we finally got home with gifts in tow. We laid Lily down for a short nap, I baked 6 dozen cookies (premade and formed sugar and chocolate chip from Pillsbury), we woke Lily up, got her dressed in her Christmas dress and off to the party we went!

The Christmas Eve party is fairly new for us. It is our second time going and man it is such a blast! I come from a very small family so huge catherings of sometimes 50 people is just so fascinating to me! The dynamics between all the family members is great to watch. The party is hosted by M's uncle's significant other and is a family tradition for her. They rent out the local grange for the evening, make stockings and gifts for the kids, play bingo for presents and eat a ton of great potluck food. SO MUCH FUN!!!

Aside from me having a ton of fun, I'm pretty sure Lily did too. She got to meet a lot of new people and had a huge floor to run around in. There was even another girl there about her age and Lily spent a lot of time following her around. We did have to do a lot of supervising, however, because Lily apparently has no issues with just poking eyes or mouths or noses if she's curious about them. :) She also got a little bossy at times and belly bumped the girl if she wanted her to go somewhere else. Hilarious. :D There were a couple touching moments where she wanted to hug the little girl and kept holding her arms out to her. We would see that and pick Lily up for a hug, but the girl had no clue what Lily wanted so didn't hug her. Lily didn't quite grasp that she could just wrap her arms around the other girl and hold on to her for a hug. Perhaps it's better that way. I'm not quite sure I'm ready to have a belly bumping pro wrestler baby just yet!

Aside from the cheeky shannanigans, Santa and Mrs. Claus came out to do presents which I thought Lily would enjoy. I think she was remembering the Santa at the mall that Momma made her sit with so she didn't quite get as close to Santa as I had thought. She did, however, go up to him and receive her present along with Dadda's help. There were some older girls that wouldn't come close (little did they realize what a close familial relationship they have to Santa) so I was proud that Lily at least walked up to him. Lily's stocking and gift were fantastic and I know she'll have fun continuing to dig into it today.

The rest of the evening went pretty smoothely. We did some more running around and spinning around. Lily loves it when you pick her up by her chest, hold her out in front of you and spin around so that her legs fly out behind her (sort of like Superman). We did that so many times that I'm getting dizzy justing thinking about it! After much spinning, running and chasing we finally sat down and played some Bingo. We all left with some great gifts and I am very happy to say that one of Lily's cousins (through M) left with one of the gifts we brought - a Sea Monkey set. Sea Monkies! Gotta love them!

We got home about 2.5 hours after Lily's bedtime. Needless to say, she laid down quite easily (which is actually pretty normal for her) and we wrapped a few more presents and stuck all of them under the tree before turning in ourselves. Sometime around 1 am I fell asleep and sometime around 5 I woke up. I can never sleep on Christmas Eve/Christmas morning so I finally gave in and just got up. Here is where you now find me - sitting on the couch, typing away with a slight headache, a very tired brain and a surprisingly large hunger pain in my stomach. Perhaps I shall finish up here and go scrounge some food up for myself.

Oh, and before I forget - congratulations to B, K and their son, M. They recently welcomed their newest little boy B! Also, congratulations to all the mommy's and daddy's (K & A and K & J!) who are celebrating their first Christmases with their little ones!

Merry Christmas!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

It's beginning to look a lot like ...

Oh, it's been ages...again...since I've posted. Let's cut out all of the excuses and get down to the good stuff.

Thanksgiving was fun. My little Turkey enjoyed her Turkey although she did sleep a tremendous amount at Grandma and Grandpa B's house.

The day after Thanksgiving we went Black Friday shopping (we being Grandma B and myself). I got some GREAT deals and even got some presents for M to wrap for me! :D Yes! The majority of our Christmas deals were, however, found on of all places. We started taking advantage of their great deals on the day after Thanksgiving and since then bought pretty much all of our Christmas presents from them. It is SO nice to get packages in the mail too! It's like Christmas, but twice!

Soon after coming back from Thanksgiving we decided to get off our rears and put up the Christmas tree. It was interesting because I was sick, Lily was sick and I'm pretty sure we had jut gotten our friends the W's sick while they were visiting. Below is the progression of the tree!

Of course Lily helped - she had lots of fun taking the branches and carrying them off to different parts of the house. She also had lots of fun watching slyly as we went back through the branches, wondering if we put the wrong sizes in the wrong sections because we just kept coming up short with the number of branches we should have for the current section. :D You can see in the finished picture that some of the ornaments look a little out of whack. We have had to move some away from curious fingers and when curious fingers are flying all over the tree, one tends to throw ornaments wherever they will stick. :D

With Christmas comes presents and who brings the presents? Why, Santa of course! To commemorate this momentous occasion, we had to take Lily to go meet the big man in red! Well, we thought she was meeting the big man in red - she thought she was meeting a serial killer! We managed to get a few...interesting shots.

What else, what else! Aside from working, working, working, I have also been coughing, coughing, coughing! I've been going on almost four weeks of coughing now. I've been through antibiotics and while they helped tremendously I still get occasional coughing fits (usually when I laugh) and then I can't breathe. Not so much fun. M has been doing well. He is currently being oblivious to the world, sucked into the video game he is playing. That's the nice thing about having a wonderful daughter that goes to bed at the same time without a fight every single night. We actually get evenings back! :D

Speaking of my wonderful little Lily bug, I think she's going to be something quite special when she grows up. Some days she likes to be a dentist and inspect each of my teeth for me, other days she is an artist and paints the most wonderful masterpiece on her face using tomato sauce, sometimes she is an animal imitator (usually cockatiels) and yet other days she is a mad scientist. We have the blackmail - I mean pictures - to prove it!

What else is in the news? We got a ton of snow this week. When I say a ton, I mean - holy moley! We had about a foot, where we work had about 18 inches and 30 minutes north of that had 24 inches with more snow the more northern you go. In my department, everyone not living in town was told that we didn't have to come in, but that we still had to take vacation for it. M had to go in anyway so I went. It was a nice, quiet day! This snow has meant two things - the first being that I am SO GRATEFUL that we now have a vehicle with four wheel drive. The second being that it means we can go sledding! We have not gone sledding the entire time we have lived here, but I figured we might as well go now so as to get Lily in the habit of totally loving it! We went today with some friends to a local playground with one killer hill. Lily had fun being drug around in the sled, M had fun going down the hill over and over and I had fun going down the hill once while praying that I would flip over and go rolling down the hill while my shirt flew up or my pants fell down. Luckily, neither of those happened! We did sled for about an hour, went inside to warm up for a bit and then decided to come home and watch The Truman Show with friends. Good fun times!

At one point Lily fell down and, like a turtle, got stuck and couldn't get up.
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