Sunday, April 27, 2008

Sharp pointy teeth!

This should be a relatively quick update.

We had a nice day outside today. Initially we were going to go out geocaching, but we grabbed some lunch and ate at the park to start so that Lily could finish napping. Once she woke up we played on the baby swings and then introduced her to grass. She did NOT like it, not one bit. :D

After the park we went out geocaching. We're really liking it because we are learning a lot about the area that we live in and are finding some really neat spots. We decided to head out to find some caches in the neighboring state today so that we could drop off a geocoin that we found here. The first cache we tried to find was by a creek and it looks like it probably got washed away with the flooding we had. The second cache was at this really cute park with a nature trail. Because I am just SO awesome, I found the cache at that one. :D

In other news, we bought steak at the store and broiled it for dinner. We had the butcher season it with a rub they had and it turned out phenomenally.

In other, other news, we ate dinner at Denny's with friends last night. I gave Lily bug her veggies, but I didn't have her baby spoons so I used my metal spoon. I was a little perturbed because it sounded like the metal was scratched and scratching her gums but each time I would feel it, I couldn't find any bumpy parts on the spoon. That's because, as I found out this morning, the bump is IN HER MOUTH! She has two teeth coming in! One is already poking through (just barely) and I can see the white bump of the other one.

My baby is getting teeth! Yaysobyaysobyaysob. I'm happy and sad, obviously. She's growing up!

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Work, a bug and a big girl

Oh dear, where to start. Work is going great. I am so happy and think that I have definitely found something that I could love and enjoy for quite a while. If we do move, I think I'll be looking into doing the same kind of work instead of teaching. We shall see.

So, Wednesday we drove out to a neighboring county that we contract with and I got to get some solid waste time in. The next day I drove out to the outskirts of the county and did more solid waste and the day after that I finished up the solid waste that I had to work on and began some more online training. That's work in a nutshell. Oh! I almost forgot! On Thursday evening I taught my first Food Worker Class. :D My reviews were all good too. :)

Okay, in other news, Lily had a pediatrician appointment on Wednesday night for her ears. They are still bugging her, but unfortunately there is no infection. I say unfortunately because if her ears were infected we could do something about it. Instead, there is no infection, but her ears are still filled with fluid. There's nothing we can do about it and not only does she feel like she constantly needs to pop her ears, but her hearing is most likely effected as well. Poor baby. Unless it gets drastically worse, we basically have to just live with it until her nine month checkup.

Her pediatrician appointment brought more bad news. We discovered that Lily has finally hit 22 lbs and 29 inches ... the exact weight and height limit for her carseat. WHAT?! Sigh. Thursday morning we got it in our brilliant heads to attempt to install her convertible toddler seat. Yeah, that didn't go well. We couldn't get it to work with our middle seat belt and eventually our current daycare's husband (a police officer) came to our place and helped us install it. Embarassing, but we got it in. We ended up being an hour late to work, which was awesome, but at least our baby was safe. To go along with that, today we went out and bought a sunshade for the back window since our bug no longer has a hood to keep the sun out of her eyes. We also got to take some pictures of her sitting in a highchair and shopping cart like a big girl. :) It was tons of fun.

I think the only other memorable things are that we went geocaching again today and found 3 caches! Go us! I even found one all on my own!

Bug is starting to whine and I'm feeling like this has been awfully rambly, so I'm going to go. If I think of more, I'll update!

P.S. Endangered orangutans are being slaughtered to make room for more area to grown and produce palm oil. Orangutans...those cute little red fuzzy faces. It's just wrong.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Okay, I get it!

Nike Cortez 'TB trainers.Image via WikipediaAfter getting a phone call this morning and two email messages today saying things to the like of, "Are you dead? You haven't blogged!" I figure that I should probably put something up.

So, let's see, what have I been doing since last Tuesday. Wednesday I read...all day long. It was good though because I learned quite a bit about food safety. Thursday I, yep, you got it, I read all day yet again. It's to be expected though because I'm new at this so I need to read to learn. I've also ordered a self study Environmental Health course so when that comes in I'll be reading that as well as a few online training courses. Yay for reading!

Friday my boss took pity on me and had me take out the county car (Impala) to drive around and check out some of the solid waste complaints that we've had. Since so many people have come and gone in my job, nobody did anything the same so there isn't any documentation as to whether or not these complaints ever got resolved. I currently have 8 that date back to 2005 that I'm following up on. On Friday I drove through Palouse and Pullman looking for the addresses and taking pictures. Let me just say that leaving packrats alone for 3 years does not solve their packrat issue. Each site was worse than their previous pictures. I sent out letters (my first official county correspondence with my name signed) to the 4 sites today and Thursday I get to go out again and drive to the far reaches of the county to check out the remaining sites that I have listed. Once I follow up with these, the next step will be to actually enforce the solid waste ordinance which states that we can charge $1000 per day until the waste is cleaned up. We'll see how that goes. If everything ever does get resolved, I get to just drive around on occasion and look for houses with excessive solid waste. Solid Waste Windshield Surveys they're called. I suppose because we take the pictures from the safety of a car. ;)

This weekend was interesting. Hubby and I ran around town doing some geocaching. We're finding it to be pretty flipping awesome. I'm excited. Once the weather gets nicer we're going to try our hand at the neighboring town and some surrounding areas. We also stopped by the mall to get me some new tennis shoes. My previous ones had cracked plastic on the heel that was cutting my foot.

Let's see, what else. Monday went by pretty quick. I updated my mapping software with the information for the solid waste sites and hubby made me a new nifty complaint form that I can just fill in on the computer and leave there for a computer record. I also got to track down a food complaint with a school. I had to talk to the school about the complaint and then contact their supplier for the food product to see where the food is going bad. I heard back from one person today and should hopefully hear back from the other tomorrow.

Today was fun. In the morning I dealt with a dog bite. I get to call the victim and the owner of the dog to find out what happened and to see if the dog is up to date on vaccines. We'll see how that plays out. I also got to watch a food safety class in the later afternoon. Thursday night I'll be teaching my first one. It should go just fine.

Other than that, I worked the rest of the day going through some old reports and complaints and getting my letters typed up and sent out. I'm proud of my little letters. All official and everything!

Tomorrow I'm off to a neighboring county that we contract with with my boss. It's the first time that I'm going to see some health inspections. The first school inspection I'll be doing will be on May 9th so stay tuned for that. I'll be watching one on the 8th and then it's all me on the 9th!

Okay, I think that's probably about it for now. I know there are no updated pictures. There in my car in the diaper bag.

Oh yeah, the other thing is that my daycare is out of town tomorrow and for the next two weeks so Lily will be going to a new daycare. The woman seems awfully sweet so I'm excited but still nervous because Lily isn't exactly an easy baby.

Hasta manana!!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Training and Random Clicking

So today went by a lot quicker than yesterday it seemed. I didn't have a bunch of orientations to sit through. Instead, I spent my morning cruising through the county's website of Food Safety, the state Department of Health's site of Food Protection and the CDC's information of food protection. I learned a great deal...and then went off to grab some lunch and forget about it for an hour. :D

When I got back I got to take the food handler's test for the training that I had done online. I passed with flying colors luckily enough; I wonder what would have happened if I had failed? Oh dear. My boss just said that he would have had to fire me, but I doubt he was serious...right? ;)

I spent the rest of my day bugging my hubby to come fix my computer and attempting to make a dent in the inches of reading material I have to get through. That was about it for me day. Like I said, not terribly interesting, but fun none the less.

In other news, you just have to check out Office Warfare. Oh lord today's post just cracks me up. It has a program you can install on your enemy...I mean coworker's computer to make their mouse randomly click around the screen. I can only imagine the hilarity that would ensue from this. Go check out the article on Digg and hey, since you're there you might as well Digg it. :D I did because it really is THAT awesome.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Elton John and a new job

My goodness this has been a busy last couple days. I am just now getting a chance to sit down and write something, but honestly, I'm so tired that I don't know how motivated I will be to write much.

Let's start with Sunday. That morning Mike and I headed out and got some much needed grooming done at Regis in the mall. I had grooming done - Mike just walked around the mall holding Lily. By the time I saw him again he was holding one quietly sleeping baby. What a cute pair they are. After the mall, we grabbed some lunch and then had to run on campus to work in the lab that I help out with. I thought we'd be there for an hour, but ended up being there for 3. Oh lord. By the time we got home, we were both tired, but unfortunately I still had to get dressed and ready to go to the ELTON JOHN CONCERT!

Yep, that's right! I got to go to the concert! Mike wouldn't go with me, but his boss's wife did and man did we have fun! The concert was great and our seats weren't horrible. I did take some less than allowed video on my camera, but I'm unsure whether I'll post that or not. We'll see. The pictures didn't turn out great because with the flash you couldn't see anything and then without the flash it was too blurry.

We got home around 10:30, just in time to get ready for bed and attempt to sleep. It didn't work so well because I was so nervous and freaked out about today. We did in fact get up in time, but like always that doesn't seem to matter because we still got out 5 or so minutes late. Before we left, I was running around like a chicken with my...well you know, trying to make sure I didn't get anything. As it turns out I forgot some bibs for Lily. Oh well. I'm sure we can get carrot off of her bib.

Work was good. We got there on time, which was fascinating. Rarely happens. I spent the first hour and a half setting up my phone and computer. The next 2 hours were spent in HR orientation, then lunch, then 2 hours doing the Public Health Department orientation and the last 3 hours were spent training through reading and setting up a new computer. Yep, two computers in one day. :D It was a long day, but I'm excited to go back so that has to say something. Tomorrow my boss says he's actually going to give me some real tasks to do. :D I will be spending many months still reading and learning, but anything I can actually do hands on will be just fine with me.

On another note - my desk is hideous. Very oddly set up and most of the paperwork on it is old old old. I need to figure out a way to organize things. I don't even have any drawer space to put things for me (snacks, meds, etc.) or even a spot in the drawer for any sort of organizer. That's going to be a task in itself.

Okay, I think that's about it for now. Lily's fussy fussy fussy! I'm not sure if it's because she's been gone all day or if it's just because it's night time. We'll see how the evenings go.

Have a peachy keen day/night!

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Walking around the Arboretum

This is my last weekend before being a new full time working mommy! It's bittersweet. We're excited for the extra income, but I'm so nervous about leaving Lily in daycare all day every day. Despite everyone trying to squash my fears, I'm still nervous that she's going to bond more with her daycare provider than with me. What if I miss all her firsts? I'm not dumb, I worked at the children's center. There were quite a few firsts that we would see and hide from the parents so that they didn't feel bad. I guess I just have to believe that she still knows me and loves me - hopefully that won't change.

In other news, I needed to go out this weekend to get some work clothes (darn baby weight) so this morning we packed up and headed to Shopko where they were having quite the awesome sale. I got 4 shirts, 3 undershirts and one pair of pants. Unfortunately they were all a size larger than I was prepregnancy - man was that embarassing to buy. My hope is that while at work I won't be able to graze as much as I do at home. That should help shed some of the extra weight. Anyway, on with the story.

After Shopko we decided to head out to the LogoGrinz to grab some lunch. Mike's boss and his wife ended up meeting us while we were there so we ate lunch together. It was quite tasty and very filling. While there, Mike mentioned that we should go and visit the UofI arboretum. We had been once before, but it was snow covered so we had quickly turned around and come home. This time, it was a gorgeous day out (high 60s) and there weren't a ton of people there, so we stayed. Turns out that it was a great idea!

We thought the path around the arboretum was fairly small, so we packed Lily in her stroller like a big girl (only the second time ever) and decided to take a quick stroll around. Well, the path was much longer than we thought and we later found that it was 1.5 miles around. Lily did great in her stroller though. She had so much fun sitting up and looking around.

Although the flowers and most of the plants weren't really in bloom around the arboretum, it was still nice getting to walk along a path shaded by actual green trees. We don't have a lot of trees around here outside of the universities, so it was refreshing to walk under neath some. There were actually a few flowering crawlers in bloom. We were going to take some pictures of Lily on the grass in front of them with the butterflies flitting around, but as I leaned in to get a better look at the butterflies I heard the buzzing of bees and on closer inspection I noticed quite a few buzzing amongst the flowers. Yeah, thanks, but I'd rather wait to see if Lily has an allergy to bees. Mike gets freaked out by them as well so he had no issues bypassing the only pretty flowers to be seen for miles.

After checking out the flowers we headed on up the gravel path. After a while we saw a bark side path. It looked to me like the gravel path very quickly turned back and ended, and I was in the mood for a stroll so we decided to take the bark path. Big mistake! Not only was there a huge snow drift (yes snow) covering half the path, but I was in flip flops. We went for it anyway and a few splinters as well as some stroller four wheeling later, we found ourselves near the top of a nice hill with a gorgeous view.

We continued along this path for a while, me occasionally stopping to pull out a number of splinters from my foot until we realized that the gravel path below - the nice FLAT gravel path - actually kept going instead of turning back. Once we found a low spot, we jumped off the trail and made our way back to the gravel path. It was a much better walk from that point. It was quiet except for the birds chirping, the sun was shaded by the trees - ah it was nice. We continued on the path around the arboretum and back to the car. We passed some gorgeous plants that will be even more beautiful once they bloom and some cute ponds with koi fish.

At one point Lily started fussing, but Mike gave her the pacifier to chew on (she doesn't actually suck on it), helped her lean back and she promptly went to sleep. It was actually pretty cute. :D

Packing her into the car was interesting since she was already asleep, but Mike managed. We finished our day by cruising around the local mall for a little bit and hitting up the craft store so I could buy some beads to make a nursing necklace. When I figure out how to make it I will and then show you how it went.

Now we're at home and my buggy baby is whining for some loves so I'm off. Have a peachy keen day and hopefully you're somewhere enjoying the weather!

Friday, April 11, 2008

Grad School. Office Fun and Sweet Potatos

Freshly dug sweet potato.Image via Wikipedia
So, I don't think I've mentioned it, but before I ever applied for this job I had applied to grad school. My thought process was that I needed a full time job and that if it wasn't in teaching I needed to then at least continue my education in teaching.

I decided to apply on January 11th, not realizing that the priority deadline was January 10th. I kicked myself but planned on applying before the last deadline on March 15th. True enough, after writing all the papers, getting all the forms done and getting my recommendations in, I turned in my paperwork on March 15th. Phew! The office said that I should hear back by the end of three weeks.

Three weeks came and went and I still hadn't heard anything. I logged on to see my application status and was quite surprised when I saw that my application status was "canceled by applicant." WHAT? Freaked out about the possibility of all the time and money getting wasted ($50) I called the grad office who confirmed that my application had been withdrawn. They forwarded me to the ed department who were, thankfully, surprised. Turns out, when you apply to grad school you have to choose a first and second choice for majors. Well, they knew that I didn't want the second choice and had only put something there because the application made me. When they said axed the second choice it ended up withdrawing the application from both choices! Oh noes! It turned out okay though because I was in fact recommended for admission and he had my departmental recommendation right there. I should get a letter by the end of the week. Phew!

So in 30 minutes I went from, "Aww, I must have been rejected," to "I canceled my application?" to "Yay, I got accepted!" Talk about toying with my emotions.

Let's see, what else is there. Lily started her last vegetable before starting fruits. She likes her sweet potato! She's eating a lot more at mealtimes now so the little jars that I thought would last a few days are only lasting a single feeding. Silly little piglet. The picture on the right is of her munching on a biter biscuit. She loves them, but Mike hates them because they melt all over the place.

I know there's more...ah yes. My husband works in IT and his office consists of himself and two other coworkers (one being his boss). One of the coworkers is the author of Office Warfare, the name explains it all. Anyway, I guess today the author got totally silly stringed. Oh, fun office games. :D

In a slightly less upbeat note, today is my last day at home with Lily before starting work. I'm excited yet nervous at the same time. I have a big fear that she's going to forget who I am or have more fun spending time with her daycare since she'll be there more than she'll be with me (during waking hours anyway). Man, how do mommies manage this?

I'm sure there's more, but at this time I can't think of what it would be. I'll leave you with a request to go check out the site of a great Romance Author, Jane Richardson, and enter her latest contest. Her books are charmingly sweet! Enter here.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Sleep Issues

sleeping Japanese macaques in Kanba fallsImage via WikipediaYou may have noticed that I haven't written anything in the last couple days. That's basically because there hasn't been much to write about. For the most part, Lily and I have been hanging around the house, occasionally going out to meet Dadda for lunch. Today we're on our own though because he's taking half a day to do the reserves, hoping to get enough hours and cases to bump up to the next level.

Well, one interesting thing that's been going on is Lily's disinterest in sleep. She sleeps fine at night with it only taking her 10-15 minutes to fall asleep, but nap time is a whole other story. Both yesterday and today I nursed her to sleep and then went to go lay her in her crib. This has worked a number of times before but for some reason, yesterday and today she woke up when I laid her down and absolutely refused to go back to sleep. Eventually I got her out, tried to nurse her again and of course she would have none of it. Now (like yesterday) she's playing on the floor. When she did this yesterday it took her another hour and a half to get sleepy again. I'm wondering if that will be the case today. It was okay yesterday because Mike came home at 5:30 but he won't be home until 8ish tonight. Bah!

Oh well, her being awake gives me the opportunity to take future blackmail photos. Take exhibit A - Super Baby! Even superheroes need their vegetables so I should you exhibit B - Carrot Face!

Monday, April 7, 2008

Blog of the Week - Office Warfare

Every week, or as often as I feel like, I'll choose some awesome blog and will let you, the general public, know about it. This week that blog is Office Warfare.

HILARIOUS! That about sums it up. No really, do you have an annoying coworker? One that you can never get to shut up? Perhaps it's just a coworker that likes to play pranks on you. This is the perfect way to get back at them. Office Warfare takes those spur of the moment office battles to a whole new level!

Coworker got you down? Try taking one of his commonly used desktop shortcut icons (say Word or Excel) and making it so that when clicked, instead of opening the appropriate program it instead locks his workstation or switches his mouse buttons! Now sit back and laugh your rear off while he (or she) tries to figure out what's going on. I love it!

Seriously, go check the site out. You don't have to be a computer guru to understand the majority of it and if you do need a little help, the author will help for sure.

Let the battles begin!!

***Interested in becoming the next Blog of the Week? Let me know in the comments***

My Sweetie, Food and Work Worries

A bottle of Excedrin with some of the tablets.Image from WikipediaMike's sweet, isn't he. :) I was feeling all grumpy when I woke up on Sunday because I was tired and had a huge headache. Being on my own all day the day before had been abnormally difficult and I was just pooped. I came out to the kitchen to get some Excedrin to find a cute bear, some flowers and a card (which happened to be a Happy Birthday card much to Mike's irritation). It was hard to be grumpy after that.

Eventually I got to feeling a little better and around noon we headed out to get some lunch. I really wanted to take Mike to The LocoGrind because I had been there the week before with Tomi. The food was DELICIOUS! Unfortunately they were closed on Sundays and Mondays so we turned around and had our normal weekend lunch at the mall. Hmmmm Qudoba. Tasty fast Mexican food. Mike got steak tacos and I had nachos. We walked around the mall for a bit before heading home. We were both exhausted.

After we got home, I changed and then came back out into the livingroom to find Mike laying half dead on the ground. Poor boy was so sleepy and because I'm such a nice wife I let him sleep. Hahahahahahaha! No, I didn't. I threw pocket packs of tissues at him! Lily was sitting in her carseat on the chair while my annoyingness turned into an all out war between the both of us. We were chucking packets trying to hit each other and she was just cracking up. That little girl has never laughed that hard or that long. It was sooooo funny!

In the middle of our battle, Kelly called so we headed over to spend some quality time with them and the twins. Oh, they are so flipping cute. We didn't stay long as Lily was getting fussy. We grabbed some dinner, and then came home to watch our recorded Eli Stone. Cute episode I thought.

What else is new and exciting? Nothing much I don't think. I'm getting excited to start work on Monday but nervous too. #1, I don't know where I'm going to pump and #2, I'll be leaving my baby M-F 7:30-5:30. Is she even going to know my anymore??

Sigh. Thoughts on that? How do you balance your home and work lives?

Saturday, April 5, 2008

MISSING: Loving Husband

Hi! It's me, Mike! This'll be my first post on the blog despite Cinn's multiple attempts at getting me to write something. Today, I'm feeling remorseful. As some of you may know I'm a volunteer with the local sheriff's office, and Mr. Sheriff himself asked my friend (another volunteer) and I to do as much as we can today to try and advance to the next level. We ended up going out at 11 this morning, did as much as we could, and I got home about an hour ago (11). It was a long day for me, but by no means was it tough, stressful (for the most part) or painful.
Where is this remorse, you ask? I told Cinn that my friend and I would be going out around 11 and working a bit. I figured this would work out well because she was going to do her March for Babies relay and hang out with her friend. Unfortunately, as you probably already read, that didn't pan out so well and Cinn came home and hung out by herself with the baby, and from what it sounds like was in quite a bit of pain. You may be thinking to yourself "Oh, self, hanging out with a baby, that would be fun, entertaining, and not stressful in the slightest" ... and if you are thinking that, you don't have a baby. They eat...and poop....and cry....and eat some more....and poop some more....and cry some more... It's a sad state of affairs at times and being at home by yourself day in and day out, while enjoying all of the many great times and firsts your baby experiences, well I imagine it would be nice to share that with someone your absent husband.

So that's kind of the long and short of it. I don't think I tell her enough how much I appreciate and love her, but I'm hoping I can do a wee bit better from now on....and maybe this will help.


Strawberries, Socks and Marching

Oh my, there are three (maybe more) interesting things from last night through to today.

Last night we had dinner with some friends, Matt, his fiance Caroline, and his sister Annelise. Caroline made a delicious chicken parmigiana - yum! We had ceasar salad and delicious bread with it. I wasn't sure what to bring but when I went to Safeway to search something out, they had a sale on strawberries - a huge container for like $4.99. I got a glorious idea and an hour later I had made chocolate covered strawberries and chocolate covered maraschino cherries. They were so tasty! I attempted to drizzle white chocolate over them, but the chocolate had been on the double boiler too long at too hot a temperature so it burnt and got hard. It fell it clumps rather than a drizzle. Oh well, it tasted delicious anyway.

After that we came home and everyone got ready for bed. Lily got changed and was playing on the bed when I got the genius idea to put one of my socks on her feet...or rather her leg. Oh that was cracking me up. She's such a good sport.

Fast forward to today - the March for Babies on the WSU campus. I wasn't too optimistic for it because it had snowed last night and was supposed to sprinkle again today. I fed Lily her oatmeal and peas, got her all bundled up in her winter Pooh Bear outfit and we headed out. The walk went pretty well. Jen and I were the only ones there when it was actually supposed to start. We finished a lap (from the library down past the stadium, up Stadium Way, past the Field House, up past the bookie and back to the library) and found that at the end of our first lap they finally had some more people and were just then deciding to start. I guess we were just over achievers. :D We started to do another lap, but Forest was just feeling miserable so Jen went home. I finished up that lap at which point my face was bright red and the bug was getting chilled. We called it quits at that point.

I wanted to let everyone know that you helped us raise $110!! Thank you so much! That goes a long way toward helping the March for Babies with their campaign!

Friday, April 4, 2008

Talking about cribs

So I know that I posted already today and I'd really like to keep that post near the top so that it gets read - it's that important to me - but I just had to share.

We cosleep with out daughter and usually I wouldn't have it any other way. When she was first born, she took naps in her swing. That lasted until she was about 2.5 months old and then we got her to start taking naps in her bassinet. Well, she's been outgrowing it...and our bed. She kicks me at night while she's falling asleep and I have bruises from those increasingly strong little legs of hers. Also, when I'm sick or have a headache, I just cannot get comfortable sleeping on my side like I need to.

All of these things combined made us start to realize that we need to teach her how to sleep in her crib. She needs to take naps there and it'd be nice to get her to sleep in there at least part of the night. I'm guessing that by the time she's one she'll just be too big to sleep next to me. We'll see. I do love having my cuddle bug with me. ;D

So anyway, on to the point. The other night she fell asleep so I laid her in her crib and she slept for 2.5 hours before she woke up and Mike brought her to bed. Today she went to sleep around 1:30 and I put her in her crib. She woke up, but I laid her down and put my hand on her until she fell asleep. It's after 2:30 and she's still asleep! Way to go girl! :D I'm so proud of my bug!

Thomas Beatie - the pregnant man

Film poster for Junior - Copyright 1994, Universal PicturesImage from WikipediaOkay, I just have to get this off my chest.

Pregnant: having a child or other offspring developing in the body; with child or young, as a woman or female mammal (

Man: an adult male person, as distinguished from a boy or a woman (

By looking at the two definitions above, one wouldn't normally put the two together. Either you can be pregnant, or you can be a man? Right?

Back in 1994 (at least to my recollection), the idea of a pregnant man started to circulate when the movie Junior came out. It starred Arnold Schwarzenegger as Dr. Alex Hesse who decides to attempt to carry a pregnancy during part of a fertility research project. It was a hilarious movie and really started us thinking. Fast forward to 2008. Dr. Alex Hesse is now Thomas Beatie, the fertility research project is now a touching act of love and the fictional movie is now real life. Thomas Beatie is a man and he is pregnant.

How can this be possible? One can't be a man and still have a womb capable of carrying a pregnancy! Not true actually. Every year more and more people, men and women that feel they were born into the wrong gender, find the courage to undergo transgender surgery. Transgender surgery, also known as sexual reassignment is a process that is very difficult for these people to go through. It begins with a lot of education and research, followed by strict guidelines that the patients have to follow before they can even undergo the actual surgery. Most have to live as the new gender for a year or longer before they are allowed to undergo the surgery. That's if they can even find a surgeon willing to do it.

So, not only is it very difficult for someone to change genders, but once it finally happens, they often suffer criticism and intolerance from many people. I often wonder what if would be like to be a boy born in a girl's body, or to be a girl born in a boy's body? I believe that it's more than just environmental, I believe that genetically some people, in their hearts, souls and minds are born a different gender than what their anatomical parts say. Many people live their whole lives trapped in the wrong body and their okay with that. Others, dress and act like the gender they believe they truly should be. A much smaller percentage of people go the whole 10 yards and are able to transform their bodies so that they no longer have to feel trapped. They make themselves legally the other gender.

Thomas Beatie is one of these people. He was a man living in a woman's body. When he finally made the decision to surgically transform his body into that of a man's, he chose to keep his reproductive rights. He is legally a man, with a uterus. Later, these reproductive rights would come into play when he and his wife found that she could not conceive. In an inspiring act of love and kindness he decided that if she could not carry a baby, he would do it for her.

As a transgender man, he already knew the hate and criticism he would face. Now, pregnant, doctors refuse to acknowledge his wife, receptionists laugh at him and he is constantly having insults thrown at him.

I don't know about anyone else, but if I could not conceive a child and my husband could by whatever means necessary, I would gladly accept his offer to do it. To me, it's a very caring that he did. To bare the brunt of all the negativity that's coming at him when all he wanted to do was give his wife a child is a very compassionate thing that he did.

I would love to think that the human race is a decent one, but I'm starting to believe otherwise. Recently I've heard comments like:
  • "It's just too weird. If she wanted to become a man - why did she get pregnant? Men do not get pregnant. I hate to judge people, but I just can't help it this time. I just wish we were still in a time where you wouldn't have to wonder if someone was a man or a woman."
  • "I can not for the life of me find it in my heart to accept this as ok. It is against everything I believe in my faith as being right and acceptable. I know that makes me sound like a bigot, but so be it. I feel bad for this child- if they didn't want to be a circus side show act they should have thought about their decisions from the get-go."
  • "That is just wronge if a man was meant to have a baby they would have been created that way."
  • "Its just crazy and disgusting in my opinion."
You know, it makes me sad. If someone was meant to die, why don't we let them? Why do we use modern medicine to heal them and allow them to live many more years? Why do we have cancer research centers? Why do we have fertility clinics? There are many things that we are "meant" to do that we use our medical knowledge to change, why is this different?

I believe that if a child is brought into a home with loving parents (or a parent) than the child will probably be fine (barring abuse). Why does it matter what gender the parents are? To me, it doesn't. Two women can raise a child fine, two men can raise a child fine and a man and woman can also raise a child just fine. In this case, a man and a woman will be raising the child, who cares who actually carries her? I don't think you can say that this is just a publicity stunt and that the parents won't love the child. The man is giving up his identity and his physical safety to bring a child into the world. You can't get much more love than that.

Maybe I see things differently because I had a friend whose birth mother became her father, but still, I believe we need just a touch more tolerance.

I know I had more things to say in this blog, but it's been a few hours since I started so most of my big important thoughts are now gone. To Thomas Beatie - Congratulations on the impending birth of your daughter (July 3rd) and stay strong! It will all be worth it when you look into your daughter's eyes for the first time!

To all of those that feel he is disgusting and that this is wrong - I hope you never are in a situation where you need medical advances to save your life, the life or your child or help you conceive a child. You don't deserve it.

To everyone else - thanks for reading - you get a cookie! :D

Before I leave to go finish watching Ellen, I'd like to remind you about the March for Babies banner at the top of my page. I'm walking tomorrow in our local march and it would be awesome if you would help sponsor me. The mission of March for Babies is to improve the health of babies by preventing birth defects, premature birth, and infant mortality. $1 or $10 will go a long way toward helping the March for Babies in their mission.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Cribs and saving babies

Okay, I wrote about saving the Harp Seal Pups, now I'm going to write about saving the Human Pups. You see, each year there are many premature babies born and not all of them make it. The March for Babies, previously known as the March for Dimes, has set out to raise money for research to help give babies the healthiest possible start before they're even born. Their goal is to lower the number of premature babies born through education and adequate health care. In an ideal world, all babies would make it to full term and be happy and healthy. Let's work to get there!

That being said, every year people all over the country join the March for Babies. I did it a few times in high school and am now taking it back up. Our local March for Babies is this Saturday, Apeil 5th. I know it's late notice, but if you're willing, I could really use your support (and sponsorship). This march is a fundraiser and fundraisers only work if we're able to raise funds! I'm here to ask you to visit my March for Babies personal site, take a look around and if you feel like contributing, go ahead and do so. I've already sponsored a few friends, so I know the site is easy to navigate and the sponsorship process is fairly easy and painless. Really, when we're talking about babies, is $10 too much?

Now that I've tugged on your heart strings a bit, I'll leave you to it.

In Lily news, we got her to sleep in her crib for about 3 hours last night. That's the first time she's slept more than 15 minutes in her crib. Of course she was totally passed out when we laid her in there, but it's a start. I was going to take pictures but I had a feeling that it would wake her up, so maybe I'll take some another time. ;D

Don't forget -

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

I can has brain?

Pharmacy Rx symbolImage from WikipediaToday was a long day for my bug and myself. We started the day by attending the La Leche League meeting at 9:30 this morning. After the meeting (11:30am) we headed to the hospital to pick up Mike's sunglasses that he forgot there and get my prescription filled.

Ahhh, my prescription. So, last week my baby had a reaction to the penicillin she was on, right? Well, what do I do when the doc tells me he's going to put me on a form of penicillin called Augmentin? I say, okay. No, I didn't remind him that I was breastfeeding, I didn't even think about that. Lord I'm special. Good thing the pharmacist caught it and asked if I was allergic to penicillin. I of course said no, but told her that my baby had a reaction to it. She asked if I was breastfeeding and I was like, oh yeah. Sigh.

After much calling and waiting, it seems that the meds shouldn't transfer to my milk too much so they suggested taking it and just keeping an eye on my babe.

Back to today. After the meeting I met Mike for lunch and hung out in his office for a while. Around 2:30 I then came back and met Kelly. We hung out there for a bit while she fed the babies and then headed out to Costco. We didn't get back for 4.5 hours! Crazy! I got Tums (always needed) and 3 way cute outfits for Lily for the summer.

What else, what else. A friend of mine is supposed to be coming down to stay with us so she can visit the twins. I'm pretty sure she's in town but not quite sure when she'll be here. Meh, we'll leave a light on. :D

Updates, jobs, Subway and Walmart

You've Got the JobImage from WikipediaOh dear, what to write about today. You know, I had this whole list of things that I could write about and I thought, hey, I should write these down somewhere in case I forget what they were and true enough, I forgot. Well, I suppose we'll just go over the last few days.

So Monday. Monday was the day that I got the call about the job. That was awesome and awkward. At the time I was at the hospital holding one twin while my friend was feeding the other. I was in a hospital, holding a twin. No I'm not going to jump up and down acting all excited when you offer me the job, even though I really really wanted to! Sigh. The guy told me, "Well, I think I sound more excited than you do!" I then had to explain my situation and that I was really excited even if it didn't sound like it. There's nothing worse than getting the call that you've got the job you really wanted and somehow convincing the guy that you didn't really want it! What's wrong with me!

The rest of Monday went by pretty well. Had a celebratory lunch with my hubby and then headed home. Tuesday (yesterday) went by fairly quickly it seems. I woke up feeling like crud thanks in large part to my wonderful sinuses. Since we got up after Mike left, I got the pleasure of giving Lily her antibiotic by myself. Usually we both have to hold her arms, legs and head to get the dropper in her mouth. We give it to her in very small increments, which usually drags the whole process out, but she still ends up spitting most of it out. I know it sounds cruel to pin down your baby to give her meds, but we've tried other methods. We got a medinurser, which was a no-go. We even tried hiding it in her bottle. That was a bad idea because it took us 3 hours to get her to trust the bottle again! So we pin her down and use the dumb Walmart dropper that the pharmacy gives us. I hate that thing because it leaks and doesn't hold the medicine all that great.

Anyway. Mike had mentioned yesterday morning that we should come down and meet him for lunch so we did. We got in to town only to find out that he didn't think we were coming and so had already eaten lunch! Bah. Oh well. He said that he'd just come with me so we sat around his office for an hour, waiting for the lunch rush to die down, and then headed to Subway for some $5.00 footlong fun.

After lunch, we came home, hung out for a while, took a nap at 5:30 (Lily and I) and then when Mike got home, he kindly took us to ReadyCare. My head was now killing me due to my sinuses. When we got there, the receptionist said that we'd be waiting almost an hour which was no big deal, however, there were two families with very sick screaming kids. One had to be just over a year and the other was maybe 2. The family with the two-year-old was saying that his fever has been 104 for a few days. I felt really bad for them and was perplexed when the nurse kept coming out to take grown men and women that looked just fine. They looked so good that they could probably have run a marathon while these kids were just falling apart. I was sure that they should take the sick kids first.

Anyway, the woman with the really sick kid looked at the nurse when she came out for another healthy looking full grown man and the nurse said to her, "I'm sorry. One of the doctors is just taking patients that he knows." Ummmmmmmm, what? Nobody seemed to bothered by this, but man, if it was me and my sick kid, I'd be really ticked, especially if I had been there longer like I'm guessing these people were. Why on Earth is it okay for him to only take patients that he already knows and leave the sick kids for last? I don't get it. How terrible. Maybe somebody can explain the reasoning behind this for me? Anyone?

So, that part aside, my appointment went fairly well once I got in there. Pulse was fairly high (92) but my blood pressure was good. Those things always worry me for some reason so I like to hear that they're okay. When the doc came in, he asked about my symptoms and decided just to prescribe me antibiotics for a sinus infection. I was hoping he'd be able to see my sinuses or something because I don't like taking antibiotics if I don't need them, but they were technically closed by then and I'm sure he was anxious to get home. Sigh. Well, I'll try the augmentin and see if I keep getting headaches. I get them probably twice a week so I should be able to tell if it has worked. The doc also mentioned while I was there that if I keep getting headaches I might want to have a CT scan done to check for polyps, etc. He said these can cause chronic headaches.

Okay, Lily's waking up so I'm going to head off. The only other news I have is that Mike left his sun glasses at the doc's office and is strangely really upset about that. I'll have to run there after my LLL meeting and before heading to Walmart for my prescription to see if I can find them.

Have a great day and don't let the browser hit you on your way out! :D