Thursday, March 27, 2008

Baby and Babies!

Oh, where to start? So, on Monday I took Lily to the pediatrician and discovered that her hives were due to her penicillin. We were given a prescription for cefprozil and a topical numbing agent for her ears. To date we have not yet had to use the numbing medicine but giving her the new antibiotic has been more than interesting.

First she decided that she was going to throw her head around so that we basically had to pin her to get it in her mouth. Then she decided to spit it out. How joyous. We bought a medinurser hoping that it would help. It's basically a mini bottle that you put the medicine in. Yep, as soon as she tasted the orange she wouldn't take it. Next we tried putting it in an ounce of formula, yet again, no go and this time we caused an even bigger problem. She wouldn't take her bottle at all for 3 hours! My friend Tomi, who had come down from Spokane to stay the night with us finally managed to get her to take it. Since then, we've gone back to pinning Lily down and giving it to her bit by bit. Poor kid. At least she doesn't have hives anymore and it seems like she's in less pain from her ears. She's been Tylenol free since Tuesday.

Want to know something funny? As my daughter's ear infections are clearing up, Mike is going to the doctor today to start treating HIS ear infection. Seriously. What's the deal with these two?? ;)

So, you might be wondering why Tomi (and her daughter) were down staying with me. Well, She came to stay with me because the following morning our friend Kelly was getting induced. We've been waiting 9 months to see these twins and there was nothing that was going to keep Tomi from coming down. :) I had an interview early Wednesday morning (more to come later) but right afterward I hightailed it up to the hospital. I got there around 10:15, left at 2:30 to pick up Kyla and when I got back at 3:30, Kelly was just getting to active labor and they wheeled her up to the OR (standard procedure for delivering twins apparently as a just in case). About 3 hours and much worrying later we were blessed to see Kelly alive and well being wheeled back to her room to recover while Josh and a nurse came to see us with the twins. Oh lord they were so cute! Michael was 6 pounds and change and Cody was 7 pounds and nine ounces (I may be off with the ounces). They were so small and adorable! True to Kelly's nature, she had us (myself, Lily, Mike, Tomi, MacKenzi, and 5 members of Josh's family) in to her room right away to visit her and the babies right away. She was happy and alert. :)

In general, after only getting to see them for a few minutes, it seems that Michael is the calmer one. Apparently it only took 3 contractions and five minutes for his entry into the world. Cody, on the other hand, took his sweet time and 45 minutes later was born. He is the feisty one. Lots of crying and indignant screaming when he was being checked and washed.

I think that's probably about it for now. I stayed the night with Mike and Lily at Kelly's house to watch the kids and Josh's sister Nikki (13 yo). Overnight we got 3 inches of snow so Kyla's school is delayed. Probably in about an hour we will leave, head to the store so that the kids can pick out flowers for Mom and then drop Kyla off at school on our way to the hospital.

Oh, and the interview. It's for an Environmental Health Technician job. Basically helping with health inspections and public education. I feel optimistic about the interview, but then I always do and look, I'm still substitute teaching. He should make a decision by the end of the day tomorrow, so I'll let you know.



MIP said...

How funny that now your husband has his own ear infection to deal with...hopefully he is better about his medication than Lily :)