Thursday, November 29, 2007

Top 10 things that have saved my life as a new mom

10. A 32oz portable water container. When you're constantly nursing, holding or playing with a baby, it's nice to not have to run to refill your water container every 5 minutes.

9. The hotline number for an on-call pediatric nurse. A quick question either needs a quick answer or doesn't warrant the 2 hours it takes to get out of the house with a newborn.

8. Microwavable lunches and easy to make dinners. The bathroom needs to be cleaned, the carpets need to be vacuumed, laundry needs to be folded and none of that is getting done because I have a new little one that takes up all of my time. If none of that is getting done, I certainly don't have the time to sit there every day and spend hours preparing meals.

7. Whether it's for herbs to increase my nonexistant breastmilk supply, a baby book or some toy that my daughter needs, it's nice to have one place to order all that from. Also, see #9 - it's nice knowing that I can order something and get it in a few days rather than try to run around everywhere with a demanding baby.

6. Brownies. Enough said.

5. Having multiple diaper bags. Leaving one in my car and one in my husband's car ensures my sanity. Otherwise I'd constantly be rechecking the diaper bag to make sure we have everything in it and wondering, as I walk out the door, what I'm missing. We have the two and we have a smaller one that we carry from place to place.

4. Family and friends. Anyone that helps with the diaper fund or the "keep me sane" campaign is a-ok in my book.

3. My camera and video camera. I can already tell that these pictures and videos are going to make prime embarassment and blackmail material later on.

2. My DVR. I rarely get time to watch a full show uninterrupted anymore - DVR allows me to watch my shows on my time (woot - Heroes and America's Next Top Model).

and #1. My swing and bouncy chair. Controversial? Yes. Allows me to get a bite to eat or go to the bathroom without my daughter screaming? Yes. Total life saver? YOU BET!!!