Friday, March 28, 2008

My baby, your babies, yay for babies!

Let's see, so the last time I updated I was at Kelly's house with the kids. Well, at about 9 am we decided to head out to Safeway so that the kids and Nikki could pick out flowers for Kelly. While there we decided to take my camera in and print off some pictures of the babies for Kyla to take to school with her. Man, those Kodak printers are awesome. I loved the colors and quality.

After printing the pictures we realized that I was 30 minutes ahead of schedule. On a normal day we can drop Kyla off at 8am to eat breakfast before school starts at 8:30. Well, I didn't realize that Kyla couldn't go into the school at 10:30. I figured 10 would be okay, so we ended up having to kill 30 minutes. We walked around the store for a while, picked up some coloring books and got the kids donuts (since Kyla didn't eat breakfast). We then proceeded to the flowers where Nikki and I picked out some gorgeous neon dyed daisies and Kyla picked out some gorgeous carnations. I then went to go get balloons, which was interesting. I asked the woman if they only had the balloons on the wall, to which she said yes. They only had "It's a Girl" balloons so I get some blue Happy Birthday ones. Well, when I was picking them up, the woman that I had asked told another woman that they did in fact have It's a Boy balloons. Well, gee, thanks for telling me. The other interesting part about the balloons was that while we were checking out, JJ untied them from the cart. That was fun. A nice guy had to climb up a display to get them back for us. Yay!

After that we dropped Kyla off at school and headed to the hospital. When we got there Kelly was cuddling with the babies who are, still, ridiculously cute. We ended up staying until about 8:30. Josh left with the kids for a while and came back and in that time I hung out in the waiting room so Kelly could sleep. Lily, on the other hand, just would not sleep! The nurse was laughing because she was SO tired but just would not sleep. I even took over the dimly lit consultation room to feed and rock her but that child still would not sleep! :) She slept great last night though! :D

Okay, I think that's all the interesting goings on of yesterday. I'm watching JJ today so I'm going to go stare at him while he finishes his cereal.


Andrew said...

ahhh! I haven't checked your blog in a few days!!! Hooray. The boys are so cute, look just like Kelly. So did she end up having the C Section?

When does she get to go home?