Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Training and Random Clicking

So today went by a lot quicker than yesterday it seemed. I didn't have a bunch of orientations to sit through. Instead, I spent my morning cruising through the county's website of Food Safety, the state Department of Health's site of Food Protection and the CDC's information of food protection. I learned a great deal...and then went off to grab some lunch and forget about it for an hour. :D

When I got back I got to take the food handler's test for the training that I had done online. I passed with flying colors luckily enough; I wonder what would have happened if I had failed? Oh dear. My boss just said that he would have had to fire me, but I doubt he was serious...right? ;)

I spent the rest of my day bugging my hubby to come fix my computer and attempting to make a dent in the inches of reading material I have to get through. That was about it for me day. Like I said, not terribly interesting, but fun none the less.

In other news, you just have to check out Office Warfare. Oh lord today's post just cracks me up. It has a program you can install on your enemy...I mean coworker's computer to make their mouse randomly click around the screen. I can only imagine the hilarity that would ensue from this. Go check out the article on Digg and hey, since you're there you might as well Digg it. :D I did because it really is THAT awesome.


Andrew said...

okay where are you????