Thursday, November 8, 2007

Surgery and Delayed Vaccinations?

I should have posted yesterday....but I didn't. :)

My surgery went well and I am officially gall bladderless. Now I get to deal with being sore as all get up and a whole brand new 4-week recovery period. Sigh. Seems like I just got over the recovery period from my c-section and now we get to start all over again.

Lily is good - poor thing is sore from her shots.

Today's question: Do you delay vaccines or are you planning on it? Why or why not?


Andrew said...

we're planning on not vaccinating our children.

We've done a lot of research on them, read interviews from people who worked to manufacture vaccines, know doctors who refuse to vaccinate. So we've made the decision not to.

I can go more into detail if you want.

If our children come to us through foster care though, we'll have no choice.

Andrew said...

that was me

Kristin L

Cat said...

Nope, I didn't delay vaccinations.

The child will have to have them sooner or later to attend school, daycare, etc. He/she WILL have to have updated shot records to attend ANY state run daycare--no ifs, ands, or buts.

Besides that.. I think the only risk there is in delaying shots is that you actually hurt your childs health in doing so if he/she contracts any of the things they could be vaccinated against.

The only reason most people are all anti shot is that they believe they cause autisim. False false false. The only reason they think that is because its at about that age (12-15mths) when you start seeing signs of autisim. Sure some people's children have reactions, or are sleepy-- (which is a nobrainer), but major reactions are a rare occurance.

I have one of THE best peds in New York State and even he disagrees with delayed vaccination, but is partial to other things like extended breastfeeding (hardcore), AP'ing, cloth diapering, organic foods, etc. He has a very strong opinion on the whole organic food thing. :P

But no, I did lots of research on it and decided its best just to get it all done with. Roan goes to his grandmas occasionally and he had to have his shots anyways so there wasn't much to decide on (since she runs a state run daycare).

But if you do choose to delay vacs.. just realize that you'll be going in way more often (for me that would have been a pain given the weather up here and that our ped is a 30min drive one way). Here's one of the best delayed vac schedules I've seen:

Vaccination Schedule will go as follows chronologically:

4months: start Hib with IPV (polio) Date given:

6 months: DtaP started

7 months: second series of Hib and IPV

8 months: second series Dtap

9 months: third series Hib

10 months: third series DtaP

15 months: measels

18 months: fourth series Hib, IPV

19 months: fourth series DtaP

27 months: rubella

39 months: mumps

4-5 years: MMR boosters separate from any other boosters only if no titers for immunity.

4-5 years: boosters for DtaP and IPV if needed

Hepatitis B: Since Mother is not positive and Baby is not attending child care we would like to postpone until at least school age and only give if mandated by state.

Pneumococcal (Prevnar): Do not want, only discuss if mandated by state only.

Varicella (Varivax): close to school age if mandated by law and if child is not immune to chicken pox based on blood test. Never before 4-5 years.

MMR: to be given seperately

15 months: measels

27 months: rubella

39 months: mumps

4-5 years: MMR boosters separate from any other boosters only if no titers for immunity.

-Cat (aka Roan's Mom)

Andrew said...

not it's not absolutely required. You may state religious or philosophical reasons for not vaccinating and your children will be allowed in any school. They may be asked to stay at home if there is an outbreak of something just as a precaution.

Stel said...

Hey Cin...

No, we did not delay any of his shots. Why risk anything? There is so much going around, I can't even imagine putting him at risk. Aren't we here to protect them? (MY opinion, you and anyone else can have your own) But they have to have them for day care and to attend school so why put off what you can do today and not worry about later?

I think it totally depends, too, on how you react with them. We never fuss over them. The first set was the worst...his last batch, at 6 months, was a breeze. He got his shots, cried for MAYBE 30 seconds, then was fine. He was probably a little sore because of the tetanus shot, but he didn't act any differently than normal.