Saturday, March 22, 2008

The sickest baby on the block

Poor Lily. On Monday when we went to the pediatrician, he said to just keep an eye on her but that he thought she was getting better and to just wait out the cold. I waited and waited and each day the general coldness looked slightly better, but Lily was acting worse. She wouldn't eat more than an ounce at a time and lord forbid you ask her to nurse, especially if she was laying on her right side. Sometimes she's had a nursing preference before, but at night she'll usually nurse on whichever side she's laying on. I couldn't even get her to nurse on the right side at night, much less actually lay on that side. All night she would wake up and fuss before finally rolling over to her left side and sleeping like that, even if it meant sleeping with her back to me. It was very strange.

Well last night she did this and was actually sleeping a whole lot less well than she has been, even when she was coughing all day and night. I watched her for part of the night and thought I saw her pulling on her ears. I wasn't sure because number one, it was the middle of the night and therefore very dark and number two, I was slightly delirious from a lack of sleep.

This morning I had forgotten about the ear pulling until Lily, finally having fell asleep nursing, woke up and just started crying. She refused to nurse anymore and cried harder anytime I laid her down on her side. Mike tried to give her a bottle and she drank about an ounce before giving up and started crying. Eventually, over the course of an hour, we got her to finish the bottle. This was better than it has been for the last couple of evenings where she would take an ounce and refuse to drink anymore, no matter how hard we tried.

I finally decided to call the pediatrician again (thank goodness they're open on Saturdays) and basically demanded an appointment. They got me an appointment at 11:15 this morning (and hour and a half after the time that I was calling) and Mike cuddled her on the rocking chair while I got ready. Fortunately and unfortunately, by the time I was ready to go, Lily was pleasantly asleep. Of course we had to wake her to get her into the carseat - trust me, if I could have walked and carried her I would have - which made her wake up even angrier than ever.

We got to the pediatrician's office and for the first time, got to see a different doctor - one that was supposed to be awesome. She listened to her lungs and said she was wheezing a bit but that air still sounded like it was going in okay. Next she went to look at her ears and had to take a curette to them to clean out the ear wax. The pediatrician, Dr. Mike, had to do this on Monday as well and pulled a TON of earwax out of my little baby. Holy cow I didn't think there could be so much! Well, I was wrong because Dr. Boyer pulled out even more! Apparently I just have a waxy baby. After removing the majority of the wax she said, "Oh yeah, this ear's infected." She went through the same process with the other ear to discover that it too was infected. We discovered that the left ear was worse, which is the ear that faces up when she lays on the side that had been bugging her. I'm guessing that's why it was uncomfortable.

Man, it stinks that my poor girl has two ear infections, but at the same time, it's nice knowing there's something we can do to make her feel better. We filled our prescription for amoxycillin at the Walmart pharmacy and then proceeded to pick up more infant Tylenol and Ibuprofen. The pharmacist recommended looking on Dr. Sear's website to learn more about his recommendations for infant pain relief. Apparently he recommends alternating between tylenol and ibuprofen ever 3 hours so I think that's what we're going to try.

After getting all of her meds, we went to the mall for our normal weekend lunch and stroll session. When we sat down I gave her the antibiotic and the ibuprofen, began to feed her a bottle and one ounce later she was passed out. She woke up about 40 minutes later and is asleep again now probably due to the easing of the pain. Poor baby! I only wish I had taken her sooner! Oh well, at least I trusted my instincts and took her when I did instead of waiting longer like people were telling me to do.

In other news, while we were at Walmart today I picked up Lily's Easter Bunny picture that we had taken there for free last weekend. So cute! We get to pick up her actual Easter pictures taken in her pretty dress at the Lewiston Walmart on the fifth of April.

For your viewing pleasure I present, awesomely cute Lily and cuddly Easter Bunny!

Keep your eye out for tomorrow where I'll be showing off either a sunset or an alligator, depending on my mood. ;)


707Mia said...

it's the worst when they have an infection and can't tell you what's wrong- I'm glad you got it sorted out and I hope Lily feels better soon! And yes, feel free to add me to your blog list- :)