Saturday, April 12, 2008

Walking around the Arboretum

This is my last weekend before being a new full time working mommy! It's bittersweet. We're excited for the extra income, but I'm so nervous about leaving Lily in daycare all day every day. Despite everyone trying to squash my fears, I'm still nervous that she's going to bond more with her daycare provider than with me. What if I miss all her firsts? I'm not dumb, I worked at the children's center. There were quite a few firsts that we would see and hide from the parents so that they didn't feel bad. I guess I just have to believe that she still knows me and loves me - hopefully that won't change.

In other news, I needed to go out this weekend to get some work clothes (darn baby weight) so this morning we packed up and headed to Shopko where they were having quite the awesome sale. I got 4 shirts, 3 undershirts and one pair of pants. Unfortunately they were all a size larger than I was prepregnancy - man was that embarassing to buy. My hope is that while at work I won't be able to graze as much as I do at home. That should help shed some of the extra weight. Anyway, on with the story.

After Shopko we decided to head out to the LogoGrinz to grab some lunch. Mike's boss and his wife ended up meeting us while we were there so we ate lunch together. It was quite tasty and very filling. While there, Mike mentioned that we should go and visit the UofI arboretum. We had been once before, but it was snow covered so we had quickly turned around and come home. This time, it was a gorgeous day out (high 60s) and there weren't a ton of people there, so we stayed. Turns out that it was a great idea!

We thought the path around the arboretum was fairly small, so we packed Lily in her stroller like a big girl (only the second time ever) and decided to take a quick stroll around. Well, the path was much longer than we thought and we later found that it was 1.5 miles around. Lily did great in her stroller though. She had so much fun sitting up and looking around.

Although the flowers and most of the plants weren't really in bloom around the arboretum, it was still nice getting to walk along a path shaded by actual green trees. We don't have a lot of trees around here outside of the universities, so it was refreshing to walk under neath some. There were actually a few flowering crawlers in bloom. We were going to take some pictures of Lily on the grass in front of them with the butterflies flitting around, but as I leaned in to get a better look at the butterflies I heard the buzzing of bees and on closer inspection I noticed quite a few buzzing amongst the flowers. Yeah, thanks, but I'd rather wait to see if Lily has an allergy to bees. Mike gets freaked out by them as well so he had no issues bypassing the only pretty flowers to be seen for miles.

After checking out the flowers we headed on up the gravel path. After a while we saw a bark side path. It looked to me like the gravel path very quickly turned back and ended, and I was in the mood for a stroll so we decided to take the bark path. Big mistake! Not only was there a huge snow drift (yes snow) covering half the path, but I was in flip flops. We went for it anyway and a few splinters as well as some stroller four wheeling later, we found ourselves near the top of a nice hill with a gorgeous view.

We continued along this path for a while, me occasionally stopping to pull out a number of splinters from my foot until we realized that the gravel path below - the nice FLAT gravel path - actually kept going instead of turning back. Once we found a low spot, we jumped off the trail and made our way back to the gravel path. It was a much better walk from that point. It was quiet except for the birds chirping, the sun was shaded by the trees - ah it was nice. We continued on the path around the arboretum and back to the car. We passed some gorgeous plants that will be even more beautiful once they bloom and some cute ponds with koi fish.

At one point Lily started fussing, but Mike gave her the pacifier to chew on (she doesn't actually suck on it), helped her lean back and she promptly went to sleep. It was actually pretty cute. :D

Packing her into the car was interesting since she was already asleep, but Mike managed. We finished our day by cruising around the local mall for a little bit and hitting up the craft store so I could buy some beads to make a nursing necklace. When I figure out how to make it I will and then show you how it went.

Now we're at home and my buggy baby is whining for some loves so I'm off. Have a peachy keen day and hopefully you're somewhere enjoying the weather!


1stopmom said...

Don't worry about your feelings about Lily and daycare. Your concerns are completely natural. I must say her pictures are absolutely adorable. Good luck with going back to work.