Thursday, May 29, 2008

Work and Visiting

Where has the time gone? Looks like my last post was on May 11 - Mother's Day. I love looking at the digital picture frame that Lily and Dadda got for me. It's a lot of fun.

Work wise, things have been going okay. I went to my New Inspector Training and learned A LOT!!! Holy Cow Batman!! I did get confused at times because it was a lot of information and only 2.5 days, but I think I managed to retain most of it.

Since Lily still hasn't slept without me yet, she brought her Dadda up to stay with me in the hotel for Tuesday and Wednesday nights. They left Thursday morning. It was nice to share my lovely hotel room. I even took Mike out for a special dinner Wednesday night at P.F. Chengs. He'd been wanting to go forever and there just happened to be one 5 minutes from the hotel.

Let's see, what else, what else. Hmmm, more interesting work news I suppose. Within the last two weeks I got to do an inspection all by myself, did some more solid waste surveys, got an angry phone call from one of my solid waste folks that consisted of being told to stay out of the neighboring towns and got to attend an awesome conference. The conference that I went to was actually yesterday and today. One of the reasons that it was approved is that it was over in a local town, so no hotel costs. It was a Farm to Table conference put on by the universities around here. There were presentations from producers, regulatory agents and everyone in between. Man, it was totally awesome! I learned som much and got to meet so many interesting people! I even got a few compliments for a comment I made during the panel discussion. :D

Last bit of work news is that tomorrow is our director's last day. He's hilarious and extremely helpful. It will be sad to see him go.

In non work news we have Lily. Over the last 2 weeks, Lily has gained two new skills. The first is the ability to cry and make her parents feel like poop when we drop her off at daycare. The other is the ability to army crawl. She has been able to scoot backwards and roll around to get wherever she wants to go for a while, but just recently she realized that she can push off with her toes and get even more mobility.

Man are we exhausted! This child is definitely one that we get to chase after. She always has to be going going going!

The last bit of news is that this past weekend we got to visit Lily's maternal Grandma at the park she is staying at. We got to visit the gorgeous park and got to see a Drive In! That was awesome! As always, it was hard to leave my mom, but it had to be done. We have every intention of going back later this summer.
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Sunday, May 11, 2008

My Mother's Day, Vaccines and Raw Milk

Alright, let's add a little more, shall we?

For a bit more on work - I am apparently, no longer fun to eat out with. I spend my time commenting that the ham is cold (Mother's Day Brunch) so it cannot possibly have been properly Hot Held to avoid the growth of bacteria. I also comment on ungloved hands and how high the ice comes up on salad and fruit bars. In addition, don't eat those dips in front of me - you know, the ones that have little pretzels with them. It's sitting out in a store, it isn't kept chilled and you have no idea how much double dipping or fingers are ending up in there. I just can't watch you kill yourself.

Before I continue on to the rest of Mother's Day, let me just say one little thing. VACCINATE YOUR CHILDREN! I am sitting here scared for myself and my friend's twin boys because the measles outbreak in the US has spread to my state. In 2 weeks we popped up to 12 confirmed cases only hours from us. Last week there was one confirmed case an hour from us. It was suggested to me that it might not be entirely brilliant to travel with my baby right now because she can't get the measles shot until she is one year old. Unfortunately for my friend, she and her new boys didn't have much of a choice as they are going to a big family gathering for her mom today. Our children cannot physically get vaccinated at this point but you bet your buns that when they are old enough they will be. I shouldn't have to be worried about my bug catching the highly contagious airborne measles because YOUR ARE TOO MUCH OF AN ASS TO VACCINATE YOUR OWN CHILDREN! There, I've said it, I feel better. If people would vaccinate their children we wouldn't have a measles outbreak, now would we? No, and I wouldn't have to worry about taking my child out in public. It just so ticks me off. Your child is not going to turn autistic from vaccines. Guess what, if your autistic child gets a vaccine and then later you notice his/her autism more, it's because he/she was already autistic! Get over yourself! We got rid of all this crap and now because of people's stupidity it's all coming back.

I'm undecided on delayed vaccines, but I think that if you want to delay them but still make sure your kid gets them...fine. Except for the measles! Get the dang measles shot!!!

Speaking of shots, last Thursday I got my Hep A, Hep B and Tetanus shot at work. My arm, from the Tetanus shot, is still totally killing me. :(

In other news, by all means go organic. That does not, under any circumstances mean that you should drink unpasteurized milk from any animal. Raw milk has a huge chance of containing listeria - you know, that wonderful bug that causes sponataneous abortion among other things. If you must go organic, buy non hormone added milk from your local coop, but for the love of all that is good, make sure it is pasteurized!

Okay, Mother's Day. It was good. :) We went to a nice brunch where we laughed our selves silly watching Lily munch some watermelon and ice in her mesh food feeder. After brunch we walked around the mall for a bit before driving around Pullman, looking for a new place for us to live. We then came home where we failed at getting our bug to sleep. Mike and Lily got me a Kodak digital picture frame for my desk at work. It is muy pretty. :D

Okay, I'm done for now I think. Have a peachy keen day!!!

Happy Mother's Day!'s been a while. Let's see. I don't have many pictures uploaded right now so I'm not going to include any cute ones of Lily, but I will make a separate post, probably later today and do that (unless I happen to find one on my hard drive - and I can already think of a good one).

Anyway, the quick and short of it. Work is awesome. I got a new desk - it's huge. I have business cards and feel all grown up now. I've been training on doing school health inspections and will do a restaurant or two (with my boss) on Monday. Tuesday through Thursday I have training 2.5 hours away where they will teach us more about doing food inspections. Ahhh, I love the county. They put me up in a large room with a king sized bed in the Marriot. Sweet!

What else. I'm doing food worker classes on my own now. It's nice to feel that trust in the office. I also made an educational brochure about junk cars and ways to get rid of them so my boss is now calling me the Educational Outreach Coordinator. ;) It was funny.

I think that's about it for work. In other news, we've been geocaching every weekend (weather permitting). We're finding it to be lots of fun. Lily's two teeth are now up quite a bit. I think they're bugging her but it's hard to tell because she has another cold which can't be fun for her or the fluid in her ears. She's big - wearing 12 month clothes now (she's only 8 months old). I even put her in a pair of 18 month jammies yesterday and they fit...quite nicely I might add. She's got such long legs that she has to get bigger pants so they don't look like capris. :D

Thanks Violet! Lily loves your clothes!

I think that's about it for now. I'm off to tend to my beautiful little cranky bug.