Thursday, December 20, 2007

Shalom in the Home says Breastfeeding is bad

F-you Shalom.

What an ignorant a-hole. I will never call myself a breastfeeding nazi (although I do find myself questioning the mom's buying formula...even though I have to do the same thing) but good lord this article made me fume!!!!!

Guess what - WOMAN'S BREASTS ///ARE/// A FEEDING STATION! Jesus! Who gives a rat's rear end if breastfeeding de-eroticizes them. Good!!! Then maybe it would make the world more comfortable with women feeding their children in public. If you're marriage is based solely on sex and boobs, I'm sorry, but you have more problems than breastfeeding!

Another was meant for *duhn duhn duhn* REPRODUCTION! If you don't want to know that a baby comes out of your wife's "special erotic place" you're too f-ing immature to have anything to do with it anyway.

Why is it that everyone thinks cow's milk is sooooo dandy? Hunny, I'm sorry you're feeling jealous that our child is feeding from your happy toys, let's feed him formula that was derived from the milk of some poor cow who was strapped to a machine (and will be for the rest of its miserable life) after its calf was ripped away from her (while being fed other chemicals). Doesn't that just sound better? You have issues with my "feeding stations" feeding our child, so let's feed him the milk of another species. Why stop at cows? Let's feed our son rat milk! Yay rat milk!

Seeeeeeeee, fuming. :(


DoniellCharie said...

i know this is ages old, but i was behind on reading.
there was an article about 3 years ago about the benefits of breast feeding. for centuries children breastfed until they were around 2 years old. in some cultures, they breastfeed longer ... like up to 6. however, the benefits outweigh the negatives. though, i can only see miniscule negatives as it is.
i find it apalling and disgusting that our modern day american culture finds breast feeding horrifying. i've heard stories of women having to take their baby into public restrooms where there are nasty germs to breastfeed because they aren't allowed to do it in public. and these aren't women who are showing their boobs, they're discreet. women on planes with newborns have been denied this right as well. it's sad really. living in europe is very different than america. people are open with bodies and sexuality, and nature. it's stupid that america being as advanced as it is is still stuck in the stone age over this. i think just about every time i've been in a large store that i've seen a woman and her baby breast feeding in public, boob out and all. no one looks. no one cares. and that's the way it should be. unfortunately there are sick-o people who find this pleasurable, and that should honestly be the only reason women should feel cautious about breast feeding. period. it's nature. it's been done for millenia. just do it.