Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter: Licking Eggs and More!

I know what you're thinking - whoa, you've gone from not posting in a month to posting every single day. Yeah, well don't get too excited. It may or may not keep up, we'll see. I tend to go really gung ho on something for a while and then fall off the bandwagon for a while. So that's that.

In other news, today was Easter! Yep, that means eggs, candy and general fun! We started our Easter festivities last night by joining with Kelly and her family to dye some Easter eggs at her house. I thought it was hilarious watching JJ turn into the Hulk as he stuck his arm in the green dye but oh was I mistaken. It was even more hilarious helping Lily dye an egg. I was reluctant to let her actually put her hands in the dye (although I doubt she would have anyway) so Kelly took pictures while Mike held Lily and I helped her hold a spoon with an egg in it. We lowered the egg into the dye with a lovely splash and after a few seconds we attempted to pull it out again. By this time, Lily wanted to just eat the spoon and pull on the newspaper. She actually managed to move the pot full of eggs a good inch or two - strong girl. Getting her to let me have the spoon to remove her egg from the dye wasn't easy but eventually we did it. I held her egg up for her to see the pretty colors and unfortunately, she lunged at it giving that lovely pink egg and huge lick. Sigh. I'm pretty sure the egg was fairly dry at this point but still, who lets their baby lick an easter egg?

Anyways, after dying eggs at Kelly's, we came home to torture our poor baby with more antibiotics and pain meds. Again, she refused to nurse and would only take about 2 ounces from the bottle. While we let her play in her Jumparoo, Mike cleaned (he wanted the house pretty in case we took pictures in the morning) and I dyed Easter eggs. Instead of getting the regular dip dye for the eggs, I got this pretty kit that made sparkly tie dyed eggs. Bad idea! You had to put an egg in this plastic bag, drip some colors in, massage the egg and then sprinkle the glitter on top. The eggs came out really sticky and never really got unsticky.

Eventually Mike got Lily to fall asleep by rocking her yet again in the rocking chair and we laid her down in the bassinet. We went to bed and sometime around 11pm she woke up just screaming and crying. I rarely actually sleep anymore when she isn't next to me, but this time I had managed to fall deep asleep. I was so freaked out by being woken up by screaming that I was just shaking. I eventually got my wits about me and pulled her into bed with me where she eventually nodded off. Sometime around 5am however, I decided that I had to go potty. Well, that's the downside to cosleeping - your baby knows when you leave the bed. She woke up and since she had slept so good for the rest of the night apparently decided that she was ready to play. Needless to say, we were up at 5 am. I again tortured her with her medicine and around 7:30 went back to the room and begged Mike to take over for me. He obliged and I got another hour of sleep while he played with the bug.

Around 9am, after I got up (again) we decided to do our Easter baskets. When I had gotten up earlier I had put together Mike and Lily's. Mike just had candy and a bunny in his, but Lily had some balls, a board book (The Foot Book), a dancing and singing bunny and a bubble gun. I was disappointed in the performance of the bubble gun, but everything else turned out to entertain her, so I was glad. She seemed pleased too. :) After doing our baskets, we proceeded to run around the house so Lily could find the eggs that the Easter bunny had hidden for her. She found all 6, smart girl! The pictures, in order, will be at the end of this post.

After baskets and eggs (and Mike getting sick from eating candy in the morning) we hung out, watching Jurassic Park 3, and around noon went to Kelly's for Easter brunch. Man did Josh put up a spread! We had crepes with strawberries and cream cheese filling, cinnamon roles, potato pancakes, potatoes, eggs, bacon and sausage. Hmmmmmm good! We thoroughly stuffed ourselves and then decided that it would be a wonderful idea to go walking around on campus - in the rain none the less! Our main goal was to induce Kelly's labor, but our secondary goal was to show Josh's oldest sister around since she will be coming here next year. Oh crazy times. After walking we got groceries and came home. I just peeled potatoes and put them in the pot to boil and am now here typing. I was going to make ham for dinner, but due to the fact that Mike doesn't really care for ham, I am instead going to attempt to make his mom's yummy Hamburger Gravy over Mashed Taters (hence the potatoes cooking up).

Well, I think that's it for now. Mike went through and cleaned really well (including the nursery) so Lily is currently sleeping in her carseat in the nursery. She doesn't have a sound machine (anyone want to spare one with white noise?) so I imagine she'll wake up soon. Hasta manana!


Jojo said...

Babies are beautiful. My baby is already 17 months old and he gets really red after I kiss him so much.

Revival Ink said...

Your Lily is so cute! sorry to hear about the hives. My little sister just had a baby before Christmas, but I don't get to see her as much as I'd like. I enjoy reading about your baby adventures since I don't have one of my own yet. I have a pretty new blog on indie fashion that I would love to get your feedback on. Check it out Keep up the great stories!