Friday, April 11, 2008

Grad School. Office Fun and Sweet Potatos

Freshly dug sweet potato.Image via Wikipedia
So, I don't think I've mentioned it, but before I ever applied for this job I had applied to grad school. My thought process was that I needed a full time job and that if it wasn't in teaching I needed to then at least continue my education in teaching.

I decided to apply on January 11th, not realizing that the priority deadline was January 10th. I kicked myself but planned on applying before the last deadline on March 15th. True enough, after writing all the papers, getting all the forms done and getting my recommendations in, I turned in my paperwork on March 15th. Phew! The office said that I should hear back by the end of three weeks.

Three weeks came and went and I still hadn't heard anything. I logged on to see my application status and was quite surprised when I saw that my application status was "canceled by applicant." WHAT? Freaked out about the possibility of all the time and money getting wasted ($50) I called the grad office who confirmed that my application had been withdrawn. They forwarded me to the ed department who were, thankfully, surprised. Turns out, when you apply to grad school you have to choose a first and second choice for majors. Well, they knew that I didn't want the second choice and had only put something there because the application made me. When they said axed the second choice it ended up withdrawing the application from both choices! Oh noes! It turned out okay though because I was in fact recommended for admission and he had my departmental recommendation right there. I should get a letter by the end of the week. Phew!

So in 30 minutes I went from, "Aww, I must have been rejected," to "I canceled my application?" to "Yay, I got accepted!" Talk about toying with my emotions.

Let's see, what else is there. Lily started her last vegetable before starting fruits. She likes her sweet potato! She's eating a lot more at mealtimes now so the little jars that I thought would last a few days are only lasting a single feeding. Silly little piglet. The picture on the right is of her munching on a biter biscuit. She loves them, but Mike hates them because they melt all over the place.

I know there's more...ah yes. My husband works in IT and his office consists of himself and two other coworkers (one being his boss). One of the coworkers is the author of Office Warfare, the name explains it all. Anyway, I guess today the author got totally silly stringed. Oh, fun office games. :D

In a slightly less upbeat note, today is my last day at home with Lily before starting work. I'm excited yet nervous at the same time. I have a big fear that she's going to forget who I am or have more fun spending time with her daycare since she'll be there more than she'll be with me (during waking hours anyway). Man, how do mommies manage this?

I'm sure there's more, but at this time I can't think of what it would be. I'll leave you with a request to go check out the site of a great Romance Author, Jane Richardson, and enter her latest contest. Her books are charmingly sweet! Enter here.


MIP said...

Congratulations on getting in to grad school, and good luck with going back to work :)