Monday, March 24, 2008

When it rains it pours!

So last night when I was putting Lily to bed I saw a red mark on her thigh, but didn't think anything of it. I figured that she probably just scratched herself. This morning when I got up, she stayed asleep, which never happens, so we let her sleep right up until we were heading out the door. Then Mike changed her, got her in her Pooh Bear suit and we left. As I was nearing the school I was working at this morning, I got a call from day care. She never calls me so I was a little nervous. She called to say that Lily had a rash on her legs and her belly and that she would keep her while I was working, but that she thought that Lily might be allergic to the antibiotics. Let me tell you, sitting at work (even for four hours) is not fun when you have a sick, rash baby with an ear infection sitting at daycare. As soon as I was done, I got out of there, picked up Lily and we headed to the appointment I had made for her.

Funny story about the appointment. When I called to talk to the nurse about it, she didn't want me to make an appointment. She wanted me to give her the night time dose of pennicilin and see if it got worse. Yeah, okay! Let me do that while everyone is closed! WTH? Needless to say, I said no and proceeded to make an appointment for my poor bug.

At the appointment another new doctor (not like young new, just one we hadn't seen) looked at her, diagnosed her with hives and told me to wait on giving her anymore antibiotic for now. She prescribed me some pain relieving ear drops for Lily and told me to keep up the tylenol and the ibuprofen. In a few days, when the rash clears, I'm supposed to start a new antibiotic to try to get rid of the ear infection.

Sigh. My poor bug. First a cough, then a horrid cold, then two ear infections and now hives? Can the poor girl not get a break?


Jennifer Robin said...

I don't envy you one bit. I absolutely love babies, but sure don't miss the bugs and rashes and dealing with doctor's offices!

vladinati said...

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moneyrush said...

It's like a torture aswell to us parents to see our little one's suffer this sort of bugs and rashes the worse is they cannot tell us what's hurt they just simply cry helplessly.

I am glad though, because being a parent we have this sort of understanding between us and our little ones, probably the bonding which teach us to understand the sign language LOL.

Hope your baby will be alright and in back in good health.

Pollydot said...

I'm not sure what the rash is and obviously you need to address the other symptoms first but if the rash is still there when the other symptoms have cleared ask if they can do a skin test to check what the rash is. This can on occasion save a lot of problems - speaking from experience - if the wrong medicine is put on the rash it can sometimes either spread it or make it worse. I hope that she is soon better.

Andrew said...

That's exactly what happened to me as a baby after being given penicillin. I'm highly allergic to it.