Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day!'s been a while. Let's see. I don't have many pictures uploaded right now so I'm not going to include any cute ones of Lily, but I will make a separate post, probably later today and do that (unless I happen to find one on my hard drive - and I can already think of a good one).

Anyway, the quick and short of it. Work is awesome. I got a new desk - it's huge. I have business cards and feel all grown up now. I've been training on doing school health inspections and will do a restaurant or two (with my boss) on Monday. Tuesday through Thursday I have training 2.5 hours away where they will teach us more about doing food inspections. Ahhh, I love the county. They put me up in a large room with a king sized bed in the Marriot. Sweet!

What else. I'm doing food worker classes on my own now. It's nice to feel that trust in the office. I also made an educational brochure about junk cars and ways to get rid of them so my boss is now calling me the Educational Outreach Coordinator. ;) It was funny.

I think that's about it for work. In other news, we've been geocaching every weekend (weather permitting). We're finding it to be lots of fun. Lily's two teeth are now up quite a bit. I think they're bugging her but it's hard to tell because she has another cold which can't be fun for her or the fluid in her ears. She's big - wearing 12 month clothes now (she's only 8 months old). I even put her in a pair of 18 month jammies yesterday and they fit...quite nicely I might add. She's got such long legs that she has to get bigger pants so they don't look like capris. :D

Thanks Violet! Lily loves your clothes!

I think that's about it for now. I'm off to tend to my beautiful little cranky bug.



The Mommy and Me Boutique said...

What a lovely blog. So nice to learn about such a special family!