Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Updates, jobs, Subway and Walmart

You've Got the JobImage from WikipediaOh dear, what to write about today. You know, I had this whole list of things that I could write about and I thought, hey, I should write these down somewhere in case I forget what they were and true enough, I forgot. Well, I suppose we'll just go over the last few days.

So Monday. Monday was the day that I got the call about the job. That was awesome and awkward. At the time I was at the hospital holding one twin while my friend was feeding the other. I was in a hospital, holding a twin. No I'm not going to jump up and down acting all excited when you offer me the job, even though I really really wanted to! Sigh. The guy told me, "Well, I think I sound more excited than you do!" I then had to explain my situation and that I was really excited even if it didn't sound like it. There's nothing worse than getting the call that you've got the job you really wanted and somehow convincing the guy that you didn't really want it! What's wrong with me!

The rest of Monday went by pretty well. Had a celebratory lunch with my hubby and then headed home. Tuesday (yesterday) went by fairly quickly it seems. I woke up feeling like crud thanks in large part to my wonderful sinuses. Since we got up after Mike left, I got the pleasure of giving Lily her antibiotic by myself. Usually we both have to hold her arms, legs and head to get the dropper in her mouth. We give it to her in very small increments, which usually drags the whole process out, but she still ends up spitting most of it out. I know it sounds cruel to pin down your baby to give her meds, but we've tried other methods. We got a medinurser, which was a no-go. We even tried hiding it in her bottle. That was a bad idea because it took us 3 hours to get her to trust the bottle again! So we pin her down and use the dumb Walmart dropper that the pharmacy gives us. I hate that thing because it leaks and doesn't hold the medicine all that great.

Anyway. Mike had mentioned yesterday morning that we should come down and meet him for lunch so we did. We got in to town only to find out that he didn't think we were coming and so had already eaten lunch! Bah. Oh well. He said that he'd just come with me so we sat around his office for an hour, waiting for the lunch rush to die down, and then headed to Subway for some $5.00 footlong fun.

After lunch, we came home, hung out for a while, took a nap at 5:30 (Lily and I) and then when Mike got home, he kindly took us to ReadyCare. My head was now killing me due to my sinuses. When we got there, the receptionist said that we'd be waiting almost an hour which was no big deal, however, there were two families with very sick screaming kids. One had to be just over a year and the other was maybe 2. The family with the two-year-old was saying that his fever has been 104 for a few days. I felt really bad for them and was perplexed when the nurse kept coming out to take grown men and women that looked just fine. They looked so good that they could probably have run a marathon while these kids were just falling apart. I was sure that they should take the sick kids first.

Anyway, the woman with the really sick kid looked at the nurse when she came out for another healthy looking full grown man and the nurse said to her, "I'm sorry. One of the doctors is just taking patients that he knows." Ummmmmmmm, what? Nobody seemed to bothered by this, but man, if it was me and my sick kid, I'd be really ticked, especially if I had been there longer like I'm guessing these people were. Why on Earth is it okay for him to only take patients that he already knows and leave the sick kids for last? I don't get it. How terrible. Maybe somebody can explain the reasoning behind this for me? Anyone?

So, that part aside, my appointment went fairly well once I got in there. Pulse was fairly high (92) but my blood pressure was good. Those things always worry me for some reason so I like to hear that they're okay. When the doc came in, he asked about my symptoms and decided just to prescribe me antibiotics for a sinus infection. I was hoping he'd be able to see my sinuses or something because I don't like taking antibiotics if I don't need them, but they were technically closed by then and I'm sure he was anxious to get home. Sigh. Well, I'll try the augmentin and see if I keep getting headaches. I get them probably twice a week so I should be able to tell if it has worked. The doc also mentioned while I was there that if I keep getting headaches I might want to have a CT scan done to check for polyps, etc. He said these can cause chronic headaches.

Okay, Lily's waking up so I'm going to head off. The only other news I have is that Mike left his sun glasses at the doc's office and is strangely really upset about that. I'll have to run there after my LLL meeting and before heading to Walmart for my prescription to see if I can find them.

Have a great day and don't let the browser hit you on your way out! :D