Sunday, March 30, 2008

Harp Seals

What could be cuter than a soft, cuddly little harp seal pup? Certainly not one getting clubbed or hooked to death in front of its mother.

Did you know that the hunt for harp seal pups is on again? A lot of people thought that it ended in the 80s but in fact, it still happens every year in Canada. This year, however, journalists are being denied permits to go document the brutality of it. Wonder why that is...

So, why are pups hunted? Apparently people like to wear the fur of other animals, seal pups in particular. I'll never get it. I like my own skin, thank you very much.

Every year in Canada (the hunt started Friday) hunters are allowed to take in some couple thousand pups. Because they're competing against the clock and against each other, the goal is to kill as many pups as quickly as possible. Pups are beaten and then hooked on a line (much like you'd string up fish). They are dragged across the ice while hunters go after more pups until they die hours later. The mothers have no recourse but to just watch their pups die in front of them. Many mothers do fight back and are clubbed or shot and left for dead.

I never thought that a single person could make a difference, so even though I knew about the hunt I never did anything. Today, however, I read an incredibly inspiring blog entry from my favorite romance author Bess McBride and it moved me to act. I have a link on the right side of my blog where you can visit websites that can help you in the movement to protect the Harp Seal. Also, read Ms. McBride's blog entry. It is extremely powerful and incredibly moving.


myvoice said...

The video of this year's hunt really tells the whole gruesome story. You can see it at on the IFAW channel.

Bess McBride said...

Your blog looks absolutely fabulous! Boy, have you spruced it up!

Thanks for advocating for the seal pups! Thank you!

Bess McBride