Friday, March 21, 2008

Really, is it that necessary?

You know what irritates me, when people go around in public just cussing up a storm. Even if it isn't every other word, 3 words in five minutes is just too much. Maybe it's because I have Lily now that it bugs me more than ever. If she were older and could understand the language around her, I'd be so irritated at her having to hear that.

We don't really watch movies with a lot of bad language or listen to music with it either. If we attempt to avoid it in our home and don't purposely take Lily to places where we think inappropriate language will abound, then why should I still have to deal with it? It irritates me even more when we're at a business and it's some off-duty punk either talking to a friend or talking on the phone just cussing away.

Case in point - McDonald's. We had dinner there with Kelly tonight and some guy got off work and was on the cell phone with an "F" this and "F" that and I don't want to deal with this "sh**." It's just irritating. There were kids all over there that were having to listen to him. Why do people feel like they can cuss in public? How irritating!

In other news, this guy totally did not understand the concept of a personal bubble. He was like RIGHT behind me when I was ordering.

Let's see, what adorable picture should we attach today? Ahhhh yes. Lily LOVES balls. :)


Jolene said...

Oh I so agree with you on this front! One time specifically that I recall that made me the most angry was when my youngest was just a baby and my oldest was an extremely chatty pick everything up 2 year old.
I was in a Smitty's restaurant with them having breakfast, the table next to us consisted of 3 men, all probably in their mid to late 20's. One of these men was swearing nonstop! I mean everything coming out of him was cursing and swearing, and he was NOT talking quietly either. And the saddest part, there I sat with my young children and the other 2 of those men were both police officers and neither said a word to their friend about his potty mouth. I have massive respect for police, but that day I was utterly disgusted, they glanced over at me a couple of times and I could tell they were kind of embarrassed, but neither of them spoke up to their friend.