Saturday, April 5, 2008

MISSING: Loving Husband

Hi! It's me, Mike! This'll be my first post on the blog despite Cinn's multiple attempts at getting me to write something. Today, I'm feeling remorseful. As some of you may know I'm a volunteer with the local sheriff's office, and Mr. Sheriff himself asked my friend (another volunteer) and I to do as much as we can today to try and advance to the next level. We ended up going out at 11 this morning, did as much as we could, and I got home about an hour ago (11). It was a long day for me, but by no means was it tough, stressful (for the most part) or painful.
Where is this remorse, you ask? I told Cinn that my friend and I would be going out around 11 and working a bit. I figured this would work out well because she was going to do her March for Babies relay and hang out with her friend. Unfortunately, as you probably already read, that didn't pan out so well and Cinn came home and hung out by herself with the baby, and from what it sounds like was in quite a bit of pain. You may be thinking to yourself "Oh, self, hanging out with a baby, that would be fun, entertaining, and not stressful in the slightest" ... and if you are thinking that, you don't have a baby. They eat...and poop....and cry....and eat some more....and poop some more....and cry some more... It's a sad state of affairs at times and being at home by yourself day in and day out, while enjoying all of the many great times and firsts your baby experiences, well I imagine it would be nice to share that with someone your absent husband.

So that's kind of the long and short of it. I don't think I tell her enough how much I appreciate and love her, but I'm hoping I can do a wee bit better from now on....and maybe this will help.



mom said...

okay, Mike, where were your writing skills back when you were in school and I don't mean college. I really enjoy the blog and the pictures.

Bess McBride said...

Aw, that is so sweet!!

Bess McBride