Monday, March 31, 2008

New Job

Yessir, you read right! I have a new job! After a year and some of subbing I finally decided that since I'm going to be here for a while I might as well start looking for a job. I saw one advertised with the county and although I wasn't optimistic about it, I applied. A few weeks later I got an interview and then 5 days later I got an offer for the job! Woot! I'll be working the same hours as Mike and working right next door!

How awesome is that? I'll also be making more than Mike, but we don't need to emphasize that now do we. ;)

Oh this is so great. We'll now be able to find a decent place to live (no more college apartments) and even more importantly, we'll be able to get a car. It gets so hot here in the summer and my car is dark blue with no air conditioning. I was not looking forward to putting my baby in that hot car this summer, but now it looks like I might not have to.

So, basically I'll be working as an Environmental Health Technician. The first few months will be a lot of learning and once I get into it I'll let you all know what exactly I'll be doing. :D

Yay I'm excited.

**While I was typing this I received a phone call from a friend. This is the friend that I talk about a few posts back in "Faking Pregnancy." Her daughter was excited to have two new siblings (twin sisters) when her father's girlfriend's pregnancy ended. We were sure that the woman was lying about the pregnancy but without my friend knowing absolutely for sure, they told the girl that her sisters were up in heaven now. Well, apparently the sister of the father found the original ultrasound pictures online that the girl copied "hers" from. I'm beyond saddened and my friend is sad as well. What kind of sick person does this and leads a poor little 4 year old girl on like that?**

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Harp Seals

What could be cuter than a soft, cuddly little harp seal pup? Certainly not one getting clubbed or hooked to death in front of its mother.

Did you know that the hunt for harp seal pups is on again? A lot of people thought that it ended in the 80s but in fact, it still happens every year in Canada. This year, however, journalists are being denied permits to go document the brutality of it. Wonder why that is...

So, why are pups hunted? Apparently people like to wear the fur of other animals, seal pups in particular. I'll never get it. I like my own skin, thank you very much.

Every year in Canada (the hunt started Friday) hunters are allowed to take in some couple thousand pups. Because they're competing against the clock and against each other, the goal is to kill as many pups as quickly as possible. Pups are beaten and then hooked on a line (much like you'd string up fish). They are dragged across the ice while hunters go after more pups until they die hours later. The mothers have no recourse but to just watch their pups die in front of them. Many mothers do fight back and are clubbed or shot and left for dead.

I never thought that a single person could make a difference, so even though I knew about the hunt I never did anything. Today, however, I read an incredibly inspiring blog entry from my favorite romance author Bess McBride and it moved me to act. I have a link on the right side of my blog where you can visit websites that can help you in the movement to protect the Harp Seal. Also, read Ms. McBride's blog entry. It is extremely powerful and incredibly moving.


Blogger (service)Image from WikipediaI don't remember what site it was, but one of the sites that I was visiting while dropping my Entrecard talked about Zemanta. Apparently, Zemanta is a tool to basically spruce up your posts. I'm unsure if I'm going to like it or not, but I figured I would at least try it and see how it goes.

So far it seems a bit buggy. Sometimes I have to reload Blogger to get it to initiate. Basically, the point is that while I'm blogging, Zemanta is sitting in the corner, looking at my writing and thinking of suggestions for me. It has images from flickr that I can use as inspiration to write about and it also suggestions images and extra articles to insert into my blog that go along with what I'm writing about. At the bottom it has a list of tags I can add as well as a list of links.

So that's that. I don't know how to use it or not use it but for now it's there,. I'll try it out for a few posts to see if I like it.

Faking Pregnancy?

Gemelos monocigóticosImage from WikipediaWe'll see if I can make this short. I still have a massive headache.

A friend of mine has an adorable young daughter. She is sweet, compassionate and empathetic. I love this girl. Anyway, her father (not with the mother) got his girlfriend pregnant a while ago, or so we thought. Months went by and the mother came out and said she was pregnant with twins. The father was not planning on staying with the woman so neither the mother nor father were going to tell the girl about the potential siblings that she might never get to see. She REALLY wants to have siblings so they were trying to save her the pain. Well, the woman decided that she was going to tell the girl herself to which there was much unhappiness on both the mother and father's part. Now that it was out, the girl totally got into the idea of having twin sisters.

Back to the woman. She was supposed to be due with her twins in January. We saw her walking around a mall with some friends in January and I'm sorry, but she didn't look pregnant. Having had a friend that just delivered twins, I now know how HUGE a twin belly can get. She didn't even look pregnant, much less with twins. Her excuse for not looking pregnant apparently was that due to the stress of her boyfriend not being supportive, her twins were not growing.

We were all surprised when February came around and she hadn't delivered yet. She told everyone that her doctors had made a mistake and that her due date was wrong. She had an induction set for March now. Time passes and three days before her induction I get a call from my friend telling me that she's just heard that the woman lost her babies that morning. Apparently she had an ultrasound and the cords had gotten twisted into a knot - both heartbeats had stopped. Much crying and sadness ensued. I didn't hear anything for a few days when my friend called me up again and said that the woman still had not delivered. To make a long story short, a week later she still had not delivered and actually took my friend's daughter out with another friend and went shopping at a mall. Now, almost 3 weeks later (maybe 2, like I said, my head hurts) she still has not "delivered."

  • Problem #1 - If the twins were not growing due to stress, I have a feeling she wouldn't be walking around the mall.

  • Problem #2 - Doctors can and often are wrong on the due date. It's an estimated due date for a reason. They can even be up to 4 weeks off. But to be 4 months off is not really possible. If she had an induction date in March with twins then her actual due date would be 2-4 weeks later, thus the due date was 4 months off.

  • Problem #3 - If the cords were twisted and knotted, then the babies would have been momo twins, also known as monoamniotic-monochorionic. The cords (and babies) would have had to be in the same amniotic sac in order to become twisted. This type of twin is very rare and very dangerous. At around 26 weeks the mother becomes constantly monitored (fetal heart rate monitoring twice a week) and is put on hospital bed rest for constant monitoring around 28 weeks. Momo twins are delivered between 32-34 weeks. Any later than that and the twins become large enough that cord entangled is pretty much guaranteed. Soooo, that means that the woman would have had momo twins but was not monitored, put on bed rest, and was allowed to go to 38ish weeks pregnancy. Doctors can make a mistake and diagnose momo twins when that isn't the case, but that don't make the mistake of seeing two sacs when only one is present (meaning that if a woman has momo twins, the doctor will know). So, either the woman wasn't going to the doctor like she should be (which apparently she says she was) or she is lying.
Here is some more information on momo twins.

  • Problem #4 - Women with stillborn babies can take time to deliver their babies. They are encouraged not to rush and to treat the delivery like one of a live baby. That doesn't mean that any doctor would ever allow a woman with two nonliving babies to go 3 weeks without delivering and then allow her to go shopping at the mall with friends. That also doesn't mean that a woman who is carrying two nonliving babies would/should go hang out at the mall! Am I the only one that sees an issue here? Information on stillbirth.

So, to recap, the woman would have been monitored very closely by her doctors as soon as momo twins was diagnosed (which they would have to be in order for their cords to become intertwined). Slow growth would get her put on bed rest early which would mean that she shouldn't have been walking around the mall when we saw her. The close monitoring would make it next to impossible to be that wrong on the due date. She would have delivered about a month and a half ago, in order to avoid the very reason she says her twins didn't make it. Last, but not least, a woman that is so distraught over the loss of her twins, would not go 3 weeks without delivering and then have social engagement in large public places nor would a doctor allow it. Her body would be overly toxic by now.

Added 4/1/08 (no this isn't an April Fool's thing) - From a family member of the poor father.

Supposedly she was dialated to a 5 at 9 months pregnant with twins too. That’s pretty damn amazing.

Her "ultrasound" pictures (all 8 that she showed us) were actually taken from a site called "" check out my "fake" pics folder to compare.

The hospital supposedly wasn’t going to give her a death certificate because technically the babies weren’t born. This is a lie because Washington state law requires that HOSPITALS complete the death certificate for all stillborn infants more than 20 weeks along. The funeral home does not create the death certificate - as someone tried to tell us.

She supposedly went to the hospital, was given an epideral, and delivered 2 full term twins, AND was sent home the same day! Amazing I tell you.

Funny that when she was confronted about being at the hospital, she decided to go to a different hospital and that’s why nobody could find her.

And for all you mothers out tell me how you could have just lost your first babies and in the same week be hanging out with friends, driving around town, AND HOLDING OTHER BABIES without so much as tearing up. I would have broke down crying at the site of other twins/babies - let alone hold them.


Sooooo, that was long, I apologize. Let me know your thoughts. My friend and the father did eventually tell the girl that her siblings are up in heaven now but the mother is still unhappy about the whole ordeal. I have told her my opinion on the matter, but I think it would help her to hear from other people as well. She's feeling very hurt and betrayed by this woman but is still unsure if she should feel this way or not.


New header

I updated the header on my blog, what do you think?

I have a serious sinus headache right now or I would post more. We picked up Lily's Easter pictures today so maybe I'll scan them and post them a bit later.

In the meantime, enjoy a nice sunset picture.

Friday, March 28, 2008

My baby, your babies, yay for babies!

Let's see, so the last time I updated I was at Kelly's house with the kids. Well, at about 9 am we decided to head out to Safeway so that the kids and Nikki could pick out flowers for Kelly. While there we decided to take my camera in and print off some pictures of the babies for Kyla to take to school with her. Man, those Kodak printers are awesome. I loved the colors and quality.

After printing the pictures we realized that I was 30 minutes ahead of schedule. On a normal day we can drop Kyla off at 8am to eat breakfast before school starts at 8:30. Well, I didn't realize that Kyla couldn't go into the school at 10:30. I figured 10 would be okay, so we ended up having to kill 30 minutes. We walked around the store for a while, picked up some coloring books and got the kids donuts (since Kyla didn't eat breakfast). We then proceeded to the flowers where Nikki and I picked out some gorgeous neon dyed daisies and Kyla picked out some gorgeous carnations. I then went to go get balloons, which was interesting. I asked the woman if they only had the balloons on the wall, to which she said yes. They only had "It's a Girl" balloons so I get some blue Happy Birthday ones. Well, when I was picking them up, the woman that I had asked told another woman that they did in fact have It's a Boy balloons. Well, gee, thanks for telling me. The other interesting part about the balloons was that while we were checking out, JJ untied them from the cart. That was fun. A nice guy had to climb up a display to get them back for us. Yay!

After that we dropped Kyla off at school and headed to the hospital. When we got there Kelly was cuddling with the babies who are, still, ridiculously cute. We ended up staying until about 8:30. Josh left with the kids for a while and came back and in that time I hung out in the waiting room so Kelly could sleep. Lily, on the other hand, just would not sleep! The nurse was laughing because she was SO tired but just would not sleep. I even took over the dimly lit consultation room to feed and rock her but that child still would not sleep! :) She slept great last night though! :D

Okay, I think that's all the interesting goings on of yesterday. I'm watching JJ today so I'm going to go stare at him while he finishes his cereal.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Baby and Babies!

Oh, where to start? So, on Monday I took Lily to the pediatrician and discovered that her hives were due to her penicillin. We were given a prescription for cefprozil and a topical numbing agent for her ears. To date we have not yet had to use the numbing medicine but giving her the new antibiotic has been more than interesting.

First she decided that she was going to throw her head around so that we basically had to pin her to get it in her mouth. Then she decided to spit it out. How joyous. We bought a medinurser hoping that it would help. It's basically a mini bottle that you put the medicine in. Yep, as soon as she tasted the orange she wouldn't take it. Next we tried putting it in an ounce of formula, yet again, no go and this time we caused an even bigger problem. She wouldn't take her bottle at all for 3 hours! My friend Tomi, who had come down from Spokane to stay the night with us finally managed to get her to take it. Since then, we've gone back to pinning Lily down and giving it to her bit by bit. Poor kid. At least she doesn't have hives anymore and it seems like she's in less pain from her ears. She's been Tylenol free since Tuesday.

Want to know something funny? As my daughter's ear infections are clearing up, Mike is going to the doctor today to start treating HIS ear infection. Seriously. What's the deal with these two?? ;)

So, you might be wondering why Tomi (and her daughter) were down staying with me. Well, She came to stay with me because the following morning our friend Kelly was getting induced. We've been waiting 9 months to see these twins and there was nothing that was going to keep Tomi from coming down. :) I had an interview early Wednesday morning (more to come later) but right afterward I hightailed it up to the hospital. I got there around 10:15, left at 2:30 to pick up Kyla and when I got back at 3:30, Kelly was just getting to active labor and they wheeled her up to the OR (standard procedure for delivering twins apparently as a just in case). About 3 hours and much worrying later we were blessed to see Kelly alive and well being wheeled back to her room to recover while Josh and a nurse came to see us with the twins. Oh lord they were so cute! Michael was 6 pounds and change and Cody was 7 pounds and nine ounces (I may be off with the ounces). They were so small and adorable! True to Kelly's nature, she had us (myself, Lily, Mike, Tomi, MacKenzi, and 5 members of Josh's family) in to her room right away to visit her and the babies right away. She was happy and alert. :)

In general, after only getting to see them for a few minutes, it seems that Michael is the calmer one. Apparently it only took 3 contractions and five minutes for his entry into the world. Cody, on the other hand, took his sweet time and 45 minutes later was born. He is the feisty one. Lots of crying and indignant screaming when he was being checked and washed.

I think that's probably about it for now. I stayed the night with Mike and Lily at Kelly's house to watch the kids and Josh's sister Nikki (13 yo). Overnight we got 3 inches of snow so Kyla's school is delayed. Probably in about an hour we will leave, head to the store so that the kids can pick out flowers for Mom and then drop Kyla off at school on our way to the hospital.

Oh, and the interview. It's for an Environmental Health Technician job. Basically helping with health inspections and public education. I feel optimistic about the interview, but then I always do and look, I'm still substitute teaching. He should make a decision by the end of the day tomorrow, so I'll let you know.


Monday, March 24, 2008

When it rains it pours!

So last night when I was putting Lily to bed I saw a red mark on her thigh, but didn't think anything of it. I figured that she probably just scratched herself. This morning when I got up, she stayed asleep, which never happens, so we let her sleep right up until we were heading out the door. Then Mike changed her, got her in her Pooh Bear suit and we left. As I was nearing the school I was working at this morning, I got a call from day care. She never calls me so I was a little nervous. She called to say that Lily had a rash on her legs and her belly and that she would keep her while I was working, but that she thought that Lily might be allergic to the antibiotics. Let me tell you, sitting at work (even for four hours) is not fun when you have a sick, rash baby with an ear infection sitting at daycare. As soon as I was done, I got out of there, picked up Lily and we headed to the appointment I had made for her.

Funny story about the appointment. When I called to talk to the nurse about it, she didn't want me to make an appointment. She wanted me to give her the night time dose of pennicilin and see if it got worse. Yeah, okay! Let me do that while everyone is closed! WTH? Needless to say, I said no and proceeded to make an appointment for my poor bug.

At the appointment another new doctor (not like young new, just one we hadn't seen) looked at her, diagnosed her with hives and told me to wait on giving her anymore antibiotic for now. She prescribed me some pain relieving ear drops for Lily and told me to keep up the tylenol and the ibuprofen. In a few days, when the rash clears, I'm supposed to start a new antibiotic to try to get rid of the ear infection.

Sigh. My poor bug. First a cough, then a horrid cold, then two ear infections and now hives? Can the poor girl not get a break?

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter: Licking Eggs and More!

I know what you're thinking - whoa, you've gone from not posting in a month to posting every single day. Yeah, well don't get too excited. It may or may not keep up, we'll see. I tend to go really gung ho on something for a while and then fall off the bandwagon for a while. So that's that.

In other news, today was Easter! Yep, that means eggs, candy and general fun! We started our Easter festivities last night by joining with Kelly and her family to dye some Easter eggs at her house. I thought it was hilarious watching JJ turn into the Hulk as he stuck his arm in the green dye but oh was I mistaken. It was even more hilarious helping Lily dye an egg. I was reluctant to let her actually put her hands in the dye (although I doubt she would have anyway) so Kelly took pictures while Mike held Lily and I helped her hold a spoon with an egg in it. We lowered the egg into the dye with a lovely splash and after a few seconds we attempted to pull it out again. By this time, Lily wanted to just eat the spoon and pull on the newspaper. She actually managed to move the pot full of eggs a good inch or two - strong girl. Getting her to let me have the spoon to remove her egg from the dye wasn't easy but eventually we did it. I held her egg up for her to see the pretty colors and unfortunately, she lunged at it giving that lovely pink egg and huge lick. Sigh. I'm pretty sure the egg was fairly dry at this point but still, who lets their baby lick an easter egg?

Anyways, after dying eggs at Kelly's, we came home to torture our poor baby with more antibiotics and pain meds. Again, she refused to nurse and would only take about 2 ounces from the bottle. While we let her play in her Jumparoo, Mike cleaned (he wanted the house pretty in case we took pictures in the morning) and I dyed Easter eggs. Instead of getting the regular dip dye for the eggs, I got this pretty kit that made sparkly tie dyed eggs. Bad idea! You had to put an egg in this plastic bag, drip some colors in, massage the egg and then sprinkle the glitter on top. The eggs came out really sticky and never really got unsticky.

Eventually Mike got Lily to fall asleep by rocking her yet again in the rocking chair and we laid her down in the bassinet. We went to bed and sometime around 11pm she woke up just screaming and crying. I rarely actually sleep anymore when she isn't next to me, but this time I had managed to fall deep asleep. I was so freaked out by being woken up by screaming that I was just shaking. I eventually got my wits about me and pulled her into bed with me where she eventually nodded off. Sometime around 5am however, I decided that I had to go potty. Well, that's the downside to cosleeping - your baby knows when you leave the bed. She woke up and since she had slept so good for the rest of the night apparently decided that she was ready to play. Needless to say, we were up at 5 am. I again tortured her with her medicine and around 7:30 went back to the room and begged Mike to take over for me. He obliged and I got another hour of sleep while he played with the bug.

Around 9am, after I got up (again) we decided to do our Easter baskets. When I had gotten up earlier I had put together Mike and Lily's. Mike just had candy and a bunny in his, but Lily had some balls, a board book (The Foot Book), a dancing and singing bunny and a bubble gun. I was disappointed in the performance of the bubble gun, but everything else turned out to entertain her, so I was glad. She seemed pleased too. :) After doing our baskets, we proceeded to run around the house so Lily could find the eggs that the Easter bunny had hidden for her. She found all 6, smart girl! The pictures, in order, will be at the end of this post.

After baskets and eggs (and Mike getting sick from eating candy in the morning) we hung out, watching Jurassic Park 3, and around noon went to Kelly's for Easter brunch. Man did Josh put up a spread! We had crepes with strawberries and cream cheese filling, cinnamon roles, potato pancakes, potatoes, eggs, bacon and sausage. Hmmmmmm good! We thoroughly stuffed ourselves and then decided that it would be a wonderful idea to go walking around on campus - in the rain none the less! Our main goal was to induce Kelly's labor, but our secondary goal was to show Josh's oldest sister around since she will be coming here next year. Oh crazy times. After walking we got groceries and came home. I just peeled potatoes and put them in the pot to boil and am now here typing. I was going to make ham for dinner, but due to the fact that Mike doesn't really care for ham, I am instead going to attempt to make his mom's yummy Hamburger Gravy over Mashed Taters (hence the potatoes cooking up).

Well, I think that's it for now. Mike went through and cleaned really well (including the nursery) so Lily is currently sleeping in her carseat in the nursery. She doesn't have a sound machine (anyone want to spare one with white noise?) so I imagine she'll wake up soon. Hasta manana!

Saturday, March 22, 2008

The sickest baby on the block

Poor Lily. On Monday when we went to the pediatrician, he said to just keep an eye on her but that he thought she was getting better and to just wait out the cold. I waited and waited and each day the general coldness looked slightly better, but Lily was acting worse. She wouldn't eat more than an ounce at a time and lord forbid you ask her to nurse, especially if she was laying on her right side. Sometimes she's had a nursing preference before, but at night she'll usually nurse on whichever side she's laying on. I couldn't even get her to nurse on the right side at night, much less actually lay on that side. All night she would wake up and fuss before finally rolling over to her left side and sleeping like that, even if it meant sleeping with her back to me. It was very strange.

Well last night she did this and was actually sleeping a whole lot less well than she has been, even when she was coughing all day and night. I watched her for part of the night and thought I saw her pulling on her ears. I wasn't sure because number one, it was the middle of the night and therefore very dark and number two, I was slightly delirious from a lack of sleep.

This morning I had forgotten about the ear pulling until Lily, finally having fell asleep nursing, woke up and just started crying. She refused to nurse anymore and cried harder anytime I laid her down on her side. Mike tried to give her a bottle and she drank about an ounce before giving up and started crying. Eventually, over the course of an hour, we got her to finish the bottle. This was better than it has been for the last couple of evenings where she would take an ounce and refuse to drink anymore, no matter how hard we tried.

I finally decided to call the pediatrician again (thank goodness they're open on Saturdays) and basically demanded an appointment. They got me an appointment at 11:15 this morning (and hour and a half after the time that I was calling) and Mike cuddled her on the rocking chair while I got ready. Fortunately and unfortunately, by the time I was ready to go, Lily was pleasantly asleep. Of course we had to wake her to get her into the carseat - trust me, if I could have walked and carried her I would have - which made her wake up even angrier than ever.

We got to the pediatrician's office and for the first time, got to see a different doctor - one that was supposed to be awesome. She listened to her lungs and said she was wheezing a bit but that air still sounded like it was going in okay. Next she went to look at her ears and had to take a curette to them to clean out the ear wax. The pediatrician, Dr. Mike, had to do this on Monday as well and pulled a TON of earwax out of my little baby. Holy cow I didn't think there could be so much! Well, I was wrong because Dr. Boyer pulled out even more! Apparently I just have a waxy baby. After removing the majority of the wax she said, "Oh yeah, this ear's infected." She went through the same process with the other ear to discover that it too was infected. We discovered that the left ear was worse, which is the ear that faces up when she lays on the side that had been bugging her. I'm guessing that's why it was uncomfortable.

Man, it stinks that my poor girl has two ear infections, but at the same time, it's nice knowing there's something we can do to make her feel better. We filled our prescription for amoxycillin at the Walmart pharmacy and then proceeded to pick up more infant Tylenol and Ibuprofen. The pharmacist recommended looking on Dr. Sear's website to learn more about his recommendations for infant pain relief. Apparently he recommends alternating between tylenol and ibuprofen ever 3 hours so I think that's what we're going to try.

After getting all of her meds, we went to the mall for our normal weekend lunch and stroll session. When we sat down I gave her the antibiotic and the ibuprofen, began to feed her a bottle and one ounce later she was passed out. She woke up about 40 minutes later and is asleep again now probably due to the easing of the pain. Poor baby! I only wish I had taken her sooner! Oh well, at least I trusted my instincts and took her when I did instead of waiting longer like people were telling me to do.

In other news, while we were at Walmart today I picked up Lily's Easter Bunny picture that we had taken there for free last weekend. So cute! We get to pick up her actual Easter pictures taken in her pretty dress at the Lewiston Walmart on the fifth of April.

For your viewing pleasure I present, awesomely cute Lily and cuddly Easter Bunny!

Keep your eye out for tomorrow where I'll be showing off either a sunset or an alligator, depending on my mood. ;)

Friday, March 21, 2008

Really, is it that necessary?

You know what irritates me, when people go around in public just cussing up a storm. Even if it isn't every other word, 3 words in five minutes is just too much. Maybe it's because I have Lily now that it bugs me more than ever. If she were older and could understand the language around her, I'd be so irritated at her having to hear that.

We don't really watch movies with a lot of bad language or listen to music with it either. If we attempt to avoid it in our home and don't purposely take Lily to places where we think inappropriate language will abound, then why should I still have to deal with it? It irritates me even more when we're at a business and it's some off-duty punk either talking to a friend or talking on the phone just cussing away.

Case in point - McDonald's. We had dinner there with Kelly tonight and some guy got off work and was on the cell phone with an "F" this and "F" that and I don't want to deal with this "sh**." It's just irritating. There were kids all over there that were having to listen to him. Why do people feel like they can cuss in public? How irritating!

In other news, this guy totally did not understand the concept of a personal bubble. He was like RIGHT behind me when I was ordering.

Let's see, what adorable picture should we attach today? Ahhhh yes. Lily LOVES balls. :)

Thursday, March 20, 2008

The End of Days (or just the sick days...)

So Lily isn't totally over her cold, but she's at least on the journey. Her nose is still running like a bank robber with dogs after him and her voice is still fairly gone, but I think she's feeling a little better. Her cough, unfortunately is getting a bit harder on her. She ends up choking a lot and gets really red. Poor baby. :(

She was fairly fussy this evening and although she ate her cereal and green beans, she didn't want to finish her bottle of formula like she normally does. I think in all she must have drank maybe an ounce, perhaps a little less. She wouldn't nurse either so Mike took her and rocked her in our brown chair. Soon enough she passed out. Sleepy girl. We laid her in her bassinet for the first time in 3 nights. Hopefully her coughing won't keep her up this time.

Sorry the picture is bad quality. I had to take it quickly with my phone which oddly enough doesn't have a flash so it tends to take blurry pictures.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Sleepy girl

So I was typing an email and noticed that I hadn't heard Lily in a while. I look over and find this. :)

Socks = Finger Food?

What is it with babies and socks? After Lily woke up from her cold induced coma/nap I put her on the floor for some much needed tummy time. In the two minutes it took me to get a drink and get back to the living room she had successfully scooted herself back into a corner, found a random sock on the floor, removed both of her own socks and had two of them in her mouth at one point. Of course I was watching her so she was just fine, but seriously, what's the deal with socks? Any chance this baby gets she will pull her socks off and stick them in her mouth.

I think she has jam and toe jam confused...

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Sick Baby

Lily is one sick girl! She had a temperature of 101.4 this morning so I finally decided to call the pediatrician again and ask that they please see her. She's been coughing up a storm and her nose has been like a watery little faucet. She couldn't sleep because of all the runniness last night. She couldn't nurse or take a bottle because she couldn't breathe. Poor baby. Mike was up pretty much every hour walking with her and trying to get her back to sleep. :(

The pediatricians appointment seemed pretty pointless. He took a look at her, checked her throat and ears and said that he thought she was getting better and that there was nothing to do but wait it out. Ugh. I guess I was wishing for some magic wand that he could wave to make her feel better. Of course, like always happens when we go to the doctor, she seemed 10x better once he came in the room. He knew she was sick though. Her eyes were all ready and watery from coughing so much.

Speaking of ears. Last time she had an appointment (her 6 month well baby checkup) he checked her ears but couldn't see anything because there was so much wax. He said it wasn't a big deal and that if it bugged me I could put some oil drops in her ears every day until it clears up. He said it didn't seem to be bugging her though so I left them be. Well today he wanted to check her ears and was actually more adamant about doing so because she's sick and I guess he wanted to check for infection. Same thing, he couldn't see because of all the wax. He actually had to get a plastic currette to clean out the cone on the ear scope thingy and then had to use it to pull tons of wax out of her ears. Holy cow there was so much. Like father like daughter I guess. ;)

In other news, baby loves her green beans! We've been trying to feed her solids earlier in the evening and I think it's been working much better. Before we were feeding her around 8, lately we've been feeding her around 5:30-6. She actually works with us now. She opens her mouth really big and seems to love her food. I think it helps that she isn't tired and cranky (well, not including the last few days). Anyway, back to the green beans. She adores them! In fact she won't really eat her cereal anymore unless I either give it to her first or unless there is some green bean on the spoon as well. Good baby. Green beans are tasty. I'm proud of her.

In other, other news, I made cupcakes for St. Patrick's Day yesterday. I had fun with the food coloring...

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Been a while

I'm not sure anyone actually reads this, but if they do they'll notice that it's been a while since we have updated.

Going on in the lives of Cinnamon and Mike:

Cinnamon is still applying for jobs and still getting rejected. Subbing was supposed to be a temporary thing and it is seriously wearing on her. She really wants a full time every day sort of job. That doesn't mean she wants to leave her Lily girl, but she doesn't have the motivation to work after not working for days or weeks on end.

Mike tested for the Pierce County Police Department on February 23rd. We're still waiting to hear back on the test results. In the meantime he is continuing to work for the county and loves it.

Now on to Lily. Let's see, the last post here was in January. I'd say around that time Lily was able to roll from her belly to her back. She still hated tummy time. Now Lily loves tummy time because she can roll to her back and then back onto her tummy again! Yep, she can roll both ways! We're so proud of her. She started rolling from her back to her tummy around mid February. We now play baby treadmill where Lily will roll like mad and then we will pick her up, replace her at her starting spot and she'll do it all over again. She loves it. Her mobility doesn't end at rolling, she can also scoot ... backwards!!! Silly girl. Now Cinnamon spends her days watching like a hawk as Lily either tries to get stuck under things by rolling under them or scooting under them. Crazy girl.

In other news, February 17th-24th brought about a quite fun time for both Lily and Cinnamon. During that week, we (without Dad who was busy bringing home the bacon unfortunately) visited Grandma over in Alabama! We spent our days with Lily in a backpack walking along the beach, collecting seashells. We even went searching for alligators and saw a couple on our last day on the gorgeous coast. The week was great, seeing Grandma was great and I know everyone was sad when it was over. While there, Lily discovered that she liked to ride her pony (Grandma's knee) but she just hasn't had the same affinity for anyone else's knee since we've been home. ;D

Well, I suppose that's about it for the updates for now. Lily is 28.5 inches long, 20lbs 7oz in weight and has a 48.5 cm head. She is in the 100th percentile for all three - height, weight and head circumference.

Okay, I'm off! Hasta, bye from Mike and naah naah naaaaaah from Lily.


RIP Chico the monkey and screw you stupid humans for being too lazy to just get the dumb rabies vaccines.

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