Monday, April 7, 2008

My Sweetie, Food and Work Worries

A bottle of Excedrin with some of the tablets.Image from WikipediaMike's sweet, isn't he. :) I was feeling all grumpy when I woke up on Sunday because I was tired and had a huge headache. Being on my own all day the day before had been abnormally difficult and I was just pooped. I came out to the kitchen to get some Excedrin to find a cute bear, some flowers and a card (which happened to be a Happy Birthday card much to Mike's irritation). It was hard to be grumpy after that.

Eventually I got to feeling a little better and around noon we headed out to get some lunch. I really wanted to take Mike to The LocoGrind because I had been there the week before with Tomi. The food was DELICIOUS! Unfortunately they were closed on Sundays and Mondays so we turned around and had our normal weekend lunch at the mall. Hmmmm Qudoba. Tasty fast Mexican food. Mike got steak tacos and I had nachos. We walked around the mall for a bit before heading home. We were both exhausted.

After we got home, I changed and then came back out into the livingroom to find Mike laying half dead on the ground. Poor boy was so sleepy and because I'm such a nice wife I let him sleep. Hahahahahahaha! No, I didn't. I threw pocket packs of tissues at him! Lily was sitting in her carseat on the chair while my annoyingness turned into an all out war between the both of us. We were chucking packets trying to hit each other and she was just cracking up. That little girl has never laughed that hard or that long. It was sooooo funny!

In the middle of our battle, Kelly called so we headed over to spend some quality time with them and the twins. Oh, they are so flipping cute. We didn't stay long as Lily was getting fussy. We grabbed some dinner, and then came home to watch our recorded Eli Stone. Cute episode I thought.

What else is new and exciting? Nothing much I don't think. I'm getting excited to start work on Monday but nervous too. #1, I don't know where I'm going to pump and #2, I'll be leaving my baby M-F 7:30-5:30. Is she even going to know my anymore??

Sigh. Thoughts on that? How do you balance your home and work lives?