Sunday, April 27, 2008

Sharp pointy teeth!

This should be a relatively quick update.

We had a nice day outside today. Initially we were going to go out geocaching, but we grabbed some lunch and ate at the park to start so that Lily could finish napping. Once she woke up we played on the baby swings and then introduced her to grass. She did NOT like it, not one bit. :D

After the park we went out geocaching. We're really liking it because we are learning a lot about the area that we live in and are finding some really neat spots. We decided to head out to find some caches in the neighboring state today so that we could drop off a geocoin that we found here. The first cache we tried to find was by a creek and it looks like it probably got washed away with the flooding we had. The second cache was at this really cute park with a nature trail. Because I am just SO awesome, I found the cache at that one. :D

In other news, we bought steak at the store and broiled it for dinner. We had the butcher season it with a rub they had and it turned out phenomenally.

In other, other news, we ate dinner at Denny's with friends last night. I gave Lily bug her veggies, but I didn't have her baby spoons so I used my metal spoon. I was a little perturbed because it sounded like the metal was scratched and scratching her gums but each time I would feel it, I couldn't find any bumpy parts on the spoon. That's because, as I found out this morning, the bump is IN HER MOUTH! She has two teeth coming in! One is already poking through (just barely) and I can see the white bump of the other one.

My baby is getting teeth! Yaysobyaysobyaysob. I'm happy and sad, obviously. She's growing up!


Andrew said...

that picture of her in the grass is PRICELESS! Absolutely the cutest thing I've seen in a while :)


Polina said...

My little one didn't love the grass as well, but she found flowers and all the grass-dwellers interesting instead, trying to eat up some bugs and catch a bee...

Congrats with the very first teeth:)

shanecastane said...

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