Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Sick Baby

Lily is one sick girl! She had a temperature of 101.4 this morning so I finally decided to call the pediatrician again and ask that they please see her. She's been coughing up a storm and her nose has been like a watery little faucet. She couldn't sleep because of all the runniness last night. She couldn't nurse or take a bottle because she couldn't breathe. Poor baby. Mike was up pretty much every hour walking with her and trying to get her back to sleep. :(

The pediatricians appointment seemed pretty pointless. He took a look at her, checked her throat and ears and said that he thought she was getting better and that there was nothing to do but wait it out. Ugh. I guess I was wishing for some magic wand that he could wave to make her feel better. Of course, like always happens when we go to the doctor, she seemed 10x better once he came in the room. He knew she was sick though. Her eyes were all ready and watery from coughing so much.

Speaking of ears. Last time she had an appointment (her 6 month well baby checkup) he checked her ears but couldn't see anything because there was so much wax. He said it wasn't a big deal and that if it bugged me I could put some oil drops in her ears every day until it clears up. He said it didn't seem to be bugging her though so I left them be. Well today he wanted to check her ears and was actually more adamant about doing so because she's sick and I guess he wanted to check for infection. Same thing, he couldn't see because of all the wax. He actually had to get a plastic currette to clean out the cone on the ear scope thingy and then had to use it to pull tons of wax out of her ears. Holy cow there was so much. Like father like daughter I guess. ;)

In other news, baby loves her green beans! We've been trying to feed her solids earlier in the evening and I think it's been working much better. Before we were feeding her around 8, lately we've been feeding her around 5:30-6. She actually works with us now. She opens her mouth really big and seems to love her food. I think it helps that she isn't tired and cranky (well, not including the last few days). Anyway, back to the green beans. She adores them! In fact she won't really eat her cereal anymore unless I either give it to her first or unless there is some green bean on the spoon as well. Good baby. Green beans are tasty. I'm proud of her.

In other, other news, I made cupcakes for St. Patrick's Day yesterday. I had fun with the food coloring...


Dawn said...

Cute baby! Though I'm pretty sure she's wearing the green beans more than eating them. Thanks for the ear wax stories. Gulp...

Did I say cute baby?

The grandma in Bama