Monday, March 31, 2008

New Job

Yessir, you read right! I have a new job! After a year and some of subbing I finally decided that since I'm going to be here for a while I might as well start looking for a job. I saw one advertised with the county and although I wasn't optimistic about it, I applied. A few weeks later I got an interview and then 5 days later I got an offer for the job! Woot! I'll be working the same hours as Mike and working right next door!

How awesome is that? I'll also be making more than Mike, but we don't need to emphasize that now do we. ;)

Oh this is so great. We'll now be able to find a decent place to live (no more college apartments) and even more importantly, we'll be able to get a car. It gets so hot here in the summer and my car is dark blue with no air conditioning. I was not looking forward to putting my baby in that hot car this summer, but now it looks like I might not have to.

So, basically I'll be working as an Environmental Health Technician. The first few months will be a lot of learning and once I get into it I'll let you all know what exactly I'll be doing. :D

Yay I'm excited.

**While I was typing this I received a phone call from a friend. This is the friend that I talk about a few posts back in "Faking Pregnancy." Her daughter was excited to have two new siblings (twin sisters) when her father's girlfriend's pregnancy ended. We were sure that the woman was lying about the pregnancy but without my friend knowing absolutely for sure, they told the girl that her sisters were up in heaven now. Well, apparently the sister of the father found the original ultrasound pictures online that the girl copied "hers" from. I'm beyond saddened and my friend is sad as well. What kind of sick person does this and leads a poor little 4 year old girl on like that?**


Ashley Ladd said...

Congrats on your new job. It sounds fab. My daughter's been looking for a job, too, with no luck yet, so I know how relieved and happy you must be.

As per making more than your husband, I do too at the moment. That's at the day job. Since we both have second jobs and he's got his VA disability, he actually brings in more money total. But we go back and forth on the day job and our salaries aren't that far different. He doesn't seem to mind, at least he hasn't said so. He's just happy to have a good job and he seemed happy when I got my recent promotion

Kristin said...

congratulations on the new job!

Hot Momma said...

Congratulations on your new job! I just got a job as well, though only for three hours a day. But it sure is an exciting thing to be able to work and earn your own money, isn't it?

I haven't worked for one and a half years and that is a looong time for a workaholic like me. Can't wait for payday - lol!

Again. congratulations!

That woman faking her own pregnancy must be sick, by the way.

Michael Aulia said...

Congrats on a new job!

Environmental Health Technician..that sounds cool. Hope what you do on the job will affect the environment to its fullest!

girlforallstatus said...


Nice job. Anything that makes a better world for all of us is great.

Cinnamon and Mike said...