Thursday, August 7, 2008

Moving, Cruising, Shampoo and Bats

Since our last post things have been awfully hectic and more than a little crazy. Just recently (as in Friday the 1st) we moved yet again. The move was a little better this time because I was not pregnant, however, it was more interesting because although I could physically do more, I also had to worry about running after a rambunxious baby. Luckily we had some friends help on Saturday and family help on Sunday. Help included both manual labor and baby entertaining. Although the weekend was long and full of lots of time in the sun and in the backpack, I think a certain little girl still had a bit of fun. She looked like she enjoyed getting out and about and helping Grandma carry boxes to the u-haul.

Moving was not so great on hubby and I however. I sustained a badly bruised calf, a cut knee, a gouged knuckle and a smooshed and scraped finger. Hubby didn't hurt himself as much as I did but I think he came out with more longterm soreness than I did. My neck got tweaked and is still quite painful but his back, knees and arms have been killing him since the move. Doesn't really help that since we are now in a two story duplex we have to carry boxes upstairs to put them away. Oh well.

What else, ahhhh cruising. My little bug is such a big girl! She's just a cruising fool! She loves to see where she can go and what she can get into. You can imagine how awesome this is especially since we have boxes with who knows what stacked up to the ceiling.

You know what bugs me? When people pay crappy places to shampoo the carpets for the next tenants moving in and the landlord doesn't even check to see that the crappy place did a crappy job. Our carpets still smell like shampoo and have a moist, sticky feeling to them. Hubby's answer to is go back over the carpets and steam clean them. Who has the time for that?

In other news, our new rental place (Helene's Property Place) will not fix the screens that are missing and broken in our place because "if they did anything with screens they would be fixing them every year because the screens always get broken." No, really? When you have 100+ rentals, you are going to have to replace at least some screens each year! The other problems with the new place include a shelf in the fridge being cracked across and duct taped back together - yeah, bacteria city. The upstairs medicine cabinet is COVERED in rust and some of the outlets have no face plates meaning dear old Lily can just stick her hand right in there. How fantastic! The woman said they would look at fixing those things but never did a work order so I think another trip to the office is in order.

Our old rental place is a freaking joke. Campus Commons residents or residents-to-be beware! We paid a damage deposit of $500 and a pet deposit of $500. $250 of the pet deposit is nonrefundable as a "pet privilege fee." $250 from the damage deposit is also nonrefundable. We thought it was to clean the carpets, but we were WRONG! The $250 nonrefundable portion is an administrative fee that "goes to the district office so they can make a profit." Excuse me? You don't make enough of a profit off of the 4 bedroom apartments that go for $1100 per month? What a load. In addition, regardless of the fact that we spent 11.5 hours cleaning, they are still going to charge us $15 for a wipe down and $125 to clean the carpets. Even if we had the carpets cleaned they would still clean them. Sooooo stupid.

I think that's about it for now. I know there are no pictures on here. I don't have internet at home yet because we just moved. As soon as I can, however, I'll put up a little photo journal of the last few days.