Thursday, March 20, 2008

The End of Days (or just the sick days...)

So Lily isn't totally over her cold, but she's at least on the journey. Her nose is still running like a bank robber with dogs after him and her voice is still fairly gone, but I think she's feeling a little better. Her cough, unfortunately is getting a bit harder on her. She ends up choking a lot and gets really red. Poor baby. :(

She was fairly fussy this evening and although she ate her cereal and green beans, she didn't want to finish her bottle of formula like she normally does. I think in all she must have drank maybe an ounce, perhaps a little less. She wouldn't nurse either so Mike took her and rocked her in our brown chair. Soon enough she passed out. Sleepy girl. We laid her in her bassinet for the first time in 3 nights. Hopefully her coughing won't keep her up this time.

Sorry the picture is bad quality. I had to take it quickly with my phone which oddly enough doesn't have a flash so it tends to take blurry pictures.


Dawn said...

Poor baby!!! I hope she gets better soon.

Grandma in Bama