Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Leopard Docks

So, if you have the new Leopard on your mac, you'll be happy to know that you can change the look and feel of your dock!

Once you find a dock you like (here and LeopardDocks.com are good places to start) download and unarchive the zip file. You should end up with 4 files - scurve-sm.png, scurve-m.png, scurve-l.png and scurve-xl.png.

Open a new finder window and go to System-Library-CoreServices and find the Dock. Right click and go to Show Package Contents. Once there go to Contents-Resources and find the current scurve-sm.png, scurve-m.png, scurve-l.png and scurve-xl.png files. Copy these and back them up somewhere if you ever want your original dock again. Once you have them backed up, delete them. You'll need your password for this. Once they are gone take your new scurve-sm.png, scurve-m.png, scurve-l.png and scurve-xl.png files and copy them into the Resources folder. A window asking you to "authenticate" or "cancel" will appear. Click "authenticate," put in your password and voila, the files should appear in the folder.

Now you'll need to reload your dock. Open a terminal window (I prefer to use spotlight to do this - hold down the apple key and the space bar until the blue spotlight bar appears in the upper right hand corner, type "terminal" and hit enter). Once Terminal is open, type killall Dock. The dock should disappear and then come back with the new look.

Below find some docks that I have created. Click here to download the original dock. Remember, for more great docks visit LeopardDocks.com.

Click on the screenshot to download the zip file.