Sunday, June 15, 2008

Sleep? Haven't heard of it.

Okay, it's been about 14 days. I know A LOT has happened in the last 14 days, but the chances of me remembering it all is slim. Lily is jumping around right now so I have a few minutes.

So, what has happened since June 1st? Hmmmm. Our dear friends Kelly and Josh left (last day in May). We miss them. That's all I'll say on that otherwise I'll be too teary eyed to keep typing.

Home life has been okay. Frankly, we haven't been used to being home every evening. I'm getting slightly sick of this apartment but without having anyone to go visit (*cough cough guilt trip*) we're kind of stuck. Lily's been doing great eating - she even tried some cottage cheese the other day. She hated it. ;D She loves her jarred food and her cereal as well as her puffs. These puffs come in various fruit and veggie flavors and are made from rice. They melt fairly well although she does munch them with her gums and her front two teeth. She loves to feed herself, but she isn't very good at it yet. She'll get a puff to her mouth and try to shove it in but more often than not it will just get stuck in her palm. It's fun to watch.

What else? We went to visit Grandma and Grandpa from Papa's side this last weekend. Lily had fun playing with the various toys that they found for her. She also LOVED it when Grandpa made funny noises. While there, on Saturday morning, Lily just put her hands together and started clapping! She hadn't done it for us before and her daycare says she hadn't done it there either. I'd been trying to get her to clap, but she always pulled her hands away from me. Must have wanted to do it on her own.

She had her pediatrician's appointment this past Wednesday. Holy cow she's a big girl. She's 30 inches long, 23 pounds and her head is 47.5 centimeters around. She's in the 100th percentile for all three and the doctor said she is basically the size of an 18 month old. I think she's going to be big like her Papa. While there she didn't have to get any shots, but she did have to get her finger pricked to check her iron levels. She did great with that and we got to find out that her iron levels are great. No anemic baby for us!

In other, less happy news with her - we've been trying to get her to sleep in her crib more. Unfortunately that has meant a fair amount of crying for us and her. We don't let her sit there and cry it out in her crib; instead, we have been sitting there and patting her back, occasionally putting her pacifier back in her mouth. She has been crying for about an hour before going back to sleep which upsets me, but I try to remember that we are there with her so she can't think that we've totally abandoned her. I don't know if we're going about this the right way however. She seems to be sleeping shorter amounts of time now before waking up and just screaming her head off (maybe an hour or so). She's apparently also crying now when she gets laid down at daycare. Ergh. Seems like we can't do anything right in that apartment. I would let her continue to cosleep, but anymore she's too hot, too squirmy and wants to nurse ALL NIGHT LONG. Which means that I'm uncomfortable and unable to sleep most of the night.

In work news, things have been going okay. There are growing pains with the old director leaving, but I have total confidence in the new director and think he will do just fine. I've been doing a lot more inspections on my own now. I thought that the more I did the more comfortable I would feel when I go in, but that hasn't happened yet. Every time I finish up an inspection and leave, I remember something that I missed. The next place I go to, I make a point to remember whatever it was and then I miss something else. There's just no saving me from myself. Oh well.

One awesome thing that happened this week actually is my ServSafe certification. My boss wanted me to take this ServSafe class online through the National Restaurant Association. It was expensive and very very detailed. It's designed for food service managers so it was interesting to see how things are discussed from that side of the clipboard. The point of taking the course and the exam was that if I scored high enough on the exam (75/80) then I could become a ServSafe proctor. Apparently my boss has been trying to get two ServSafe proctors for a while (he is one) so that we can start offering the class in the county instead of referring people to Spokane. I finished the course two weeks ago and took the test this past Wednesday. I got *drum roll please* 77/80. Woot! It was really tough and I was under a lot of pressure so I'm glad that I did so well. The certification will last for 5 years which is also awesome.

What else has happened in work? I got some angry phone calls and had the comissioners called on me, but that's all a part of the job (the solid waste part). Apparently people don't appreciate the suggestion being made that they have a solid waste problem on their property. Fair enough.

Okay, I think that's about it for now. Oh! I did forget something. We finally found a place to live! Tomorrow we are signing the lease on a lovely two story, 3 bedroom, 1.5 bath duplex with a decent sized living room, dining room, kitchen and washer/dryer hookups. There is also a sliding door to the backyard with grass we don't have to mow and a cute concrete patio. I was originally going to detail everything we're NOT going to do on Father's Day today because we have to put down around $1500 for the duplex tomorrow. Needless to say (again), we unfortunately won't be doing anything for Father's Day. *sigh* Double the income and still no money!

Also, we found out that we can't get a car anytime soon which is really depressing. My car has decided to stop shifting into reverse so we need something ASAP but because of our credit and our student loans, nobody will give us a loan. We have to consolidate our loans first which will take quite a while (or we can wait until this fall when I start my Master's and my loans go back into deferment).

Okay, I really think that might be it for now. I shall attempt to add some pictures and a video now. Let's see if Lily will let me!

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