Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Last night was bath night! Maybe we need to bathe her more often. After her bath she had a snack and then slept for an hour. At the end of that hour we went to bed (she would have kept sleeping if we didn't move her). She nursed for a few minutes in bed and then was out for 5 hours! Good girl! She's snoozing now in her swing.

Anyone else find themselves getting up early just to get some morning help with le babe before the hubby leaves? She was sleeping and I could have slept some more, but it's so much easier to take my vitamins, check my email and eat some breakfast if Dad watches the bug for a little bit in the morning. Which is more important, breakfast or sleeping?


Stel said...

LOL You're funny

When Eli was really small, I would get up and take a shower before he woke up. Other than that, I would stay in bed until he woke up. It was different for us though because we never did the co-sleeping thing. Not a good idea in our bed, the fact we both move A LOT in our sleep, and we all sleep better since he moved from the bassinet in our room to his crib. Within a matter of weeks he went from waking up 2-3 times a night to sleeping through the night (he wakes up every once in a while, but not very often). Now we just get stuff done in the evening after he goes to bed. (He is normally in bed by 7:00 at the latest and sleeps until 6-7am)