Saturday, April 5, 2008

Strawberries, Socks and Marching

Oh my, there are three (maybe more) interesting things from last night through to today.

Last night we had dinner with some friends, Matt, his fiance Caroline, and his sister Annelise. Caroline made a delicious chicken parmigiana - yum! We had ceasar salad and delicious bread with it. I wasn't sure what to bring but when I went to Safeway to search something out, they had a sale on strawberries - a huge container for like $4.99. I got a glorious idea and an hour later I had made chocolate covered strawberries and chocolate covered maraschino cherries. They were so tasty! I attempted to drizzle white chocolate over them, but the chocolate had been on the double boiler too long at too hot a temperature so it burnt and got hard. It fell it clumps rather than a drizzle. Oh well, it tasted delicious anyway.

After that we came home and everyone got ready for bed. Lily got changed and was playing on the bed when I got the genius idea to put one of my socks on her feet...or rather her leg. Oh that was cracking me up. She's such a good sport.

Fast forward to today - the March for Babies on the WSU campus. I wasn't too optimistic for it because it had snowed last night and was supposed to sprinkle again today. I fed Lily her oatmeal and peas, got her all bundled up in her winter Pooh Bear outfit and we headed out. The walk went pretty well. Jen and I were the only ones there when it was actually supposed to start. We finished a lap (from the library down past the stadium, up Stadium Way, past the Field House, up past the bookie and back to the library) and found that at the end of our first lap they finally had some more people and were just then deciding to start. I guess we were just over achievers. :D We started to do another lap, but Forest was just feeling miserable so Jen went home. I finished up that lap at which point my face was bright red and the bug was getting chilled. We called it quits at that point.

I wanted to let everyone know that you helped us raise $110!! Thank you so much! That goes a long way toward helping the March for Babies with their campaign!