Sunday, March 30, 2008

Faking Pregnancy?

Gemelos monocigóticosImage from WikipediaWe'll see if I can make this short. I still have a massive headache.

A friend of mine has an adorable young daughter. She is sweet, compassionate and empathetic. I love this girl. Anyway, her father (not with the mother) got his girlfriend pregnant a while ago, or so we thought. Months went by and the mother came out and said she was pregnant with twins. The father was not planning on staying with the woman so neither the mother nor father were going to tell the girl about the potential siblings that she might never get to see. She REALLY wants to have siblings so they were trying to save her the pain. Well, the woman decided that she was going to tell the girl herself to which there was much unhappiness on both the mother and father's part. Now that it was out, the girl totally got into the idea of having twin sisters.

Back to the woman. She was supposed to be due with her twins in January. We saw her walking around a mall with some friends in January and I'm sorry, but she didn't look pregnant. Having had a friend that just delivered twins, I now know how HUGE a twin belly can get. She didn't even look pregnant, much less with twins. Her excuse for not looking pregnant apparently was that due to the stress of her boyfriend not being supportive, her twins were not growing.

We were all surprised when February came around and she hadn't delivered yet. She told everyone that her doctors had made a mistake and that her due date was wrong. She had an induction set for March now. Time passes and three days before her induction I get a call from my friend telling me that she's just heard that the woman lost her babies that morning. Apparently she had an ultrasound and the cords had gotten twisted into a knot - both heartbeats had stopped. Much crying and sadness ensued. I didn't hear anything for a few days when my friend called me up again and said that the woman still had not delivered. To make a long story short, a week later she still had not delivered and actually took my friend's daughter out with another friend and went shopping at a mall. Now, almost 3 weeks later (maybe 2, like I said, my head hurts) she still has not "delivered."

  • Problem #1 - If the twins were not growing due to stress, I have a feeling she wouldn't be walking around the mall.

  • Problem #2 - Doctors can and often are wrong on the due date. It's an estimated due date for a reason. They can even be up to 4 weeks off. But to be 4 months off is not really possible. If she had an induction date in March with twins then her actual due date would be 2-4 weeks later, thus the due date was 4 months off.

  • Problem #3 - If the cords were twisted and knotted, then the babies would have been momo twins, also known as monoamniotic-monochorionic. The cords (and babies) would have had to be in the same amniotic sac in order to become twisted. This type of twin is very rare and very dangerous. At around 26 weeks the mother becomes constantly monitored (fetal heart rate monitoring twice a week) and is put on hospital bed rest for constant monitoring around 28 weeks. Momo twins are delivered between 32-34 weeks. Any later than that and the twins become large enough that cord entangled is pretty much guaranteed. Soooo, that means that the woman would have had momo twins but was not monitored, put on bed rest, and was allowed to go to 38ish weeks pregnancy. Doctors can make a mistake and diagnose momo twins when that isn't the case, but that don't make the mistake of seeing two sacs when only one is present (meaning that if a woman has momo twins, the doctor will know). So, either the woman wasn't going to the doctor like she should be (which apparently she says she was) or she is lying.
Here is some more information on momo twins.

  • Problem #4 - Women with stillborn babies can take time to deliver their babies. They are encouraged not to rush and to treat the delivery like one of a live baby. That doesn't mean that any doctor would ever allow a woman with two nonliving babies to go 3 weeks without delivering and then allow her to go shopping at the mall with friends. That also doesn't mean that a woman who is carrying two nonliving babies would/should go hang out at the mall! Am I the only one that sees an issue here? Information on stillbirth.

So, to recap, the woman would have been monitored very closely by her doctors as soon as momo twins was diagnosed (which they would have to be in order for their cords to become intertwined). Slow growth would get her put on bed rest early which would mean that she shouldn't have been walking around the mall when we saw her. The close monitoring would make it next to impossible to be that wrong on the due date. She would have delivered about a month and a half ago, in order to avoid the very reason she says her twins didn't make it. Last, but not least, a woman that is so distraught over the loss of her twins, would not go 3 weeks without delivering and then have social engagement in large public places nor would a doctor allow it. Her body would be overly toxic by now.

Added 4/1/08 (no this isn't an April Fool's thing) - From a family member of the poor father.

Supposedly she was dialated to a 5 at 9 months pregnant with twins too. That’s pretty damn amazing.

Her "ultrasound" pictures (all 8 that she showed us) were actually taken from a site called "" check out my "fake" pics folder to compare.

The hospital supposedly wasn’t going to give her a death certificate because technically the babies weren’t born. This is a lie because Washington state law requires that HOSPITALS complete the death certificate for all stillborn infants more than 20 weeks along. The funeral home does not create the death certificate - as someone tried to tell us.

She supposedly went to the hospital, was given an epideral, and delivered 2 full term twins, AND was sent home the same day! Amazing I tell you.

Funny that when she was confronted about being at the hospital, she decided to go to a different hospital and that’s why nobody could find her.

And for all you mothers out tell me how you could have just lost your first babies and in the same week be hanging out with friends, driving around town, AND HOLDING OTHER BABIES without so much as tearing up. I would have broke down crying at the site of other twins/babies - let alone hold them.


Sooooo, that was long, I apologize. Let me know your thoughts. My friend and the father did eventually tell the girl that her siblings are up in heaven now but the mother is still unhappy about the whole ordeal. I have told her my opinion on the matter, but I think it would help her to hear from other people as well. She's feeling very hurt and betrayed by this woman but is still unsure if she should feel this way or not.



Anonymous said...

In addition to all the other discrepencies, she was supposedly dialated to a 5! Yet she wasn't put in the hospital. She can't provide a death certificate, has fake ultrasound pictures, and supposedly delivered the babies by epideral and was sent home from the hospital the same day.

This woman should be kept far far away from children.

Cinnamon and Mike said...

It's just crazy, I mean, how long did she think she could keep this up? This is the kind of person that steals babies.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone confronted this person and or her family? This should be a case discussed with an attorney. There has to be some legal ramifications for this person to recieve money and or gifts for two children she was never pregnant with in the first place, and if she was at one point had to been aware a long time ago that the pregnancy was no longer viable. I'm 29 weeks pregnant right now and could not imagine losing this child! To carry on the way this woman has makes me sick to my stomach. And to think when I heard her story I prayed for her strength and prayed that something like this would not happen to my un-born child. It makes me sick!!
I hope this women gets the help that she needs, and may her family be able to look her in the face after all she has put them through!

Cinnamon and Mike said...

I'm unsure if she has been confronted about it and I doubt that her family knows that she lied. There should be legal ramifications. She received a lot of support from people (monetary as well) and it's all based on a lie.

Anonymous said...

i can only speak for my self on this. my family and i went to wash. as soon as we could when we heard what happend.we are the fathers family.. we spend 6 days with this women, night and day. she never once cried nor showed any emotions at all! we thought this was a little odd. as time went by we had asked her if she was going to go have the babies. because she told us the dr. said she had only 3 days to do so after we got there.this was going on 2
and a half wks. after the babies died go figure that one. we ask diffrent things like are you going to have a service,do you know when so on. we did not pry much as we knew this was a very hard thing to talk about for her and the family. well after being in a hotel for 6 days we were at our ends with this women. listening to her talk about how she can still feel one of the baby's butt in her side,faking contractions. takeing her out to dinner with the whole family as we have others that live there. not once did she ever try to exsplain to us or the father anything just kept leading us on. people missed a week of work. the grandmother of the father had major back surgery only 3 weeks earlier.she was in alot of pain as i'm sure u can imagine. but she wanted to be there for the father and her.6 days of hotel cost, food waiting for her to have the babys so we could be with the father. as we didnt want him to have to go thru this on his own.we made that very clear to her this was why we was there. she knew this but never said a the way her family does know we have talked to the mother a few times. i really dont think they will do anything because she has not told then the truth. no parent could let there child. think this was ok to do. to them or heart goes out to the father and his daughter. they are the real ones that got hurt over one can tell me any diffrent, she was never can not loose 2children and never cry once.not show any emotions at all just went on and on makeing us think she still had those babys in there, really, really sick!!

Cinnamon and Mike said...

That's so sad. :(

Anonymous said...

Well she has at least admitted to the father (my brother) that she faked the u/s pics and lied about being on state insurance. She still has not admitted to anything else because she "wants to talk in person." This is just another one of her games to keep stringing him along.
Please tell your friend that she has every right to feel betrayed and upset because her daughter was brought into this. She is innocent and any good mother would want to protect their children from being hurt. I love my niece to death and am grateful that she is young enough that she can bounce back from this so quickly.

Anonymous said...

This is a story that belongs on Lifetime.... to a normal human being you just can't fathom that it is true. That someone would take such a beautiful thing such as having a baby and turn it into something so ugly. Who in their right mind would even think about doing such a thing? Then again that answers the question, this chick is nuts! Especially to carry on for so long and not think she would get busted. I'm a firm believer in Karma and the sad thing is that this whole lie she created is more than likely going to catch up and play out for her in some aspect of her life sooner or later, and that’s really sad (not saying it ‘s not deserved) All I’ve been able to say is WOW! I'd ask for the lord to show mercy but I don't think she deserves it! I can only imagine what some people had to go through in this situation. That trust fund should be going to pay back all the people that wasted time, energy, and unnecessary emotion distress during this ordeal. There has to be a way this chick can get punished for all the crap she put so many people through. Someone seriously needs to stand up and let her friends and family know about this so she doesn't get away with it. What was the point? To keep the father around? It's just sick and wrong!

Cinnamon and Mike said...

So I don't know if these comments are even getting to you all, but I'm going to keep posting them nonetheless. :)

My husband is pretty sure that due to the amount of gifts she has received there could be some criminal charges, fraud only being one of them.

This is going to come back to bite her in the butt whether it's now or 10 years down the road. My only hope is that somehow her own family finds out the truth. She needs serious mental help and if her family is still believing this lie, there's nobody to help her.

angelwingstn said...

She even went so far as to go to the funeral home with the grandmother of the alleged babies on the father's side. They picked out URNS and she talked about splitting some of the ashes up to put into teddy bears. How sick is that?

Anonymous said...

so now she has all of our family blocked but not befor she made sure she put this blog on her myspace.i'm assuming so she can keep up on what we have to say since she can't talk to any of us face to face but oh well what ever. if you go to her pic's of her belly you will also notice that the first 4 pics have the same date on it. all she did was change shirts,padded her belly a little and there you go.we did a death certif. search just for the familys peace of mind and as of now they can not find anything. i wonder why? so so mad and hurt right now.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone heard if this monster has came clean about everything yet? There are only so many lies you can say to cover up the truth and eventually the only left is the truth. How is the father and his daughter copeing? I can't imagine how this is affecting them. Thank the lord above this mans daughter is young enough to forget this horrible person even exsisted at one point in her life. I just want to see justice prevail and this woman face the humiliation she deserves.

Anonymous said...

She finally admitted to the father that she lied about the ultrasound pics and lied about being on state insurance. How did she pay for a full term pregnancy with twins without insurance?
So why would somebody need to lie about u/s pics..because you get your own when your really pregnant. I think that answered all of our questions for us.
I think her family has pretty much stopped talking to us but I guess that's their deal.
The father is still trying to figure out how this happened to him and his daughter is good, I believe. We haven't talked to her about this so we can't really answer.

Cinnamon and Mike said...

Yeah, if she had to fake the pics, chances are she faked everything else. I wonder if she wasn't pregnant at one time and then miscarried, but chose to continue the story anyway.

Anonymous said...

ok so i did a death and birth certificate search for the (girls)there was nothing. i just don't understand. wondering why and how a woman can take something so far,i think what piss's me off more is she won't even tell the father the truth we have caught her in every thing from the fake photo's of her belly, to the fake u/s, the due date,not having insurence. now the birth or death certif. lied to everyone her family her friends, our family, her priest, her work. all i have to say is it was the best 16 dollers i have ever spent.all the proof i need(birth or death certif.)

Anonymous said...

Hello- I am the mother of the sweet young girl. I know that this may sound weird but I never liked this girl from day one. Just girls gut feeling I guess. (I've done it with others too.) When my girl found out about the babies, not by choice but by crazy girl, I got on it and got her ready to become a great big sister. (Maybe becuase I never had a sister myself, Twins, this is great.) We made and bought things for them. Whenever she heard about someone else being a big sibling, she said "I'm going to be a big sis" Very cute right? Now it just makes me tear up and sick to think about.

Crazy girl called me a couple of times as I did to her to talk to me about the "babies" I supported as much as a could for a while. Then she decided to myspace me saying he's doing the exact same things he did to you. Just a pitty party. Well it didn't work. I never acuattly talked to her again after that. She was too much from the start but then to compare this pissed me off. Yes, we have kids from the same father, but that was the only comparsion. I was with him for over a year, Her- never with him, just a F-buddy. I lived with him, her- He would tell daily he is not with her, she told her family that they were because she was a cathloc girl and didn't want them to think she was a slut. (I know her numbers, and let me tell you she is!!!!)She was very upset that after I found out I told him to get a test done to make sure they were his. How ackward it must have been for him. One day she called and cryed to me and asked if I was hanging out alone with babies dad. I snapped back and said " You are not with him, what does is matter? You need to just let it go and focus on those babies" She just sat there, she knew the truth.

After that I just watched it all unfold. In Jan when my friend and I saw her and she said the babies wern't growing I started to wonder. My best friend was also preg with twin boys and there was a big diffrence.Crazy girl is a bigger girl, but still with twins you should be able to tell. She even went to my chuch to drop a puppy off and showed my the "ultrasound pics" to my freinds and church family. Sick,Sick girl.

The past few months I have been talking with all my friends trying to figure this all out. At frist I thought she had just lied about the date to trick him into being the father. I called him one day and asked him to please get a test done to make sure they are his, "I just have a bad feeling about this" I said. He would call almost every night and I would just say " You got any babies yet?" No, why becasue there are none.....

Mackenzie was told that she was going to get twin sister that week and we were all excited. Then when her father called and said that they were gone, I cied. I acuatlly lost it. My parents were even upset. They looked forward to taking all the girls to the fair, or the park one day. What were going to say to missy? I felt horrible for the thoughts that she was lying, and that I had been mean to crazy girl. This would have been horrible for anyone. I let others know and they felt just as bad.

All three of us told missy. Dad,crazy girl,and I a week later. I got books, called my pastor, did all the things to be as prepaired for how she might recact as possible. Crazy girl sat there, knowing the huge lie, while we told missy. What a Bi**H. How can she do that to my baby girl?

I did have a feeling that somthing was wrong before we told missy, but I felt like a horrible person to think it let alone to ask. So I did what needed to be done. Missy is fine. She was disapointed, yes. But kinnda like when you say were going to disney land and then don't. She will not be told about the lie. She would never understand, as neither do I.
I will be here for her and her father. This is something that needs to be addressed but not by me.

The father and I were with eachother the other night and he was in shock. Still being a great guy, trying to understand. Thinking she may come up with some good excuse. He even told me he wanted to hear what she had to say before making up his mind on what to think. WOW. That is a man right there. I am sorry for my baby and all her family. Sorry they have to go though this,because some crazy girl wanted to be with him so badly she made up this huge lie. I love you and here if you ever need to talk or just hang out.

Anonymous said...

Wow thats a whole lot of CRAP! I think that its sad, and if i was that guy, i would not want to see her anymore! LOSER!

mabel said...

I recently came accross your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I dont know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.


Anonymous said...

all too familiar, I have now lived thru this twice, once sounds almost exactly like the story written and the second just happened. I don't want to seem insensitive by askin for the death certificate and everything but how else will i know? all of her ultrasounds has her name, approximate age of the baby, hospital the whole 9 yards. How can people be as cruel as to lie about being pregnant. I'll never understand it...

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This is just plain wrong..

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