Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Okay, I get it!

Nike Cortez 'TB trainers.Image via WikipediaAfter getting a phone call this morning and two email messages today saying things to the like of, "Are you dead? You haven't blogged!" I figure that I should probably put something up.

So, let's see, what have I been doing since last Tuesday. Wednesday I read...all day long. It was good though because I learned quite a bit about food safety. Thursday I, yep, you got it, I read all day yet again. It's to be expected though because I'm new at this so I need to read to learn. I've also ordered a self study Environmental Health course so when that comes in I'll be reading that as well as a few online training courses. Yay for reading!

Friday my boss took pity on me and had me take out the county car (Impala) to drive around and check out some of the solid waste complaints that we've had. Since so many people have come and gone in my job, nobody did anything the same so there isn't any documentation as to whether or not these complaints ever got resolved. I currently have 8 that date back to 2005 that I'm following up on. On Friday I drove through Palouse and Pullman looking for the addresses and taking pictures. Let me just say that leaving packrats alone for 3 years does not solve their packrat issue. Each site was worse than their previous pictures. I sent out letters (my first official county correspondence with my name signed) to the 4 sites today and Thursday I get to go out again and drive to the far reaches of the county to check out the remaining sites that I have listed. Once I follow up with these, the next step will be to actually enforce the solid waste ordinance which states that we can charge $1000 per day until the waste is cleaned up. We'll see how that goes. If everything ever does get resolved, I get to just drive around on occasion and look for houses with excessive solid waste. Solid Waste Windshield Surveys they're called. I suppose because we take the pictures from the safety of a car. ;)

This weekend was interesting. Hubby and I ran around town doing some geocaching. We're finding it to be pretty flipping awesome. I'm excited. Once the weather gets nicer we're going to try our hand at the neighboring town and some surrounding areas. We also stopped by the mall to get me some new tennis shoes. My previous ones had cracked plastic on the heel that was cutting my foot.

Let's see, what else. Monday went by pretty quick. I updated my mapping software with the information for the solid waste sites and hubby made me a new nifty complaint form that I can just fill in on the computer and leave there for a computer record. I also got to track down a food complaint with a school. I had to talk to the school about the complaint and then contact their supplier for the food product to see where the food is going bad. I heard back from one person today and should hopefully hear back from the other tomorrow.

Today was fun. In the morning I dealt with a dog bite. I get to call the victim and the owner of the dog to find out what happened and to see if the dog is up to date on vaccines. We'll see how that plays out. I also got to watch a food safety class in the later afternoon. Thursday night I'll be teaching my first one. It should go just fine.

Other than that, I worked the rest of the day going through some old reports and complaints and getting my letters typed up and sent out. I'm proud of my little letters. All official and everything!

Tomorrow I'm off to a neighboring county that we contract with with my boss. It's the first time that I'm going to see some health inspections. The first school inspection I'll be doing will be on May 9th so stay tuned for that. I'll be watching one on the 8th and then it's all me on the 9th!

Okay, I think that's probably about it for now. I know there are no updated pictures. There in my car in the diaper bag.

Oh yeah, the other thing is that my daycare is out of town tomorrow and for the next two weeks so Lily will be going to a new daycare. The woman seems awfully sweet so I'm excited but still nervous because Lily isn't exactly an easy baby.

Hasta manana!!


Anonymous said...

Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!! I really enjoy the blog.

mom said...

Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!! I feel lost without my dose of my favorite kids