Thursday, December 25, 2008

It's Christmas

It's Christmas morning and as my gift to you, I am going to actually post! I know, right?! What could be better!

This won't be that long of a post but I figured there are at least a few things I could update you on, the first being that we made it to my in-laws'! Some of you might be thinking - ahhhh, the in-laws, it's always difficult to make it there, sometimes even impossible (nudge nudge wink wink). Naah, I like mine! When I say we made it here, I mean we survived the snow and managed to race ahead of the snow storm. Phew! It got a little dicey there though. I had to leave work early to go get my Lily bug and the dog. As many of you know, we now have a Trailblazer, which is a big step up from our 98 Saturn and 91 Escort. It has four wheel drive. Well, apparently that doesn't mean much when you haven't shoveled your driveway and there is 2.5 feet of snow built up with more coming. The Blazer only wanted to drive sideways into the driveway so I parked it (sideways) and me and my happy self plodded through the knee deep snow to the front door. See, our carport provides awesome shelter from the snow so we never have to worry about getting through the snow to get to the car. Plus - all the roads had been and were being plowed so we didn't have to worry about that either. It just didn't occur to me apparently, that we were going to have to be doing our own snow removal and that we would actually need to have a semi plowed driveway to come and go. Needless to say, when we get home we will be buying a shovel and shoveling our driveway. We will also be shoveling out our two other cars (which are currently non functional anyway) because they have been plowed in. So back to the story of getting over here! I did manage to get what I needed from home and kicked on the four wheel drive (high) to get out of the driveway. Picked up M and away we went! It was snowing when we left and at one point the roads were covered but eventually, once we crossed over the river (and through the woods) the snow stopped and it was bare roads, even through the pass, until we got here. Christmas Joy!

So that's our journey over. It's really not that fascinating. Lily did a great job of sleeping for the majority of the time. Normally we stop for fastfood on the way over but I always feel blech after eating it so this time I packed bread, peanut butter and strawberry jelly. I made a sandwhich on the road for all of us and Lily added some Cheese Nips and milk to the mix. Let me just say that I will DEFINITELY be doing that again! It was so nice to not have a bunch of fried food and the sandwhiches were so convenient! We didn't end up eating more than one a piece, but if anyone had gotten hungry throughout the rest of the trip I could have easily sat there and made another sandwhich for someone! Plus, we didn't really need to refrigerate anything like we normally would if we had brought stuff for meat sandwhiches. Great idea. I'm so proud of myself! Lily was too I think. She munched her sammy and then proceeded to pass out while I watched Ocean's 12 on the portable DVD player. Mike did a great manly job of chauferring me around...I mean, driving his family. Yeah whatever, I mean chauferring.

That gets us to Tuesday night (we pulled in around 11pm ish). Wednesday day was spent playing with Lily, playing Guitar Hero when she slept and doing some last minute Christmas shopping. We had to pick up a few things for the in-laws (thanks for not telling us what you want!) ;D and we had to pick up a few things for the Christmas Eve party that night. I thought we would only be gone an hour or so, but true to form (at least to my form), four plus hours we finally got home with gifts in tow. We laid Lily down for a short nap, I baked 6 dozen cookies (premade and formed sugar and chocolate chip from Pillsbury), we woke Lily up, got her dressed in her Christmas dress and off to the party we went!

The Christmas Eve party is fairly new for us. It is our second time going and man it is such a blast! I come from a very small family so huge catherings of sometimes 50 people is just so fascinating to me! The dynamics between all the family members is great to watch. The party is hosted by M's uncle's significant other and is a family tradition for her. They rent out the local grange for the evening, make stockings and gifts for the kids, play bingo for presents and eat a ton of great potluck food. SO MUCH FUN!!!

Aside from me having a ton of fun, I'm pretty sure Lily did too. She got to meet a lot of new people and had a huge floor to run around in. There was even another girl there about her age and Lily spent a lot of time following her around. We did have to do a lot of supervising, however, because Lily apparently has no issues with just poking eyes or mouths or noses if she's curious about them. :) She also got a little bossy at times and belly bumped the girl if she wanted her to go somewhere else. Hilarious. :D There were a couple touching moments where she wanted to hug the little girl and kept holding her arms out to her. We would see that and pick Lily up for a hug, but the girl had no clue what Lily wanted so didn't hug her. Lily didn't quite grasp that she could just wrap her arms around the other girl and hold on to her for a hug. Perhaps it's better that way. I'm not quite sure I'm ready to have a belly bumping pro wrestler baby just yet!

Aside from the cheeky shannanigans, Santa and Mrs. Claus came out to do presents which I thought Lily would enjoy. I think she was remembering the Santa at the mall that Momma made her sit with so she didn't quite get as close to Santa as I had thought. She did, however, go up to him and receive her present along with Dadda's help. There were some older girls that wouldn't come close (little did they realize what a close familial relationship they have to Santa) so I was proud that Lily at least walked up to him. Lily's stocking and gift were fantastic and I know she'll have fun continuing to dig into it today.

The rest of the evening went pretty smoothely. We did some more running around and spinning around. Lily loves it when you pick her up by her chest, hold her out in front of you and spin around so that her legs fly out behind her (sort of like Superman). We did that so many times that I'm getting dizzy justing thinking about it! After much spinning, running and chasing we finally sat down and played some Bingo. We all left with some great gifts and I am very happy to say that one of Lily's cousins (through M) left with one of the gifts we brought - a Sea Monkey set. Sea Monkies! Gotta love them!

We got home about 2.5 hours after Lily's bedtime. Needless to say, she laid down quite easily (which is actually pretty normal for her) and we wrapped a few more presents and stuck all of them under the tree before turning in ourselves. Sometime around 1 am I fell asleep and sometime around 5 I woke up. I can never sleep on Christmas Eve/Christmas morning so I finally gave in and just got up. Here is where you now find me - sitting on the couch, typing away with a slight headache, a very tired brain and a surprisingly large hunger pain in my stomach. Perhaps I shall finish up here and go scrounge some food up for myself.

Oh, and before I forget - congratulations to B, K and their son, M. They recently welcomed their newest little boy B! Also, congratulations to all the mommy's and daddy's (K & A and K & J!) who are celebrating their first Christmases with their little ones!

Merry Christmas!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

It's beginning to look a lot like ...

Oh, it's been ages...again...since I've posted. Let's cut out all of the excuses and get down to the good stuff.

Thanksgiving was fun. My little Turkey enjoyed her Turkey although she did sleep a tremendous amount at Grandma and Grandpa B's house.

The day after Thanksgiving we went Black Friday shopping (we being Grandma B and myself). I got some GREAT deals and even got some presents for M to wrap for me! :D Yes! The majority of our Christmas deals were, however, found on of all places. We started taking advantage of their great deals on the day after Thanksgiving and since then bought pretty much all of our Christmas presents from them. It is SO nice to get packages in the mail too! It's like Christmas, but twice!

Soon after coming back from Thanksgiving we decided to get off our rears and put up the Christmas tree. It was interesting because I was sick, Lily was sick and I'm pretty sure we had jut gotten our friends the W's sick while they were visiting. Below is the progression of the tree!

Of course Lily helped - she had lots of fun taking the branches and carrying them off to different parts of the house. She also had lots of fun watching slyly as we went back through the branches, wondering if we put the wrong sizes in the wrong sections because we just kept coming up short with the number of branches we should have for the current section. :D You can see in the finished picture that some of the ornaments look a little out of whack. We have had to move some away from curious fingers and when curious fingers are flying all over the tree, one tends to throw ornaments wherever they will stick. :D

With Christmas comes presents and who brings the presents? Why, Santa of course! To commemorate this momentous occasion, we had to take Lily to go meet the big man in red! Well, we thought she was meeting the big man in red - she thought she was meeting a serial killer! We managed to get a few...interesting shots.

What else, what else! Aside from working, working, working, I have also been coughing, coughing, coughing! I've been going on almost four weeks of coughing now. I've been through antibiotics and while they helped tremendously I still get occasional coughing fits (usually when I laugh) and then I can't breathe. Not so much fun. M has been doing well. He is currently being oblivious to the world, sucked into the video game he is playing. That's the nice thing about having a wonderful daughter that goes to bed at the same time without a fight every single night. We actually get evenings back! :D

Speaking of my wonderful little Lily bug, I think she's going to be something quite special when she grows up. Some days she likes to be a dentist and inspect each of my teeth for me, other days she is an artist and paints the most wonderful masterpiece on her face using tomato sauce, sometimes she is an animal imitator (usually cockatiels) and yet other days she is a mad scientist. We have the blackmail - I mean pictures - to prove it!

What else is in the news? We got a ton of snow this week. When I say a ton, I mean - holy moley! We had about a foot, where we work had about 18 inches and 30 minutes north of that had 24 inches with more snow the more northern you go. In my department, everyone not living in town was told that we didn't have to come in, but that we still had to take vacation for it. M had to go in anyway so I went. It was a nice, quiet day! This snow has meant two things - the first being that I am SO GRATEFUL that we now have a vehicle with four wheel drive. The second being that it means we can go sledding! We have not gone sledding the entire time we have lived here, but I figured we might as well go now so as to get Lily in the habit of totally loving it! We went today with some friends to a local playground with one killer hill. Lily had fun being drug around in the sled, M had fun going down the hill over and over and I had fun going down the hill once while praying that I would flip over and go rolling down the hill while my shirt flew up or my pants fell down. Luckily, neither of those happened! We did sled for about an hour, went inside to warm up for a bit and then decided to come home and watch The Truman Show with friends. Good fun times!

At one point Lily fell down and, like a turtle, got stuck and couldn't get up.
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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Lily, Jobs, Car and Fun!

Last published on September 23rd? Oh dear, that just won't do! No wonder we're losing readers and have family calling wondering if we're still alive!

My goodness, what on earth has happened since September 23rd? Last I left you I was dying of the plague. You know, now that I'm looking back, trying to figure out what I did in September, I'm pretty sure I updated for the beginning of October. I wonder what ever happened to that post. Oh well!

The last week in September was pretty much business as normal. More work and more cruising baby. We went to an awesome teppenyaki restaurant for my birthday along with two of Mike's coworkers and their wives and one of my coworkers and her husband. It was fabulous! For those of you that have not expereince teppenyaki, you need to! It's one of the restaurants where everyone in the party sits around the grill (built into the table) and the food is cooked in front of you. There's a lot of utensil flipping, flying food and fire. Totally good fun!

Speaking of that - can you imagine - I'm 25? I know I'm not, but man I feel old saying that! A whole quarter of a century...*cry*. It's just downhill from here as everyone keeps telling me.

Let's see, what else was interesting in October. During the first weekend of October we had the Hullabaloo in the town that I work in. I was asked to be a judge for the Karaoke contest and that was tons of fun! Those singers were fantastic! Lily didn't last the entire time so it was a good thing that the contest was held just a few blocks from work. M took her back to the office and let her snooze for a while in the stroller while I finished up. I brought back lunch, we ate, she woke up and we ran off to a birthday party. Lily did okay. She was angry that mom wouldn't let her have more than a bite of chocolate cake and it was cold out. We stayed until presents were opened and then high tailed it out of there so that she could go home and sleep. Speaking of sleep - that girl went to bed at like 5:30 and didn't get up until the next morning! Poor sleepy little bug.

I believe around that time Lily was also cutting her back molars and still cruising around the furniture. Now, however, she has a full mouth of teeth. I can still see some bare gum in there, but not very much. Sounds like it might be time for the dentist! When are we supposed to go see the dentist anyway? The other new part of Lily's life is that she is walking now! One day we noticed that she stood up and took a step toward the couch, which she usually cruises on. We were shocked and wanted to see if she could do it again so we played the "walk to Mamma," "walk to Dadda" game. Lo and behold she would take steps (2-3) between us. Later we found out that she'd been walking between the furniture at daycare for a couple of days, but since we didn't know we still felt like we got to see it for the first time!

Okay, what else happened in October? M had a department change in his office. Instead of IT and Financial continuing as one department, the split into two. This meant that M got bumped up in classification to an IT Specialist instead of an IT Tech. He'd been doing that work for a while (increased responsibility and accountability) so it was nice to see him actually get credit for the work. The additional $600 a month (before taxes) doesn't hurt either. In addition, he's doing some contract IT work, so that extra money helps as well. A few weeks later, my probation at work ended and I too got bumped up and reclassified as an EH Specialist instead of an EH Technician. My pay raise is only about $140 extra a month before taxes, but still, that's more than we had!

Along with the promotions and pay raises came the death of my Saturn. I know, it sounds like an odd mix - happy things and sad things in the same sentence, but trust me, it works. Nothing really changed about the Saturn; it was still leaking oil, refusing to shift out of park and had a cracked windshield. What did change was the fact that our increased take home pay meant that we could now afford to not have to sit in a car for 30 minutes praying and hoping that it would eventually shift out of park and allow us to drive away. One day, we took half of the day off, drove up to Spokane, took a look around and ended up coming home with a 2007 Trailblazer, power locks, windows, AC, four wheel drive and sunroof with what we think is a pretty good deal. The best part is that now we can fit both our dog and child in the car at the same time. Tweak likes this and is having fun getting to run around at the dog park now that we can take him.

Other news in our lives? We've been down to Idaho to visit our dear friends that abandoned us. Their new house is gorgeous! They have had quite a number of setbacks recently so we send lots of hope their way and wishes that it gets better soon. Just this past weekend they actually came up to visit us in our new duplex. It was fantastic getting to see them and I think they should come back. Now. J, the husband in this dynamic duo, actually has a little sister that is starting her first year in college nearby. I keep thinking that we really should have her over more often. Hmmmm, perhaps a Christmas Cookie Decorating Party would be the perfect reason!

Speaking of Christmas - I'm so excited! I hope to have a new, larger dining room table by then. I really want to get one on Black Friday, but I'm unsure if we can afford it right now. We really should save our money for Christmas. Sigh. We shall see.

Oh - Halloween. It was great fun! Mike wore a sign that said Nudist On Strike while wearing his street clothes, I had a foam #1 finger and a shirt that said - Go Ceilings! (think about it - answer at the end) and Lily was a bumble bee. We went to the local haunted houses before Halloween and went up to a coworkers house and neighborhood for trick or treating. Lily had a fantastic time! Our coworker, E, was so generous in allowing us to come spend time with her and her family. Their neighborhood was gorgeous as well. I love any sort of holiday decoration and those houses were decked out! Since Lily had just started walking, that's all she wanted to do. She cried anytime we picked her up, even if it was to go up stairs that were taller than she was. The only down side to the night was that M got a pretty significant gash on his head from the overhang on someone's roof. Guess he shouldn't be so tall!

Okay, I've been writing so much lately that my brain is just fried. I'm pretty sure that this blog is going to be rambly and full of poor grammar. Oh well.

Hey, if anyone is looking for something to get me for Christmas or wants to keep their eyes out for a good deal so I can get it myself, I am really wanting to get an embroidery sewing machine. Let me know if you see a great deal! In addition, I'm looking for good deals on picture frames (black, silver or dark cherry) for the wall and shelves to put on the wall. I also need a media organizing bookshelf thing for my collection of DVD. Preferably something that Lily can't pull over or that I can bolt to the wall. She wants any sort of sorting toy so let me know if there are any great deals on those. We also hope to get her a set of those magnetic refrigerator letters. I used to love those! M, well, you know him. He always wants techie stuff!

Okay, that's it for me. I'm sure there are things that I meant to mention and forgot about, but, that's how it goes.

Before you sign off your computer for the day, be sure to check out the website of one my favorite authors - Bess McBride. She has some fabulous stories out right now and although she's new, I'm hooked and I know many others are as well. In addition, some of her books can be found on Seriously, talk about hard to put down. Her books are impossible to put down!

Oh, one more thing I forgot to include. Lily is sick. Took her to the doctor and found that she has a really red throat with some other words that I didn't understand and the doctor didn't want to explain. She's on antibiotics now and actually slept through the night last night again for the first time in a few days. Hopefully she's on the mend in time for Turkey Day!

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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

An update for most of September

Alright, it has technically been "forever" since I posted. F.O.R.E.V.E.R. I have my reasons though!

This month has not been a good one (in general). The beginning of September found us greeted with some pretty horrifying news. We found that our dearest friends lost one of their baby boys to SIDS. Neither Mike and I knew how to function with this news and to date we still haven't really talked much about it to each other. I still can't admit to myself that it actually happened because it just hurts too much.

Shortly after getting that news we were in full swing for the fair. That meant lots of distraction thankfully. Lots of time helping to set up the department booth, processing temporary event applications and inspection vendors. After work Thursday night I gathered up my family and dragged them down to the fair. We got to see all the barnyard animals. One of the women from work even pulled out a baby bunny for Lily to pet. She had TONS of fun. Due to a change in our weekend plans, we weren't able to have a birthday party for her on her birthday (nor were we really in the mood for it) so it was fun to at least do a little something for her for her birthday.

The next day I spent the majority of the day manning the department booth. Later that evening the family met me as I was getting off my shift and we attempted to watch the rodeo but the sore throat that I had woken up with that morning had, over the course of an eight hour day, turned into a full blown cold. I was so miserable that I told the hubby that we needed to leave. We were meeting our friend's brother so that he could follow us most of the way toward the funeral location so, while we waited, I slept in hubby's office. We did end up getting there around 6 am and got up at 8 am.

The funeral (9/6) was...beautiful but horrible. That's not something that anyone should ever have to plan or witness. I was glad to be there for our friend's though. My only wish was that we could have taken the next couple months off of work and just stayed down there.

After we returned I went back to work. Oh wait, no I didn't! Remember that cold I had? Yeah, well, it got a lot worse. I ended up taking Monday and Tuesday off work and returned Wednesday through Friday. Thursday I was all better and felt fantastic but on Friday I started to cough. Ohhhhh the cough. The cough lasted all Friday and all Saturday. Saturday was, fortunately and unfortunately Lily's first birthday party. Gramma came down for the party and oh goodness was it fun. We had a decent turn out and good food. Lily got a lot of lovely gifts, all of which she needed and loves! After presents we had cake. All the non-babies had chocolate cake and all the babies...okay, just Lily, had angel food cake topped with lite cool whip and bananas. I think she liked it. She did eat a few chunks of it, but in order to even get her to touch it I had to take her hand and just smoosh it in the cake. She must have got some of the sugar because she got super excited and then just crashed. By crashed, I mean she went to sleep at 5 that evening and got up at 8 the next morning. Not a peep from her. It was crazy!

After the birthday party we had a PartyLite party with Gramma's friend that was nice enough to come down and do one for us. Overall the party turned out very well! I was quite pleased. Our friends from Richland also showed up and stayed nice and late for us. That was fun.

So, the rest of the weekend was spent coughing. Sunday my mom came to visit before heading back out on the road. She'll be on the east coast for a few years this time so that is a little difficult. I'm guessing that I'll probably have a sibling for Lily before she's back on this side of the country (if ever). She likes it though so I try to not give her too hard of a time.

She left Monday morning and I spent the rest of the day playing with Lily at home. I had originally taken the time off because of my mom but now spent the rest of the time at home because I was sick...still. The coughing never ends! Tuesday I called in sick because I just could not stop coughing. This time, however, I spent the day dying on couch babyless. Lily started a new daycare on Tuesday. Her previous daycare is taking classes and finally got to a point where her classes were not affording her enough time to watch Lily anymore. She will be DEARLY missed. I was super comfortable leaving Lily there. Lily's new daycare seems nice so far, but I'm always super nervous about looking for daycare so we'll see how it turns out.

Wednesday saw me back at work despite all the arguments that I shouldn't be there. By Thursday, rumors were going around (I was still coughing because of the drippage into my lungs) that I had bronchitis. If you didn't know, bronchitis just means that your lungs create extra phlegm. This needs to come out so the result is increased coughing. It's not like you have a separate disease and are going to give people "bronchitis." It's usually the result of a long cold and 90% of the time is viral which means that antibiotics don't work. Barring any previous breathing problems, all that is required for treatment is rest, fluids and possibly some Mucinex to help things move along. I discovered this from the doctor that I had to go see to prove that I COULD be at work. Even though she said I was not infectious and that even if I did have bronchitis she would still tell me to go to work, Friday found me still fighting to stay there. Seriously, what's the deal.

This weekend was pretty nice. I had one inspection on Saturday and then we spent the rest of the weekend lounging around the house. Oh it was glorious. Would have been even better if my poor baby girl hadn't been so cranky. The entire weekend was a cycle of a few minutes of happiness followed by hours of crying and hours of sleeping. We think she's getting her back teeth in because they are super swollen and she is obviously in a lot of pain.

Monday was business as usual at work as was today (plus a bit of drama).

And that, my dears, is the general idea of my month so far. I am still coughing and my nose is still running but I believe that it is now due to the poor air quality. Thanks for burning your fields stupid grass growers.

Oh, one last thing. My classes are STINKING hard core. Lord these suckers are hard!

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Friday, September 5, 2008

Happy Birthday to My Baby

One year ago right now I was probably sitting on that stupid birthing ball glaring at Mike and threatening to throw my pitocin machine at him. Yep, that's right, my little bug turned 1 today!

It hardly seems possible that she was once so tiny as her pictures prove she was. She's such a big girl now. For about the last 3 weeks Lily has consistently been sleeping through the night. She'll wake up and give a short cry sometimes in the middle of the night, but she always goes right back to sleep. I think having a routine with her has definitely helped. Dinner, play times, jammies, play time, rocking and pass out.

When Lily isn't sleeping she is one energetic little girl! Holy cow! I don't think I've ever met a baby that has as much get up and go as she does. She's cruising around on anything she can pull up on now. She'll stand on her own on occasion, but usually something catches her eye and she'll either cruise over to get it or she'll plop on her rear (she loves to do this) and will speed racer crawl over to whatever she wants. Speak of crawling, my baby girl crawls on her hands and knees! She's been doing it for a while - ever since she learned that she can go much faster on her hands and knees than on her belly like a zombie.

I'm in a bit of a hurry so I can't spend too much time updating right now. I'm also getting a cold (congestion and sore throat) so I don't feel much like updating. In a short summary, life is decent, my graduate classes are kicking my tail feathers, my baby isn't a baby anymore and her Birthday Part will be on September 13th if anyone is interested.

Also, on a less than happy note, please keep our friends K and J and their family in your thoughts. They lost one of their 5 month old twins Monday morning. We will be heading over tonight for the funeral tomorrow.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Away From My Bug

:Original raster version: :en::Image:Food and ...Image via Wikipedia With the way this blog has been going, it makes perfect sense to whine and complain about something on the last day that it will be an issue. I could have whined about it before hand or from the get go, but I wouldn't want to disappoint my millions of readers. *snicker*

Down to the good stuff.

A while ago, I'd say a little over a month ago, I was given the opportunity to register for the FDA Pacific Region Retail Food Safety Seminar. Of course I jumped at the chance, having had such a wonderful time at the last Farm to Table conference I went to. My request was approved, travel arrangements and hotel stay made and I was on my way! It wasn't until a few days before the conference that I realized the gravity of the situation I had put myself in.

Lily isn't so much a Momma's girl, but Momma is definitely a Lily's girl. We only nurse a few times a day now and I don't always have to nurse her to sleep. Just as often as I do nurse her to sleep, Dadda rocks her to sleep. He's been a dear and since we started crib training has been getting up to stick her pacifier back in in the middle of the night. Sometimes around 2 am she will just not have it anymore and needs Momma to come and nurse her back to sleep. It's really the only time that I can appease her and Dadda can't. Doesn't happen all the time, but often enough for me to say, well crap, what was I thinking? You see, I've never spent a night away from my baby and now all of a sudden I will be spending 4 nights away from her!

After much pondering of where my brain went coupled with much worry and trying to figure out who would come with me to watch Lily in the hotel while I was in the conference, I finally decided that I had to just go for it. I really didn't want to but was extremely excited for the conference so I was hoping that the excitement would help me with the pain of leaving her. It helped that I was able to shave a night off my absence so that I was only leaving her for three nights. Eventually, it sank in that it would be harder on me than on my little bug. At least at home she would be able to stay in her normal routine, play at daycare and play with Dadda.

I dropped my bug off at daycare by myself the morning that I left and gave her much loves and kisses. It was hard not to cry as I left, but I didn't want to worry my little girl so I toughed up. Dadda was a great help because anytime in the evening that I wanted to visit my baby girl, we hooked up the video chat from our computers and I got to see her. We played, sang, clapped together and even ate together. I ate a bagel, she had cheerios and kept staring at the magic silver box, wondering why her momma was talking to her from there instead of at the table. Okay, well I guess I don't really know what she was wondering, but her look made it seem like she was wondering at my sanity.

She seems to be doing fine without me there. She has slept through the night the first two nights (I haven't spoken to them yet today so I'm unsure about last night) and has been eating well. I only have half a day here today and then will be heading home. I am SO excited to see my baby tonight.

In conference news, it has been a blast. The first evening I was here I went cruising around Seattle looking for food. I really only went 3 blocks away but it seemed so far because I was so terrified. I was scared of the people, scared that I would be pick pocketed or mugged even though I was out in full daylight along with many other travelers. I was scared that I would get lost as well. I never considered myself a country girl, but I'm starting to think that I now am. I can't see the sky here for the tall skyscrapers and it is very disconcerting. Since I can't see the sky, I have no sense of direction and have no idea where I am going. I refused to carry a map around because I felt it would make me more vulnerable. Eventually in my wanderings I came across the Westlake Center Mall and grabbed some Chinese at the food court.

Tuesday lunch went better. I tagged along with one person that I sort of know and more people that she knows. We went to the Tap House, which wasn't even a block away. The only picture frmo the trip I have is from here and when I get home I will post it. There has to be like 60 beers on tap right behind the bar. It was awesome! The food was decently priced and quite tasty.

That night I yet again had nobody to go eat with so I came back to my room, ate the rest of my bagel while video chatting with my baby and then went to see The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants 2. It was a very cute story although I felt kind of lame for going to a movie by myself. I never had before but I think I could do it again if I needed to.

Wednesday afternoon I tagged along with a group of State food safety people (talk about intimidating) and again had food court food. That is just about enough food court food for a while. Bleh. For Dinner I drove out to Renton and had dinner at Yankie's with my Mother-In-Law and then joined her at the movie theater to see WALL-E. Oh my lord that was stinking cute! Definitely a must have!

*I just about cried. My browser crashed in the middle of this blog and I thought I had lost the whole thing. Thank goodness for blogger and autosave!*

So that's what I've been doing with all of my free time. I could have visited Pike Place Market or the Space Needle, but without anyone to spend my time with I was afraid of coming back alone after dark. I think I had fun with my time though, so I won't worry too much.

Okay, I really need to start packing up and heading down to the rest of the conference. I'll update on the actual conference as soon as I can.
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Thursday, August 7, 2008

Moving, Cruising, Shampoo and Bats

Since our last post things have been awfully hectic and more than a little crazy. Just recently (as in Friday the 1st) we moved yet again. The move was a little better this time because I was not pregnant, however, it was more interesting because although I could physically do more, I also had to worry about running after a rambunxious baby. Luckily we had some friends help on Saturday and family help on Sunday. Help included both manual labor and baby entertaining. Although the weekend was long and full of lots of time in the sun and in the backpack, I think a certain little girl still had a bit of fun. She looked like she enjoyed getting out and about and helping Grandma carry boxes to the u-haul.

Moving was not so great on hubby and I however. I sustained a badly bruised calf, a cut knee, a gouged knuckle and a smooshed and scraped finger. Hubby didn't hurt himself as much as I did but I think he came out with more longterm soreness than I did. My neck got tweaked and is still quite painful but his back, knees and arms have been killing him since the move. Doesn't really help that since we are now in a two story duplex we have to carry boxes upstairs to put them away. Oh well.

What else, ahhhh cruising. My little bug is such a big girl! She's just a cruising fool! She loves to see where she can go and what she can get into. You can imagine how awesome this is especially since we have boxes with who knows what stacked up to the ceiling.

You know what bugs me? When people pay crappy places to shampoo the carpets for the next tenants moving in and the landlord doesn't even check to see that the crappy place did a crappy job. Our carpets still smell like shampoo and have a moist, sticky feeling to them. Hubby's answer to is go back over the carpets and steam clean them. Who has the time for that?

In other news, our new rental place (Helene's Property Place) will not fix the screens that are missing and broken in our place because "if they did anything with screens they would be fixing them every year because the screens always get broken." No, really? When you have 100+ rentals, you are going to have to replace at least some screens each year! The other problems with the new place include a shelf in the fridge being cracked across and duct taped back together - yeah, bacteria city. The upstairs medicine cabinet is COVERED in rust and some of the outlets have no face plates meaning dear old Lily can just stick her hand right in there. How fantastic! The woman said they would look at fixing those things but never did a work order so I think another trip to the office is in order.

Our old rental place is a freaking joke. Campus Commons residents or residents-to-be beware! We paid a damage deposit of $500 and a pet deposit of $500. $250 of the pet deposit is nonrefundable as a "pet privilege fee." $250 from the damage deposit is also nonrefundable. We thought it was to clean the carpets, but we were WRONG! The $250 nonrefundable portion is an administrative fee that "goes to the district office so they can make a profit." Excuse me? You don't make enough of a profit off of the 4 bedroom apartments that go for $1100 per month? What a load. In addition, regardless of the fact that we spent 11.5 hours cleaning, they are still going to charge us $15 for a wipe down and $125 to clean the carpets. Even if we had the carpets cleaned they would still clean them. Sooooo stupid.

I think that's about it for now. I know there are no pictures on here. I don't have internet at home yet because we just moved. As soon as I can, however, I'll put up a little photo journal of the last few days.


Monday, July 28, 2008

Standing Up and Falling Down

You know, I really should update more regularly. At work, every Monday we are supposed to complete our time cards and turn them in. Should be fairly easy because my department is supposed to record what we do daily in these little diaries. Yeah, well, I've been forgetting to do it until the following Monday when I'm doing my time card which means that I don't have that to do my time card from. That poses a bit of a problem and I usually end up sitting there for about an hour trying to figure out what in the world I did the previous week. I check my calendar, my email inbox and my sent messages trying to remember what I did for 40 hours. Just like my time card, by the time I get around to updating here, I no longer remember what has happened! I view my recent pictures in an attempt to job my memory and sometimes it helps.

So, what exactly has been going on since last we spoke. In Lilyland, she is one mobile little bug! Two Thursdays ago she learned how to pull up. As in, I saw her do it once before and then all of a sudden she was pulling up CONSTANTLY. I believe it is due to the fact that she was at a different daycare at that time. Her normal daycare was on vacation so Lily went to another daycare. This daycare had a younger child and a baby that is only a few days older than Lily. Something must have happened because she came home that first day and just pulled up on everything. With pulling up comes falling down so we've had to reorganize a little bit. This basically means moving the coffee table. We're moving in a week here so when we move I'll really reorganize to make things much safer for her.

First came the pulling up, then came the falling down and then came the falling down on purpose. This weekend, Lily decided that she was going to pull up on something and then let go, balance for as long as she could and fall with a pretty loud thud on her diapered rear. It looks like it must hurt, but she does it over and over and over again. She thinks it is the funniest thing ever. I'll try to catch it on camera here soon and post it.

What else...ahhh, her backup daycare got sick while Lily was with her so Lily went to the backup's sister-in-law (whose baby is Lily's age). Lily had lots of fun there. She learned how to get up and crawl on her knees (though this only lasts for a few steps and then she realizes that her tummy requires less work for her) and attempted to teach the other baby how to clap his hands. Apparently she would take his hands and try to make him clap. Needless to say, he didn't like that so much.

Lily might have another ear infection. She had a 102.7 fever when last I wrote. The fever went away Friday and then came back Saturday. She was also super cranky and didn't want to eat or sleep. We took her to the pediatrician who, after spending a while cleaning out her right ear, saw that her ear drum was moving okay but still suspects an infection. I'm not convinced but I guess he has his reasons. Either way, she's on antibiotics. I'm not thrilled about giving them to her when I'm not convinced she needs them but I'd hate not to and then for it to get worse.

So that's Lilyland. In other news, a couple weekends ago Grandma came to visit. We had fun. Had breakfast and dinner together, went to see Mamma Mia (Lily stayed home with a sleepy Dadda) and just generally had a good time. Hopefully they'll come back soon. *nudge nudge wink wink*

This past weekend we went to see our other Grandma and Grandpa. We went early and had a nice little vacation. Friday we took Lily to the zoo for the first time. We went to the Pt. Defiance Zoo and frankly I was a little disappointed. For being comparatively priced to the Woodland Park Zoo I thought that Pt. Defiance was not nearly as nice. The next time we go we'll definitely be going to the Woodland Park Zoo. Anyway, Lily didn't really care much about the animals. She liked the walruses because their huge bodies came right up to the window multiple times, but aside from that she could care less. Mamma and Dadda had fun though.

Sunday brought about more fun times. Hubby's cousin got married to her wonderful man in a gorgeous wedding. She was absolutely beautiful and looked like a Barbie doll. As soon as I get permission I'll post a picture or too.

I don't think anything else is really going on. Work is busy. Inspections, writing the newsletter, preparing for the fair and the car crushing event. Should be fun stuff.

Okay, I think I'll pop on some pictures and call it good. Hubby is working late tonight so I'm own my own which means that le babe is currently wreaking havoc on my living room.

Oh yeah, last thing. HELENE'S PROPERTY PLACE SUCKS! The current lease where we will be going is up on the 31st, however we cannot get in until the 4th. This is on a Monday meaning that we have nobody to help us move. Yeah, can't really watch a baby and help Mike load a uhaul with a couch and other large furniture. Ergh. Anyway, I called them today to see about getting in just 12 hours early - Sunday evening. I was told that they can't show tenant preference and they need 4 days to clean and do the carpets in all the units and thanks, bye, click. The woman HUNG UP ON ME! There are not many things that peeve me off, but a business hanging up on me is definitely one of them. Stupid B-word.
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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Teeth, Swimming, Sunburns and More!

Wow has it been a while! I'm not sure that I can even remember everything that has happened since the 26th (our 4th anniversary by the way). I do know one thing that hasn't happened, however. We have not yet sent in our package to get our voucher for our new crib. Don't get me wrong, we want to participate in the recall, but with moving in two weeks and everything else going on we just haven't got there yet.

What else, what else. Right after my last post (well, that Saturday morning anyway) we left to go visit some friends that had moved away and abandoned us. It was their daughter's birthday party and seeing as how we hadn't missed one in years, we saw no reason why we should start. It was a wonderful surprise to my dear friend and her daughter - who also happened to be the only two people that didn't know we were coming. We had a wonderful weekend catching up and visiting.

A little later, Grandma and Grandpa came up for the Fourth of July for a visit. That was really nice. We hung out at the park, watched Lily eat some watermelon and marveled at the fact that she slept through the very loud band and fell asleep near the end of the fireworks. No joke, we were like RIGHT THERE in respect to the fireworks and the poor bug fell asleep. Silly girl.

That weekend was also a certain husband's birthday. While we hung out on Saturday watching movies I attempted to make a cake. Usually easy enough - rainbow chip cake with funfetti frosting. I decided to get fancy and attempted to make a raspberry preserve and jello filling for the two round layers. It was very messy and wasn't as easy as it should have been but the end product was still pretty and very very tasty. It was nice having family here because we did candles and had a little party. Yay parties!

During this whole time Lily had been cutting two top teeth. Her left front tooth and the little canine right to the left of it. Not too much after however, she cut her other front tooth and is now currently working on the right canine. She's such a toothy little girl! Be careful though, she loves to munch and anything that gets in that mouth is just something for her to gnaw on. Small teeth are sharp too!

As far as life around here, things have been...okay. It's kind of nice having a home routine where most nights we come home, play, make and eat dinner, play, change into jammies, play, nurse or rock to sleep and then sleep in our crib. Before, when that one set of friends was still here (and I wish they still were) we were over there ALL the time. Now that they aren't here, we've been forced to stay home more often. I think it's actually helped our little family. Lily is crib training much easier and the routine means that I actually get some time in the evenings to do things that I need to get done. Crib training itself is going okay. She's usually up 3 times during the night. Usually hubby gets up, shoves the binky back in and the bug goes to sleep. Sometimes, however, she needs me to get up (usually around 2 am) and nurse her back to sleep. I haven't had to do that in the last couple days though. It's crazy actually getting to stay in bed all night. I love it.

Before I get too far ahead of myself into present day, I have one more past thing to talk about. This past weekend we again went to visit our friends and accompanied them to the water park. It worked out fairly well because we were able to stagger it to where someone was always watching the kids while others got to ride the water slides. Admittedly some (*cough cough*) got to ride more than others and some hardly got to ride at all, but all in all it was fun. Playing with Lily in the water was fun too. She had an adorable fishy swimsuit and we got her a little green rain forest floaty. You can see from the pictures that she really liked it. We floated with her in the lazy river and then found another small pool with a waterfall and a fountain in the middle that we floated around for a while. I think she really had fun as did I. The only downer was that hubby and I tried an aerosol based sunscreen on ourselves - spf 50 - while she kept her regular waterbabies sunscreen. She didn't color, which is good, and we completely fried. Like, I'm still in pain as I type this.

So that's family life. Work life has been okay. A fair amount of drama and other inevitable things, but like I say, they are inevitable. Inspections have sort of lost their magic for me as I get more and more people that are upset and fairly rude to me. I'm also starting to learn just how the farmers around here view regulatory officials - even some from my own department - so that is hard. It really is not something that motivates you. *shrug*

In other workish news, I start my Masters of Education in English as a Second Language / Bilingual Education. I'm unsure if I ever want to go back into teaching kids, but I still love teaching and whatever I teach this will definitely help me. If I ever have to move and look for a new job I would LOVE to find something in Public Health Education. If not that then some other adult education. I'm nervous about starting classes but I'm only taking a half-time load so it shouldn't be horrible.

Current news involves Lily having a fever. Her daycare called today and said that she had a fever of 102.7. She had no other symptoms so they said she could stay there, but still, it's upsetting. When we got her home it was still 102.7. We gave her tylenol but only after an hour or so did she start to feel any cooler. We did our normal night-night routine but this time, instead of sleeping 2-3 hours she woke up after an hour and then again shortly thereafter. We gave her some more tylenol and she is now sleeping again. It could go two ways - she could sleep because she is sick or she could be awake since she has been sleeping all day apparently. We'll see which it is as the hours go by.

This weekend there is a huge event going on in one of the neighboring towns. Hubby is reserving Friday and Saturday night so that means I'm on my own for those two nights. I know I'll survive, but the thought is still hard. More power to you single moms. I am so spoiled by having hte help that I do. Also, tomorrow I have to go to the event and inspect the food vendors that are there. Sometimes they can be less than honest so with me luck. I wish everyone just realized the importance of food safety and made a concerted effort to keep their establishments safe.

Well, I think that's about it for now. It's past my bedtime and since sleep is a precious commodity around here I really want to take advantage of it.

Have a peachy day!!!
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