Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Are twins the newest trend?

Twins are cute, adorable and they make for some really cute pictures, but are twins becoming the newest trend? It seems like they're almost a fashion statement anymore. Now, natural twins (and by natural I mean, twins that just happened) are one thing. They are special, unique, etc. But what about those women that are taking fertility drugs like clomid or even jumping to the bigger guns of IUI or IVF to obtain twins?

Is it really safe or sane to take fertility drugs for the sole purpose of having twins? We had to take 4 rounds of clomid to get pregnant with my daughter. That's only because we had tried for 18 months on our own with no success. After I found out that I wasn't ovulating, we went to the drugs. There are some women who have only been having trouble for a few months and talk their doctors into letting them try clomid. In private discussions, however, they've let on that they really just want the fertility drugs so that they can have twins.

Within the past few years, especially with celebrity pregnancies, it seems like pregnancy became the latest "hot thing." Now, it seems like having twins is it, but are people having twins (or higher order multiples) for the wrong reasons? Are people using drugs for multiples just for the attention?


Andrew said...

well even with clomid you can't control having twins or not. Sure the chances are higher but it's not like going out and buying a dress :)

Speaking of which I've been having dreams of twins. My fertility doc didn't know I was on clomid because they wouldn't prescribe it unless I agreed to another ultrasound. SO I had a friend give me some.

We have a high chance of multiples because we were able to get pregnant with quadruplets unassisted. I think twins would be cool, but with all my medical issues I'd be happy to survive with 1.

Christian Carter said...

I think it's sad whenever parental ego overshadows what's best for the child(ren). Sure, perhaps celebrities have the financial resources to support several children at once, but is it fair to the kids? Will they even get to have much one-on-one time with their parents? Will the children forge relationships with the nanny or the biological parents?

I don't doubt that these men and women love their children, but their motives are suspect sometimes. How much do they truly care? It should be all about what's best for the kids - period.