Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The Joys of Parenthood

So it's been heck at home lately because we've been trying to get Lily to sleep in her crib. What is supposed to be getting us more sleep is by far causing us to get less. My only hope is that it will get better in time. Until that happens however, I have to realize that their is a silver lining to the cloud we're hanging out on called, "parents of a baby."

Two awesome things happened since yesterday. The first is that Lily allowed me to put a pair of bloomers that go to some dress on her head. No whining or anything. She just wore them proudly like they were the prettiest hat ever. Oh lord it was hysterical. I was laughing so hard. I have to say though, if anyone could pull it off, she can.

The second thing that happened was this morning. For a while (weeks) I've been thinking that Lily understands what the word "kitty" means because she always seems to look toward Jynx when I say it. There are also kitties at daycare. Well today she proved that theory. Not only did she turn around and look at Jynx when I said kitty, but when I put her down, she scooted closer and distinctly said "kitty kitty" and clapped her hands. SO CUTE!!!!

So I guess that's really her first word. She went from papa to mama to baba to nana to pfff although I don't think she associates those with anything yet. "Kitty" though is definitely associated with the cat.

I love my bug!

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MIP said...

Hang in there with the crib thing. It's such a hard transition and it does take a while for things to smooth out. But it does, and life is so much easier when that happens. Good luck:)