Saturday, April 26, 2008

Work, a bug and a big girl

Oh dear, where to start. Work is going great. I am so happy and think that I have definitely found something that I could love and enjoy for quite a while. If we do move, I think I'll be looking into doing the same kind of work instead of teaching. We shall see.

So, Wednesday we drove out to a neighboring county that we contract with and I got to get some solid waste time in. The next day I drove out to the outskirts of the county and did more solid waste and the day after that I finished up the solid waste that I had to work on and began some more online training. That's work in a nutshell. Oh! I almost forgot! On Thursday evening I taught my first Food Worker Class. :D My reviews were all good too. :)

Okay, in other news, Lily had a pediatrician appointment on Wednesday night for her ears. They are still bugging her, but unfortunately there is no infection. I say unfortunately because if her ears were infected we could do something about it. Instead, there is no infection, but her ears are still filled with fluid. There's nothing we can do about it and not only does she feel like she constantly needs to pop her ears, but her hearing is most likely effected as well. Poor baby. Unless it gets drastically worse, we basically have to just live with it until her nine month checkup.

Her pediatrician appointment brought more bad news. We discovered that Lily has finally hit 22 lbs and 29 inches ... the exact weight and height limit for her carseat. WHAT?! Sigh. Thursday morning we got it in our brilliant heads to attempt to install her convertible toddler seat. Yeah, that didn't go well. We couldn't get it to work with our middle seat belt and eventually our current daycare's husband (a police officer) came to our place and helped us install it. Embarassing, but we got it in. We ended up being an hour late to work, which was awesome, but at least our baby was safe. To go along with that, today we went out and bought a sunshade for the back window since our bug no longer has a hood to keep the sun out of her eyes. We also got to take some pictures of her sitting in a highchair and shopping cart like a big girl. :) It was tons of fun.

I think the only other memorable things are that we went geocaching again today and found 3 caches! Go us! I even found one all on my own!

Bug is starting to whine and I'm feeling like this has been awfully rambly, so I'm going to go. If I think of more, I'll update!

P.S. Endangered orangutans are being slaughtered to make room for more area to grown and produce palm oil. Orangutans...those cute little red fuzzy faces. It's just wrong.